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Hosted by Jason Dias and Troy Hall. If your brand were a band would you leave the audience wanting more? This show is about using music as the best means of finding, winning and keeping a loyal audience.

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State Employees Credit Union CEO Jim Blaine joins us to talk about the potential impact of the new Risk Based Capital rules. According to Mr. Blaine this is one of the biggest issues to hit the CU marketplace in a very long time.... more
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Meet me at the Watershed or stay where you are.

A Crescendo is a gradual increase in intensity and or volume. With January behind us, its go time on the radio show that asks the question, If your brand were a band, would you leave the audience wanting more? We spin the tunes... more

If you had 30 or 60 seconds to say something about your brand...what would you This weekend we see the ultimate in live performance. Jason and Troy got it all covered on the only show that makes you... more

Jack in the Box is clearly marketing to those using that new legal substance in Colorado and elsewhere? Weird, brilliant, both. We got it covered. Your ads are short performances; do they leave the audience wanting more? Join us for that,... more

Will the theft of personal financial information atTarget and Nieman Marcus accelerate a revolution in payment systems...or are we already in the middle of one?

Brought to you in part by MARQUIS / Great things are happening in 2014. Join us to find out how 2014 might be the best year since WiFi. Jason and Troy welcome you back. Conference Quality info without a... more

Sorry about the mis-spelling. Our first show mis-fired and we had to delete and create a new show in 90 seconds. Diana Dykstra is the President of the California / Nevada Credit Union League and as usual she was awesome. One of the... more

Brought to you by MARQUIS CU Business Magazine publisher Tim O'hara joins us to talk about the his career, the year that was 2013 and a look ahead to 2014. Join us.

Enjoy some great Christmas music!

This week we talk to Emma Douglas, CEO at large of Eloquent Online. Emma is a student at Texas A&M and will tell us about life as a freshman in 2013, Social Media trends in South Africa and here, her new life and opportunities in college... more
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