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This show connects progressives throughout America to discuss, share, plan and implement positive progressive strategies right here at home! Join us at our Blog:

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Join us for a review of 2014, and a projection of things to come in 2015. Join us for a lively conversation that is missing the one most important ingredient: YOU! We're on the air! We'll see YOU there! The Tennessee Progressive and the PPTS staff
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Join us today as we go over the holiday wish list for Progressives across the world. What would you like for Christmas? We're on the air! We'll see YOU there! The Tennessee Progressive and the staff of PPTS!

The way things are developing, it looks like we will be having a "Weekly Roundup" of changes in how we fundamentally define America, Americans, and Democracy. We'll look at Torture, Taxes and Treachery, and anything else you feel like... more

Join us for an informative and, with your help, an interactive show which will, for two live hours, look ahead into the political, policy and personal realities that lie before us as resident, citizen and nation. What is YOUR most important issue?... more

UNDHR and ECHR will be discussed. Please come with your understandings, agreements and/or disagreements with these concept documents, as a basis for a truly democratic discussion. I will also pose a question for our President: If the... more

Do we as Democrats and Progressives deide to throw out the baby with the bath water, and all those who dedicated themselves for her care? Or, do we look fundamentally at what we have achieved, critical messaging points, and... more

Join us and let us know how you feel the 2014 General Elections fared where you live. We'll talk about some (but not all) of the races as we perform a light forensic investigation looking the election results of 2014, and why they exist today. More... more

PPTS is only on one side of any issue: that which most favors Citizen. From the Court House to the White House, and right down the street where YOU live, we strive to bring you factual and actionable information, differing views, and... more

This election stands as the most important election in the history of our nation. Over more than 1 year, PPTS has highlighted many of the important issues standing before us. We, as a team, hope that we have somehow gathered your... more

This series is using world history to help us, as Progressives think about, discuss,plan and carry out actions and activities as activists within 12 blocks of where we live. We have a very short time to become the citizen patriots... more
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