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    McCartney Green talks about her heavenly messenger who can transform you

    in Spirituality

    McCartney Green was born in Philly but grew up in Atlanta and considers herself a southerner at heart. She married young, gave birth to seven children and as many women tend to do, lost herself under the labels of wife and mother. In 1994 she felt like her entire life was crumbling around her. Her marriage was failing, she was assaulted in a parking lot and she tried to take her own life. That was when she had a divine intervention. She woke one morning to find a “heavenly messenger” standing at the foot of her bed. Among other things, he told her to begin writing, and it changed her life. She is still communicating with this transcendent being and feels she is being led in her current endeavors. No stranger to the hardships of life, there are many labels McCartney says she could apply to herself. Abused. Neglected. Starved. Touched by alcoholism. Bullied. Poverty. Sexual assault. Divorce. Suicide. However, she doesn't believe in labels that scream to the world that we are victims, because, "We are only victims if we allow ourselves to be." She only allows others to know these things about her so that they can know that she can identify with their pain, that she understands where they are coming from and she can indeed help them to rise up out of the ashes. “It doesn't matter what religion one is, or if one is religious at all, her methods, her sweet spirit, her love and her joy will transform audience members in profound ways. Her message is for anyone who wishes to transform their lives.” McCartney is the author of the 8 book romantic series, Dandelions Never Die, a suspenseful romantic adventure written for the masses to bring them enlightening messages, where both women and men overcome great obstacles and trauma to become strong and joyful. She is about to release her newest book, an inspirational book based on her "heavenly messenger."

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    Carol Roth: The Entrepreneur Equation

    in Women

    Carol Roth is a national media personality, creator of the legacy planning system Future File (currently in private beta), ‘recovering’ investment banker/billion-dollar deal maker, investor, speaker and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation. She is a judge on the Mark Burnett (Shark Tank, The Voice, Survivor, The Apprentice) produced technology competition series, America's Greatest Makers, airing on TBS and an on-air contributor for the national cable television station CNBC, the preeminent name in business news. Carol’s multimedia commentary covers big and small business and the economy, current events, politics and pop culture topics.

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    its the d420Show 322

    in Comedy

    Join us every Thursday Night @9pm. est. 6pm. Pst. 
    with your Hosts-
    Antlive: Poem Brake, Mega Bud bakes
    Steve Stoner: (aka OBB) "The Old Bitter Basturd": Eyes on you
    Smokin Joe Rocha: Pot Farming
    Join us for the News With Comedy and the Herbword on the Streets...

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    Tha SPORTSKRIB-Hosted by Kalani Lua

    in Sports

    Tha SPORTSKRIB-Hosted by Kalani Lua
    Join host Kalani Lua(@klua11)) as we discuss the latest news in Major Sports. Our weekly panel consists of writers and bloggers from around the net.  @1stStopFantasy, @RSENetwork, @SportsBrosR, @Boston_Madness, along with independent writers allow us to bring their thoughts and opinions to the airways, on a weekly basis.  Our core of panelists includes: Jeremiah Short(@DaRealShort); Bryan Anderson(kidcali82); Texas Football Alumni Don 'Da Bomb' Hays(Donhays68); Dustin Harper(dlamar44) & Andrewe Oak (Mayor_Oak).
    We tackle the latest issues, with no "sugar coating".  Join us for the best two hours, of Sports, on BlogTalkRadio.

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    Business Stories to Empower You

    in Self Help

    Each week we will have women joining the conversation to tell us a little bit more than just their business story. They are going to tell us about the journey to that business and how they manage each day. These stories are to inspire you to what is possible for you.

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    BGE Presents: Daniel Puder

    in Higher Education

    Daniel Puder is the Co-Founder of IRRM and the Founder and Executive Director of My Life My Power World, Inc., a 501(c)3 Non-Profit that serves youth around the world through its mentoring and life skills curriculum. Puder is also a professional athlete gaining himself the title as an “Undefeated Mixed Martial Arts Fighter” and Champion of WWE’s Million Dollar Tough Enough Competition.
    Joining @jiggyjaguar on BGE Radio, Daniel Puder speaks of the mission and vision of his organization and how it is making an impact in the lives of many young adults today. My Life My Power!

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    Bat Girl Radio- Mike Simpson & RFA Radio- Paranormal News

    in Paranormal

    Bat Girl Radio- Listen in as Amy Jo interviews Mike Simpson.
    RFA Radio- Listen in as Holly delivers the latest in Paranormal news.

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    MXMGBTR 98.9FM - 08/03 "True Life Experiences," Cheron Griffin - GrowAGirl

    in Motivation

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." The Life & Motivation of author, entrepreneur, executive producer, philanthropist, and speaker Cheron K. Griffin, Founder at GrowAGirl Network, Inc., an organization that address the issue of sex trafficking in our society. Currently, Cheron is the executive producer and cast member of her own reality TV show, "Preachers' Exes."

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    The Messengers in Our Home - 51 - Saying Goodbye

    in Spirituality

    This book reveals that physical death discloses the fact that the life of the spirit is in continual evolution. In fifty-one chapters it tells of the experiences of a number of spirits who have reincarnated with pre-programmed work needed for their spiritual growth.

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    Women’s Ministry Training: Reconnecting Disconnected Women

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and special guest, Linda Lesniewski, you’ll discover
    Why many WMs are seeing shrinking involvement. What you can do about it. 12 reasons for having a women’s enrichment ministry in your church. A great starting place when the task seems so huge. Multiple options for moving beyond the walls of the local church. What to do with the ‘stirring’ in your heart to minister to women and Biblical role models for forging ahead with God’s calling on your life! Tips for communicating your vision with male leadership. Linda Lesniewski has served over 21 years as Women’s Ministry Leader at her home church in Texas with over 15,000 members. She has also served as a trainer for LifeWay Christian Resources and is the author of Women at the Cross and Connecting Women, a Relational Guide for Leaders in Women’s Ministry. Learn more at www.GABC.org/women

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    A New Psychology Of Human Well Being with author Richard Barrett

    in Spirituality

    A New Psychology Of Human Well Being with author Richard Barrett
    This revolutionary new book offers the world an exciting new approach to the understanding of human well-being: an approach that aligns ancient wisdom with cutting-edge theories of science, psychology and spirituality. Richard brings together Eastern and Western approaches to consciousness and medicine in a unifying model that transcends birth and death and leads us into an energetic dimension of reality where we encounter the soul.
    Barrett states: “Only when we realize that our three-dimensional material world is contained within a four-dimensional energetic world, can we appreciate who we are. We think of ourselves as material beings, whereas in reality, we are energetic beings. We don’t have an inner core, a higher self or a soul. We are the inner core; we are the higher self; we are the soul. When we live our lives in alignment with the motivations of the soul, we experience a deep sense of well-being and robust physical and mental health because we are living in a state of energetic coherence. In the 3-D materialistic approach to physiological and psychological disorders, the focus is on curing the impairment of functioning that is preventing the patient from leading a normal life. In the 4-D energetic approach, the focus is on releasing the energetic disturbances that are causing the ego-mind to be out of alignment with the soul-mind.”
    For more information visit: www.richardbarrett.net or  http://www.valuescentre.com/about/richard-barrett/