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Political, prepping, survival and economy in a changing world.

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Richard - There are people who are already preparing in mass to break into your home and take what they can. They've announced it on the internet and say they'll take ANY steps in order to survive. Deanie - Unleash your fear when SHTF and... more

Richard - Mayor Michael Bloomberg the 13th richest man in the world stands by Obama. He wants to dictate how much we can drink, how we live and how we raise our kids. If need be he will donate a billion dollars or more to see... more

Imagine if a large storm, or other disasters plagued our country nationwide. The act of going to a doctor might not exist. That's when what you have in your home could save your life. Many life-saving resources are found in your kitchen. There... more

Richard - Mainstream reports DHS battons down the hatches says: This could be when all hell breaks loose. Starting Nov first 48 million Americans receiving food stamps will see cuts. DHS is spending $80 million on guards to protect IRS and... more

Richard - People are now learning the deceit Obama and his administration has used to implement a health care plan the majority is against. 1.5 million people have lost their healthcare and many others are finding Obamacare to cost 10... more

Richard & Deanie - Many people are already starting to see the mass confusion Obamacare is creating. We're looking at higher premiums, less care and less doctors. We will discuss how to quit smoking without patches or aides. Healthier... more

Richard - Why is Obama wanting to spend $80 million to watch New York government buildings during public demonstrations? What is he preparing for food stamp riots, anti-tax demonstrations or domestic unrest? Tom - Carl Rove, Bill... more

Richard & Deanie will be doing a one hour special on the Fall Of The Republican Party! As we got down to hours from the deadline the lawmakers who are supposed to represent us caved in to the Democrats. We The People now as a... more

Richard - People are protesting the high payments and lack of insurance they will receive under BO-Care. Some say the US government under Obama is the biggest terrorist organization around. Tom - How Fox News and Republican... more

Richard - Government and mainstream media are now telling us that an upcoming event could shut down our country. Deanie - Preparing for the looming government shutdown.