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Kelly Galea is a crusader for creative expression, helping seekers and doers find more freedom, flexibility and fun in life and business. Join her weekly for Power Up Living to tune into the possibilities and amplify your life! A multi-passionate entrepreneur, business strategist, author and speaker, Kelly currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, their boxer and two kitties.

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Join host Kelly Galea and her guest, Christine Herman, for this episode of Power Up Living. What is creative courage? Christine describes it as a deep curiosity and devotion to expressing our innate talents and passions. Having creative courage means coming home to yourself ~ acknowledging your unique fingerprint as well as the evolving vision for your life. It asks you to be aware of how daily thoughts shape your choices and actions toward or away from the desires of your heart. As an artist and creative catalyst coach, Christine understands the challenges of being true to your path in the midst of the complexities of modern life, constant multi-tasking, overwhelm, and the pressure of financial concerns. Her passion is to help guide others to rekindle and reconnect with their heart's desire ~ the quiet voice within that leads them to discover their path and unfolding of their dreams. Each on of us is born with a natural curiosity to explore and create in a myriad of ways, but along the way, the demands, expectations and distractions of life can dim our brilliance. We'll discuss: The widespread repercussions of not following your path What to expect when embarking on an authentic path What creativity is Why creativity is so important How cultivating creative courage can show up in our lives Traveling your true path takes sustained courage and resiliency. So how do you know what your path is? We'll explore this provocative question and more about creative courage in my conversation with Christine.
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