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Positve Mindset to Achieve Your Dreams & Goals


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Mary Ellen Popkin, creator of http://www.MentorWithMaryEllen.com shares on this Channel life lesson learned from her Parents, being Competitive Ice Skater/Coach,Student, Professional and Parent. Furthermore, overcoming the adversity of miscarriages, a still born Daughter, Cancer and debilitating Anxiety Disorder to go onto Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Success. She is living proof You Can Have It All! Happily Married, Stay at Home Mom, Published Self Help Author, and Professional Network Marketer http://www.TheGreatestBiz.com Mary Ellen Love's Helping Other's Achieve their GOALS & DREAMS in their Personal, Professional, Business and Spiritual Life.

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Do you find yourself setting goals you really want to achieve? or are they goals you feel other's want you to achieve? How do you know the difference? Learn how to find your Heart's Desire and find Spiritual Peace and Growth. In addition... more

Tips on how to create momentum to set and achieve your personal, business or spiritual goals. How to listen to your inner voice to guide and direct your path to achieveing your goals. Mary Ellen Popkin has new 2 set CD 7 Steps to Creating... more

Guest Dan Hanneman Host of BlogTalkRadio/theblockbuster.com with share his secrets on spiritual enlightenment to awaken your passion for life. Dan reveals how to block bust you way to achieve your Business, personal Finaicial and... more

Goal Setting how to do it Easily, Effortlessly and Positively. How to set your personal, financial, business and spiritual goals using a positive mindset.

"Positive" self talk is so important when we want to bring "positive" changes, situations and thoughts into our lives. Also are you letting other's dictate how you talk to yourself. Let's learn how to create a Powerful, Positive Self Image.

Do you have a situation or person you feel you just can't forgive. Mary Ellen Popkin, self help author, discussess the Healing power of forgiveness. Learn how you can create more positive energy when you choose to forgive a... more

How changing your perception and response can change your mindset. Are you seeing things in a negative or positive way? How start seeing things more positively.

WIN 3 Steps to becomming a Goal Setter and Goal Hitter. WIN W Stands for Why do you Want it? I stands for Inspiration. N Stands for Navigate Your way to Your Goal.

When my Parents were dying I was able to find moments of sheer joy. My Mom taught me how to enjoy the present moment when my Dad was dying and we used those lessons to create happy moments when she was dying. The Doctors... more
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