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    We spend a third of our time at work yet so many people hate their job for one of two reasons.
    1. They are in the wrong job
    2. People issues
    If you're in the wrong job you will never be happy. If you have people issues then this show is for you.
    The host Sharon Muggivan is the author of "it's not about you at work": She has taught this concept as a consultant and as a CEO in a large organisation.
    This concept works and guarantees results. This show is a must for anyone experiencing workplace stress due to people issues.

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    Men's Cell Phone Etiquette & How NOT to Call-in Sick to Work

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    Jared and Dean are tackling important topics this week with Dean covering the Men's Guide to Cell Phone Etiquette and Jared helping you out with spoonfuls of wisdom about what not to say or do when calling in sick for work. We've all been there, we've all done that. When you don't want to go into work, what better way than to call-in sick. Don't get busted next time. The master of busting his employees for faux illness will help you up your calling in sick game so that you don't get called out the next time at work.

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    Union election in Skokie, IL. 1/12 & 1/13/2012

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    Employees of a private ambulance service in Skokie, IL. will vote this Thursday and Friday, in efforts to bring organized labor to the company.

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    EDP Jobs Summary

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    On today's show, we'll cover the EDP jobs industry and changes we see in employment demand for C++, Java, PHP, Flex/ActiveScript, Python, and other core IT skills.

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    7 Ways to Combat Work Stress

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    We all experience stress at our jobs in some way. Find out about different ways that you can reduce that stress and feel better.
    Next I respond to these questions:
    Is it a good idea to point out weaknesses in a resume or cover letter? Is it still wise and recommended to stay in a job for a year? How do you know if you have a good job? Next week: Don Burrows is my guest talking about functional resumes and how they can help you get hired.

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    Introducing the Online Merchant Portal

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    Here’s your opportunity to speak your mind, ask your questions or make your cause known!
    Tune in for the first show Wednesday November 2nd, as we will be announcing the new online merchant portal and we’ll be hearing from Dave Sahadeo about store planning and some great work being done by the Viewpoint team.

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    ReLaunch Your Life

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    Midlife is often a time of transition. Some call it a midlife crisis. Relationships change, what you want in a career changes, life changes. Join Bonnie Pond, career change expert for women over 40, and special guest Jane Morrion -- The Dream Big Coach -- as we talk about what it takes to successfully navigate those big transitions and ReLaunch Your Life.
    Jane's specialty is working with women who want more out of life, who want to start a business, or are in business and want to have more profit and less struggle. Sound like you?
    As CEO of her own coaching and training company, Mastering Your Motivation, Jane has helped countless women through their own personal reinventions. Her new book, Savvy Leadership Skills for Women, is filled with tips and strategies for success.
    Join us today for some down-to-earth advice (and some terrific "freebies") for women entrepreneurs and those would are still dreaming of having their own businesses.
    Yes, it's really possible to create the life you were meant to live! Love your work. Love your money. Love your life.

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    Unemployed over 50

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    Network with other folks that are unemployed and over 50, talking about the challenges we face in our job search.

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    Are you ready to go agency?

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    Are you ready to go agency? Knowing when it's time to move beyond your one person freelance team to develop an agency around your freelance skills. FRELNCR believes that this is a freelance economy and also in eco-friendly work. We promote the development of agency while still working from your home office.