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Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality


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Spiritual Practices, deep understanding, debate to empower the human family and take us to the highest heights.

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Warrior of Compassion Reflections Om Prakash Welcome to our show today. On this show we will do some readings and discuss the ways that we all need to reclaim, and adopt, to remain healthy in and unhealthy society. We will discuss how systems work and how we are pulled into these systems through the use of various psychological techniques that were what used to be called propoganda, or soft warfare. The methodology used on us, the general public, was what used to be used against the enemy, during WW1, to manipulate them to get them to do what we wanted. Woodrow Wilson was the first President to use the same techniques that were use on the enemy on his own citizens and this has been being done ever since. We will talk about the process and also how we might free ourselves from the process of mental manipulate though meditation, visualization, and using our creative imaginations to deprogram ourselves and reprogram ourselves. If any of the subject matter is too troubling, please don't listen, please don't do it. It is time, right now, for you to begin to reclaim your own power. Don't listen to teachers, listen to your heart. Take what you can use, throw out what is not useful.

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Just Talking. We explore books, poetry, literature, and stories to help others see the truth. We will begin by reading from The Chronicles of Kera 1, 2, 3 and finish with a Dharma Talk on The Dualistic Fantasy of the 21st Century.

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Warrior of Compasion Study 7 This is Lesson 7 of our Warrior of Compassiion Training. If you have been listening to these broadcasts once a month and doing the accompanying exercises you may notice that your life is improving greatly.... more

Just Talking---Giving Voice to the Voiceless Om Prakash At Just Talking we present thoughts and ideas not usually given in mainstream media. These ideas are also not often shared in the various large institutions of our society even... more

Athena LaFlamme Edwards and Om Prakash Gilmore Living in the New Millenium This week we will discuss the current events taking place today in ths somewhat strange world. Things are changing fast. Information is available to us at the tips... more

Just Talking with Dr. Om Prakash, D. Min. What is the truth? Tonight we will explore truth in all of its facets, and how almost everything in this world teaches us the truth. If we have the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the hearts to... more

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Warrior of Compassion Reflections Dr. Om Prakash, D. Min. We will have an open forum today discussing some of our own discoveries while liivning in this society. We will discuss the power that we have, as well as the power of... more
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