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Psychic Medium Melinda Carver, Universal Light Minister, Tarot & Oracle Readings, Positive Energy Specialist. Creator of Positive Energy Products. POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES bringing you the tools and knowledge to improve your life. Get Positive, Live Positive!

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Psychic Medium Melinda is joined by Author & Channel Cindy Riggs "Buddha - Channeled Messages & Intense Healings". The Buddha will speak and then provide healing energy transmissions for each participant. Cindy has... more

Psychic Medium Melinda welcomes the return of Leslie Cody "Anchoring in the Light & Psychic Readings & Healings". How does this new Earth energy affect you? We live in a 3-dimensional world but the energy is ascending to a... more

Psychic Medium Melinda is pleased too announce the return of author & intuitive Brad J. Tesh "Eternal Magick - An Adventure in Spirit." Eternal Magick - how we can use magick in our lives and how it works. Mortal life is about much... more

Psychic Medium Melinda welcomes Victor Paruta "Psychic & Paranormal Experiences". Explore the world of ghosts tonight - how to find them, speak to them and send the ghosts into the light! What does it feel like to be in their... more

Rev. Barbara Anderson returns tonight to Connecting YOU with your Angels & Spirit Guides! Do you want to hear what the Angels have to say to YOU tonight? What are Spirit Guides? Which of your deceased loved ones will come... more

Psychic Medium Melinda welcomes award-winning author Margaret Ann Lembo "Awaken Your Chakras!" Do you feel blah? Are you out of attunement? What are these energy points in your body called Chakras? Which stones will... more

Psychic Medium Melinda announces the return of Tom "TomStones" Benedict Live On-Air Energy Healings & Readings. Join us tonight for an episode packed with Healing Energy for YOU! Explore the world of Crystals and their powers to... more

Psychic Medium Melinda is excited to announce the return of Devara ThunderBeat "22 Strand DNA Activation - Remember Who You ARE & Why You're Here." WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE 22 DNA STRAND... more

Bestselling Author & Master Success Coach Donna DeNomme returns: "Awaken and Live a Masterful Life!" Donna can assist you in creating a Masterful Life: Explore your own "wilderness" to discover uncharted, natural beauty. Attention... more

Psychic Medium Melinda is excited to bring to you author, channel & film maker Rashmi Khilnani "The Divine Mother Speaks". In The Divine Mother Speaks, Rashmi Khilnani simplifies the wisdom and teachings of Hathor, and decodes... more
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