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Learn about poverty both on the domestic and global level by listening in as speakers reveal surprising statistics and information about the poverty levels that exist in your local neighborhoods as well as around the world. Radio Show speakers will share dialogues that address problems associated with poverty as well as bring awareness to listeners and identify ways to help. Some speakers will voice the focus of different organizations that specifically deal with poverty by sharing ideas on new socio-economic practices that could potentially change these daunting statistics. Tune in to learn more.
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    Real Talk Real Politics

    in Entertainment

    While the Democratic presidential candidates attack and defame each other, the Republican s are surging in 6he polls while preparing for New Hampshire!

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    Addressing the Problems with Politics in LEO Support Groups w/ Ken Dye

    in Current Events

    The great divider- politics... Support groups have to almost walk on eggshells when bringing up politics. Those of us who follow politics are passionate about what we believe in, and when any mention is made that goes against our personal beliefs, many want to cause dissent and hatred.
    But what happens when those politics affect the very core of our support groups? Do we keep quiet in an effort to keep everyone happy? Don't our supporters have the right to know when someone has chosen not to support our police?

    The LESMA team and Ken Dye are going to address this today- and it needs to be done. It's time we stand up for what we believe in, even if we have to hear things that we do not want to, even if we must face realities that we hoped weren't true. We can't let these things divide us. In this situation, you rise and you face it. Because the TRUTH and JUSTICE for our police are what we are here for.

    Call in to speak with the host: 347-850-8154

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    If I Ruled The World - Politics, Sex & Religion

    in Self Help

    There is alot going on in the world today so much it makes your head spin and it almost seems like no one is in control. It's just Chaos. Tonight Rev Harvey along with special guest Howard Hrobak will take a look at world issues from a spiritual perspectiuve and pose the question "What would you do if you Ruled the world."

    Callers are welcome 646-929-0630 or listen online                                      http://www.blogtalkradio.com/familyhealingcircle/2016/01/29/if-i-ruled-the-world--politics-sex--religion

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    Politics Time Jamaica~Live!

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    JOIN US  Saturday Jan. 2nd, 2016  Live!

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    Progressive Politics with Ian Scott

    in Current Events

    Join us tonight at The Smoking Glass Hour with Baron Glass as we have an engaging discussion with Ian Scott, contributing editor and columnist for Political People Blog. (773) 897-6398

    Ian is also a political science and sociology student interested in attending law school to work on progressive labor issues. The Political People Blog is a progressive blog that covers international (UK and Irish politics) as well as domestic politics.

    Political People Blog has been intensely covering the 2016 presidential primaries and will continue to do so through Election Day 2016. Recently, they began initiating interviews with progressive-leaning candidates to raise awareness for their campaigns.

    Towards this objective, they intend to produce an article and podcast-based series on the progressive campaigns and the issues that progressives believe in. In doing so, Political People Blog hopes to raise the profile of these candidates and mobilize progressives in the Democratic Party. 

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    Politics and the Action of Self Determination

    in Culture

    Call In Number (347) 857-4514

    In this episode of Global Peeks, we sit down with Reginald Samir Muhammad, an Atlanta based political scientist about the state of Blacks and politics.  Professor Muhammad is the Director of the Joip I Nkrumah Institute for Political and Strategic Studies in Atlanta, Georgia and a veteran member of the Nation of Islam. He authored the book, In Fear of Leading (2000), and his work is featured in the books, No Crystal Stairs and A Life and Day in Black LA. His hard-hitting “Black Political Point” editorials have been featured online and in national and local newspapers. He has worked actively in the reparations movement for more than 25 years. 

    During the broadcast we dedicate time to honor the legacy of Dr. Francis Cress Welsing who made her transition this week and but left a serious body of work.

    www.justiceorelse.com  for becoming part of the 10 thousand fearless that The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan is calling for.

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    Faith, Politics & Education

    in Politics

    An intellectual discussion about Faith, Politics & Education. 

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    No Little Bit Pregnant Like Little bit of White Privilege

    in Politics

    Is there a difference in White supremacy and White privilege? Nope. Supremacy and privilege are one in the same. No difference exist in the two. Either one can be the other by the same person at any given moment.  Look around and see how White supremacy /White privilege is bringing down the nation of America. The one greatest reason is too many Whites are actually contributing to continued White supremacy but does not claim the behaviour. It seem easy enough for the masses to recognize White privilege prevails and Whites reap but the Whites cannot mesh White supremacy and White privilege. Yes words matter, but supremacy and privilige is the same to the POC who did not get the job, or the pay raise, or the business loan, or the house mortage.  Policing and courts have been rendered less power so poverty is now all inclusive=more poor Whites than POC

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    Real Talk Real Politics

    in Entertainment

    Focus on politics state, local, and national.

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    The BCS Experience: History-Arts-Culture-Politics In Review And Disscussion

    in Education

    2015 Finale with Rev. Dr.DLC Boyce.Special highlights from July 29, 2015 show for scheduled re-broadcast. 

    The BCS Experience takes a look at our rich history – African American History.  We’re going to share with you some known and unknown historical facts and information from the past and connect the dots on how they have impacted on our present day events and how they will definitely shape our future as African Americans in this country and around the world.

    "The BCS Experience: History-Arts-Culture-Politics in Review and Discussion."  This is internet radio and will be aired…live every Wednesday from 5 pm to 6 pm from 

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    Dr. Shawn's The Collision of Faith and Politics! Kill Terrorists or Hug Them?

    in Politics Conservative

    What does the Bible say about defending ourselves from our enemies who are sworn to KILL us?  Why are many Christians saying we should just LOVE them and HUG them 'as Christ told us to do?'What does Scripture tell us to do about this 'Refugee Crisis?'  What IS this 'Crisis?'  What is it REALLY? What is hijra? Why is the meaning of hijra CRITICALLY important to your very life?  Why does it seem as though Hussein doesn't know what hijra means?  Or.... Does Hussein Obama know exactly what that word means to the very country he is SWORN to protect?

    Why Liberal Theology churches are the ruination of our country... In my book,   "Excellence Killed the Church, How Mediocrity is Destroying America!" I talk about, in great detail, what happened INSIDE the churches across America that defies Scripture itself and our mandate to protect and defend this great gift from God, Liberty and Freedom!

    Listen in and tell your friends!  This will be one fast-paced, hard-hitting radio show!  Delivering the TRUTH with Love and power...  I say what most others are afraid to say...  What you'd say if you had this microphone...  The Truth.  Time is ticking away...  What will you do to prepare?

    Thank you!

    Rev. Dr. Shawn M. Greener




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    The Collision of Faith & Politics! The Ninja Pastor! "How to Begin... Again."

    in Religion

    Here we are at the ledge of 2015 and at the edge of 2016!

    How to begin again, Starting to Finish!

    You've been here before...  So have I…  If I am being honest, so have I.  

    In my case, speaking totally and completely for myself, I spent an awful lot of time staring off into space, despite lots of activities spinning around me, and here I am staring off into space asking myself what I did with the time and resources God gave me in the year 2015…?  

    What became of the initiatives and plans I had for 2015?  

    What became of the plans and promises I made at the end of 2014?  You know, when I realized I hadn’t lived up to myself in 2014, I hadn’t fully utilized the time and resources God gave to me in 2014…  And so it goes on and on…

    The Ninja Pastor gives you his Top 5 Lists for The Macro and Micro sides of your life. The Good and Bad top FIVE things in the country, and in your life!