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POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES bringing you the tools and knowledge to improve your life. Featuring Metaphysical, Psychic & Holistic Guests. Get Positive, Live Positive! Hosted by Psychic Medium Melinda Carver, Universal Light Minister, Tarot & Oracle Readings, Positive Energy Specialist. Creator of Melinda's Positive Products.

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International, bestselling author James M. Wanless, PhD. returns to the show! Renew yourself & develop your intuition with Tarot! How can you use Tarot to open your intuition? Which ways may Tarot inspire you, drive you forward, and open you to the future? Find out tonight with the marvelous, life-affirming James Wanless! He is a Master Tarot teacher sharing ways to grow, renew and sustain yourself! James M. Wanless, PhD. is the international, bestselling author of Voyager Tarot, Intuition @ Work, The Fortune Formula, Sustain Yourself Oracle and Adventures with Greening Man. He travels the world teaching and inspiring clients, groups, corporations and conferences with his humor, showcasing the life-renewing and intuitive development so important in our world today. He is available to speak at your group events and for private appointments. 2nd Hour: Melinda will provide mini-readings with Tarot & Oracle cards. Callers are welcome!
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Award-winning Author & Channel Mercedes Kirkel joins us - "Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love" and debut's her latest new book "Sublime Union: A Woman's Sexual Odyssey Guided by Mary Magdalene" tonight!! In July... more

Spiritualist, Psychic, Astrologer & Medium Raymond Sette joins us to discuss his book "The Planets Align So Rare: Twelve Dimensions to the Human Potential" plus he's taking your calls! Raymond will discuss strategies and advice for... more

Psychic Donna Bretz returns tonight! Energy Tools in Your Box for Readings, Healings & More. We all have "tools" that we carry to assist us in our daily life. These "tools" help us with our relationships, work, and spiritual growth.... more

Judy Conkel returns tonight! Animal Totems & Spirit Guides - what are they? Why do you see the same animal over & over? How do Animal Totems & Guides speak to us? Should we follow what they tell us? Explore the world of Animal... more

Tonight's a MAGICICAL episode! Melissa & Matthew Stewart, owners of Spirit Apothecary, will lead us through the Magical Oils, Herbs & Native American Botanicals that we may use to bring Love, Abundance, Healing & Psychic... more

Mitchell Osborn, star of the YouTube channel The Intuitive Messenger joins us tonight! Mitchell is the warm & humorous host of a weekly YouTube show that features a mix of Tarot, Numerology, Astrology & Energy information. His... more

Psychic Medium Travis James Sanders returns tonight! Journey with us on a Sout Retrieval tonight! Soul retrieval is a shamanic-based technique for soul fragmentation. This may often occur when a person experience trauma, a piece... more

First Intelligence: Using the Science & Spirit of Intuition by Simone Wright. Would you like to learn practical ways to tap into and use your highest wisdom - your intuition? We often forget or don't understand how to use the best tool available... more

Special Father's Day Show! Melinda's providing Psychic & Tarot readings & energy healings LIVE tonight! Callers are welcome all show long - share stories of your Dad or what it's like for you to be a Dad tonight too. Do you have questions... more

Tonight: Discover the World of Secret Societies & Symbols and how they are tied in with Extraterrestrials & Spirituality! Author Joshua Jarael Maldonado shares his personal experiences with ETs, secret societies and their symbols and the... more
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