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The Porsha King Show is about music, news, football, politics, sex/relationship advice, celebrity drama, police misconduct, the Occupy Movement, Street Harassment, War on Women, and other stuff I think the world needs to know. Sometimes, Im even pretty funny. Keeping you informed. We are all responsible for setting the tone for the next generation. Are you doing your part? Check back for airtimes, I am currently testing Sunday mornings at 11am PST.... (thanks again!)

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So how bout that shutdown? Are you broke yet? Is this whole thing part of the fiscal strangulation I've mentioned before? Fiscal amputation of the lower working poor class? The GOP is Pro life, pro gun, pro war, pro baby aaaaaaand pro... more

The world is going crazy and where are you? Listening to crazy. GOP holding govt hostage. You can have guns but no health care. You can have babies but screw you if you can't pay for them. And if you're a woman, you belong to a man... more

Three things that make up an American. Three topics of conversation. One show. One host. One Gemini with some personalities. Another episode for the books.

This week on TPKS: Updates on San Diego Mayoral Election and other political matters, but mainly football.

This week on TPKS: Lamestream Media aka SHAMESTREAM media, my last remarks on San Diego Ex Mayor Filthner, and the usual! I hope your Labor Day Weekend is going well! Have fun and be careful!

This blah on The Porsha King Blah: Update in events surrounding imminent recall attempt. More accusers, blame shifting... I'll get you current on this issue, and I'll also discuss the slippery slope of harassment and its negative impact on society.

On today's episode of TPKS: Updates on Hannah Anderson and Filthy Filner. And I'll be covering (keyboard) bullies, people who THINK they are (keyboard) bullies, (keyboard) racists, morons, trolls, and of course my friends, listeners and... more
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