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Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality


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Spiritual Practices, deep understanding, debate to empower the human family and take us to the highest heights.

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Warrior of Compassion -- Discussion Forum Co-Hosts: Athena LaFlamme Edwards and Om Prakash Gilmore Welcome to our show where we discuss everything taking a deeper look from the Left Liberal and Progressive View. We discuss, anylize and philosphize on many of the current conditions of the day i order to permit a new voice to be heard on public media...a real voice of The People. Join us every other Sunday from 11AM to 12PM live as we discuss fascinating issues that you, perhaps, have been thinking about but have never had a chance to discuss them openly. The last half hour the phones will be open and you can call in to share your opinion.
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Just Talking -- Giving Voice Om Prakash Join us for Just Talking. Just Talking giving voice to those things you will never hear on coporate media. We have readings and talk about ideas that will stretch your mind and imagination... more

Diana Sarah Universal Circle The Public Ministery of Rev., Dr. Om Prakahs Gilmore Can't make it to church every Sunday, or just don't feel like it today? Join us at the Diana Sarah Universal Circle where you can receive words... more

Just Talking -- Giving Voice To The Voiceless Om Prakash Welcome to Just Talking where we empower the public to reclaim their abilities to think, move, and to be free to recreate their lives and their communities by introducing new... more

Warrior of Compassion Reflections Om Prakash This week we will discuss the issues of the day, breifly, and will lead you through a guided meditation to help you connect with the higher self. As you experience the silence and the... more

Just Talking--Giving Voice to the Voiceless Om Prakash At Just Talking we give voice to the things they just don't talk about on corparate media and we empower the powerless through freeing the mind. By providing new thoughts and... more

Diana Sarah Universal Circle The Public Ministry of Om Prakash Welcome to The Circle. We are an interfaith, insterspiritual service that provides you with the latest teachings about life, love, science, religion and spirituality. Join us for out... more

Warrior or Compassion Reflections -- Discussion Co-Hosts Athena LaFlamme Edwards and Om Prakash Gilmore Welcome to our show. Here you will hear thoughts and ideas from the Left Liberal and Progressive point of view, not from... more

Just Talking -- Giving Voice to the Voiceless and Empowerment to the Disempowered Om Prakash Welcome to our show. Tonight we will continue with our reading from The Chronicles of Kera I, II, III. We will be reading from... more

Warrior of Compassion -- Study 16 Om Prakash We hope you are doing well with your studies. You should be growing physically, mentally, and spiritually if you are doing the exercises, reading the readings, and doing the meditations... more

Just Tallking -- Giving Voice to the Voiceless Om Prakash Here we are again on Just Talking. Tonight we will read from our book The Phases of Kera picking up where we left off last week. We hope that you are enjoying this Sci Fi Novel... more
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