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Welcome to the Woman To Woman To Man Broadcast and the NCCM Online Campus. Our assigment is to save souls and radically change lives, families and communities to the glory of God through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! Our visionary Leaders are Pastor Anthony Simmons and Pastor/Prophet Rebecca Simmons. The Woman To Woman To Man Show is a talk show where we tackle real issues from a Christian point of view. Phone lines are always open for you to call in and let your voice be heard. The hosts are Pastor Rebecca Simmons and Pastor Anthony Simmons. We have intercessory prophetic prayer every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. EST and a one hour worship service on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon EST. All are welcome! Please feel free to stop by any time and be sure to stop by often. God bless you!

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Call in to talk with Pastor Rebecca about what you see when you look in your mirror. Are you appreciating yourself for the woman that God created you to be? Call in number 646-652-4832

Join Pastors Anthony and Rebecca Simmons as they deal with the real issues of life today on Power in the Word. Today's topcs include dealing with hostile people and tough circumstances, an update on gas prices, today's proverb and more.... more

Come on sisters. Let's talk about it. Word on the street is that in today's times, a good woman is hard to find and a wife is even harder to find. What is the deal? do you consider yourself to be a good woman or wife and why? call in to... more

Can we talk? Pastors Simmons' discuss real life topics with their listeners and make it relevant to the Word of God. Listeners are encourahed to call in 646-65-4832

Pastors Anthony and Rebecca Simmons share with listeners about the power of a transformed mind to have success in every area of life. Tune in and listen or call in to speak to this powerful, empowering couple in the Lord. 646-652-4832

Pastor Rebecca shares with listeners about today's topics. Call in to be a part of the broadcast. Call in number 646-652-4832
Pastor Rebecca

Keep Listening Past the Pause - I Had Technical Difficulties

  • by Pastor Rebecca
Hello Blogtalkradio Family,.Today's program was really good. Evangelist Luciano and Pastor Anthony called in and the broadcast was spectacular. Please keep listening for the one minute that it took me to call back into the show in the... more

Today's Proverb, Book give-away, Relationship vs. Religion and other topics

Today's Topics: Are women who go to church different from women who do not> Why or why not? In an attempt to shine light on the wrongs and rights of the church, Pastor Rebecca will be dialouging with listeners about the church. Also,... more

Call in to talk to Pastor Rebecca about why you go to church. This is part one of a three part series on the church. Gay Marriages, Today's Proverb and more. Call in to voice your views on making the church better and gay marriage. Pastor... more