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Merry Christmas! Nathan and Jon sit down for their Christmas special, and things fall apart quick. Why? Not sure. But, Merry Christmas. Follow @NathanMacintosh and @StandUpNYLabs. Go to to see when Nathan is... more

Nathan and Jon talk Sony canceling the premier of The Interview because of threats, and who that you know should get gifts.

Jon and Nathan talk the leaked Sony emails that may or may not have been hacked by North Korea, CIA, torture, and the Terminator trailer. Nathan Jazz Rants about the Victorias Secret Fashion Show. Follow @NathanMacintosh... more

Jon Jon is sick Jon, so Nathan is left alone with his own thoughts. Talks Terminator Trailer, and Jazz Rants about Christmas Music. He is joined by Aaron Friedman to talk about his ‘Happiness Marathon’, a 26 day exercize where he... more

Jurassic World trailer has come out! Nathan and Jon have a lot of opinions. So many that there is no jazz rant! The guys also talk Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals worth killing for. Follow @NathanMacintosh @JonFatigate and... more

Nathan and Jon talk a bit about the Bill Cosby allegations, dirty and clean comedy, and Will Smiths life and kids. Nathan Jazz Rants about Canadian winters and winter clothes.

Is net neutrality something we should worry about? Nathan and Jon talk net neutrality, space, and the old internet. Nathan Jazz Rants about long movies.

Nathan and Jon talk cat calling video that went viral. Can people really defend it? Also, movies and smoking discussed. Nath Jazz Rants about the Beatles.

Nathan and Jon talk about the angry tweets that Rosie O'donell got for defending Chrissie Teigen about the Ottawa shooting. Was it really bad? Are shootings in America cared about anymore? Nathan Jazz Rants about the Walk Of Shame.... more

Jon and Nathan talk about the shooting that happened yesterday in Ottawa, and the difference in coverage between America and Canada. Nathan Jazz Rants about 70's movie actors and today's.