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Nathan Macintosh

Positive Anger


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Why in the HELL do people want break ups to be live tweeted? Talking that, who should be live tweeted, and Jared. The man famous for eating subs, Jared. Check it out! @nathanmacintosh

If this many people are cheating, Nathan thinks marriage should stop being so rewarded. Ashley Madison hacked talked, also robots that will bring death to us all created by bored scientists. Why aren't more people horrified?! Check it out.... more

After reading about the iPhone Gun Case, Nathan talks the love of guns. This case is for sure going to get someone shot. What is it? What is the fascination with guns and old dead white men telling people it's okay to have them?... more

Why would you want to be a dentist? Nathan talks lion, white people saving the world, and thoughts from Grade 7. Check it out! Twitter @nathanmaicntosh

Why is it okay to tape private conversations? Nathan talks that, the written word being law, and finding a new love of things. Check it! @Nathanmacintosh

After a long walk in the sun with baby dog and groceries, Nathan wonders if he can have kids. Are they worth it? Why are parents scared of them? Check it! Twitter @nathanmacintosh nathanmacintosh.com

50 Cent is broke? So are you! Nathan talks that and threesome caught on camera at Calgary Stampede. We making women for all sex?

Finally, the flag, has been taken down! Nathan talks Confederate flag, two guys that were broken out of prison, and Cosby. Jazz Rant on Nostalgia. Yes, Jazz Rant. Check it! @nathanmacintosh nathanmacintosh.com

Positive Anger this week is a day late due to two holidays and a sketch. That a good excuse? It isn't! Nathan talks the beach, both holidays, and the good Doctor, Donald Trump. Check it! @nathanmacintosh

Nathan talks shiny movies, nannies, and the ol' Confederate Flag. This is a discussion? Also, new found audio of lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme. Check it! @nathanmacintosh