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Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality


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Spiritual Practices, deep understanding, debate to empower the human family and take us to the highest heights.

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Just Talking is a program that fosters thought. It is educational through a process that was used by the great teacher Socrates. Socrates believed that all human beings possessed total knowledge. The good teacher was one who did not... more

Black Survival Guide 2015 is a deep exploration of various meditation and exercise techniques to help African Americans survive in this new millenium. The techniques can be used by anyone, especially people who are being oppressed... more

There are many problems in the world today. One of the biggest in the false ideas that we cling to about ourselves and our identities as individuals and communities. This identity hinders us and makes us unable to address the issues... more

Our society is divided. The racism many of us thought had ended has now sprung back to life with the force of a hurricane. Video cameras on cell phones have brought the attacks on people of color by the police force right into our living... more

This week, A New Cosmology. We will discuss the new account of what it means to be human as put forward by cosmologist Briane Swimme. It is one of the corner stones of Creation Spirituality. Just Talking allows you to hear new thoughts and... more

This is our next program. During this program we will focus on the standing meditation technique that we gave you several weeks ago. We will explore various ways you can use this technique by going deeper to deal with stress and... more

Just Talking allows you to hear new thoughts and ideas not usually heard in the corporate run media. There are new and exciting things going on that we hardly hear about. There are also things happening that really should not... more

Racism is very difficult nowadays. It doesn't look like what it really is anymore. The effects are still the same. High blood pressure, stress, violence, the breakup of the family, are all fruit of racist attacks. These attacks can be obvious or... more

The world may not be hostile, but many places are in North America for Black people. Whether there be white supremicists working in secret in order to assure your destruction, or others who are supporting them through their actions or... more

At Just Talking we will explore strange topics, exciting topics, boring topics, all kinds of topices, and give you a chance to call in and add your own voice to the mix. This is a time for you to stretch yourself and grow into who you... more
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