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Our mission: To educate and create positive autism awareness, as well as to provide respite to parents, carers, and those on the Autistic Spectrum.

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Sandra will be interviewing country music star, Johnny Orr. www.johnnyorrband.com She will play his autism song called"We'll get by" and get insight into what he knows about autism and his inspirations musically
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Today on Positively Autstic the Founder Tracy Roberts will be talking to Jasper Steed he is 22 and on the Autism spectrum. Jasper is CEO & Founder of "Autism Smiles" and many other enterprises which he will be telling the Positively Autistic... more

Join Ryan Comins, autism advocate, blogger, and aspiring novelist as he discusses the important topic of autism and employment this Monday, February 27th. Ryan will talk about his own experience at a vocational employment center... more

On the show this week: Tracy and the team will be discussing the NHS and Government implementing the "do not resuscitate" instruction on any special needs child without parental knowledge or consent, as well as other topics and... more

Tune in for this week's Poetry Hour show with host Marilyn Ann Francis, and co-host Joe Westlake. We are here to educate and create Autism Awareness, and to enable people to come on to read their poetry. Don't forget to join us and... more

Join blogger and aspiring novelist, Ryan Comins, as he discusses the importance of creativity in the lives of those on the spectrum. Ryan will talk about his own creative experiences as a musician and a writer. Feel free to participate in the... more

On today's show: Broadcasting LIVE from Dame Hannah Roger's Trust at Seale Hayne: A Special Needs Charity Organisation based in Newton Abbot. We will be presenting to you live from the hub of the main building within the charity. We... more

Welcome to our 5th Positively Autistic: Marilyn & Joe's Poetry Hour which will air on February 15th, 2012 on BLOG TALK RADIO, the largest social radio network. Great thanks go out to the 460 guests who listened to our Feb. 8th. Broadcast... more

Join blogger and aspiring novelist, Ryan Comins, every Monday from 1-2 EST. During this episode, Ryan will talk about how he went from a student struggling with school at age twelve, to where he is today. Ryan has Pervasive... more

On today's show, we will be talking to Marco Gianetti who is on the Autism Spectrum and a representative of the National Autistic Society. We will be asking Marco a little bit about his work for the National Autistic Society, and a little bit... more

Join us in the chat room and share your poetry, stories, and music. Visit for as long as you have time for. You will meet lots of great friends while gaining confidence, helping others discover their talents, and letting us enjoy yours.... more