The Powder Keg of Awesome

The Powder Keg of Awesome

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You want awesome? Well you’re going to need to get off your ass and go make some...the powder keg of awesome does not light itself! In this podcast, hosts Jerry Kennedy and Jackie Dotson riff on why being able to “Think Less and Do More" is more essential than ever. Lighting the powder keg of awesome requires being able to cut through crap, speak the truth and make stuff go.

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Join Jerry and Jackie as they chat with special guest Christopher Cook, artistic director of the Green Valley Theatre in Sacramento as we talk about community theatre and whatever else comes up---you never know what may happen when... more

Join us as we chat with photographers Constance Faulk and Eric Vogel. Constance & Eric are an intimate portraiturist duo who shoot sexuality in all it's glory. They say, "Sex positive intimate photography is what we do. Our... more

Norm! So here we go again. One of the main problems with international guests (especially the ones calling in from the rurals of Southeast Asia) is the internet connection. So this time, we pre-recorded just to make sure nothing gets... more

Join us as we have our quarterly show with our favorite finance person, Stacey Powell of the Finance Gym.

They say 5 times is a charm and that's good because today will mark the 5th appearance of Norm Schriever on the Powder Keg of Awesome. Norm is to us what Alec Baldwin and Christopher Walken are to Saturday Night Live. The... more

Join us as we chat with Josh Mathe. Josh is a speaker, author, fitness expert, nutritionist, ultra endurance athlete, and life adventurer - Josh Mathe is passionate about squeezing every last drop from life, and helping others do the same. Josh... more

Join us as we chat with author Dan Waldschmidt about his new book, Edgy Conversations. Dan is an International business strategist, speaker, author, and extreme athlete. His consulting firm, Waldschmidt Partners International, solves... more

Join us as we chat with Rob Nicholson, founder of The Nicholson Center, in Ohio. Rob is an old friend of the crew and he's had a tough winter in Ohio. The severe cold this winter has kept his clients home and resulted in the closure of... more

Join us as we chat with Pamela Slim, author of the new book Body of Work. Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, business coach and speaker. She spent the first 10 years of her business as a consultant to large companies such as... more