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Episode 3: Facing the Truth

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Queen Phillips

Queen Phillips


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How are you dealing with the truth about yourself, your situation, your broken relationships? Are you living in denial? Are you ready to move forward by facing the truth about whatever has kept you living with regrets and the pains of your past?

We all handle our realties differently. Sometimes the truth is so hard to face, there is the tendency to live in denial.  However, if you are ready to move forward after your brokenness and painful past, facing the truth is a must.

In the book, The Path to Promise: How to Move Forward After Brokenness, there is a story (based on truth) about one young woman who had to face her reality. Although it was painful, she was able to face the truth and move forward.

Marsha did her best to make Nathan love her. After all, the storybook wedding was the epitome of a life-long relationship that screamed, “Until death due us part!”  Three years later she had to face the truth: Nathan didn’t love himself and really didn’t know how to love her. Sadly, he didn’t know how to cry out for help.  From the brief year of marital bliss and perfection to a lonely night crying herself to sleep, she awakened to a new beginning as she faced the truth about her situation, the man she’d fell in love with, and the God she had heard so much about as a child.

The one thing about facing the truth is the realization that something has to change—your situation or your mindset about your situation.  Realizing that as painful as change may be, it cannot be any more painful than the brokenness caused by betrayal and rejection of the one person you trusted with your life.

The turning point for Marsha was realizing that she needed hope in something and someone greater than the love she had for Nathan. That love was fading faster than an ice cream cone on a hot 90 degrees day in Texas.