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    Top 10 New Years Business Resolutions

    in Women

    1.Become a better Leader
    2.Base business on research/Facts
    3.Invest in your business
    4.Accept Accountabilty
    5.Invest in yourself
    6.Learn something new
    7.Make more $$$
    8.Be more productive
    9.Reduce stress
    10.Help others
    ***Extra Tip
    Work on things you like doing not just things you have to do

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    Ring A Belle #7

    in Women

    In light of AIDS Day 2010, this episode will be dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness, how it affects the African-American community and the youth. We will discuss history, stereotypes, myths and of course prevention.

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    Guys Perspective - Other Relationships, The Friend...

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    Is it OK for your partner to have other relationships? Is it OK for you to have one? Can men and women be friends? This and many other questions are answered in this show! Be sure to let us know what you think.

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    Triple Sports Season is Here... Now What?

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    This will be the third and last attempt itsnotjustyou speaks about this topic. Please join in as itsnotjustyou and comedian Welly (performing at Carolines on Broadway Jan. 17th) to understand the mans perspective. What are you to do when a thousand games (basketball, football and hockey are on? How can you connect with your significant other when the time of Maaden 2011 and sports center is on every hour and a half? How do we thrive in our relationships with this triple sports season. Join us as we discuss this time does not have to be a horrible tie in your relationship and you realize... ITS NOT JUST YOU!

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    On the air with KC Culver

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    Join the real women of Life Size Radio as we discuss the latest in plus size fashion, news and events and welcome our new guest KC Culver from aboutcurves.com.

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    "Los Angeles Hair Straightening- Are You a Subject of Adoration or Scorn?"

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    Does the room hush when you enter with your Straight, Silky & Sexy Brazilian Blowout Los Angeles style?

    Do you feel adored as you enter the room with your long straight hair? You purposely pause; take a brief moment to enjoy being the center of attention and then you join your friends.

    You pretend not to notice the jaw dropping, the double takes and the bright eyes as they follow you around the room while your silky, soft straight hair shimmers as you walk.


    Is it because you feel scorned and ashamed of your hair you usually hide under wigs, hats and scarves?

    Wanted! Women and Men with Frizzy, Kinky, Curly, Unruly and Wavy Hair Who Feel Their Hair Nightmare Must End Now!

    Your solution is my guest is Ms. Noori Daili, founder and owner of Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405.

    Ms. Daily has been a cosmetologist for 30 years and has operated Next Salon in the same location in Santa Monica, CA for 22 years.

    Los Angeles Hair Straightening Headquarters is the moniker frequently used to describe Next Salon.

    Ms. Daili will tell you what cosmetics and beauty supply products and hair straightening processes are the best for your frizzy, curly, wavy, kinky and unruly hair.

    Some of the questions Ms. Daili will answer are as follows:

    Are there products that are formaldehyde free and therefore safe?

    What’s the difference between Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy and Brazilian Blowout?

    Would you like to STOP spending 1-3 hours per day on hair straightening before you dare show yourself to the world?

    We’ll ask Ms. Daili all these questions and more.

    Get information about Next Salon and hair straightening Los Angeles style at http://www.nextsalon.com/keratin-hair-treatment-santa-monica-los-angeles.html.

    Tune in for the latest on Santa Monica hair straightening, Santa Monica Keratin treatment, Keratin Treatment Los Angeles and Brazilian Blowout Los Angeles.

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    Making Connections through Excellent Customer Service

    in Women

    Walking into Guitar Center in Natick, Mass. one might feel like they are in an episode of "Wayne's World" since the customer service is so excellent. Customer service is a chance to make connections. Connections are what get you to opportunities. When your job is to provide outstanding service to people and you do it well, they will want to give back to you. Learn how to cultivate the relationships you have through customer service and prosper by serving others, as you hear from an outstanding customer service professional and music entertainment veteran, Todd Harris, a manager at Guitar Center, Natick and DB Studios in Worcester, MA.

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    Tis the Season!

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    Join us this Friday night @ 1130pm est., when we talk about gift giving. Get ur organizing tools together as we walk through how to give and get the perfect gifts for Christmas. We will discuss the top fashion trends for the holiday season, and we will touch upon getting ready for those holiday parties! We are going to have a Jam packed show with great tools u will need as u shop for the holidays!! Until tomorrow night May All Your Outfits Match!!

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    Morning Sickness

    in Women

    If you are experiencing morning sickness, you know how difficult it is to enjoy your pregnancy. I have interviewed the creator of a fantastic product that has shown great results in eliminating morning sickness in less that 24 hours.

    I hope you find it helpful and you can learn more at

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    Let's Talk with Jennifer Malocha with Special Guest Leslie Evans of Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling

    in Women

    "Mommy Martyrs No More!" is the rallying cry Leslie Irish Evans shares to empower moms in the midst of the madness of modern motherhood to find peace, calm, and purpose, no matter what. Speaker, author, host of Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling as heard on KKNW -1150AM and www.imthankful.com, Leslie's been peeling moms off the ceiling since 2006.

    - Why self-care is NOT selfish, but extremely practical.
    - Easy tips for reducing stress
    - Reducing stress during the holiday season.
    - Mom Entrepreneurs and self care.

    Leslie Irish Evans
    founder and host

    Listen live Mondays at 9AM (Pacific Time)
    KKNW - 1150AM Seattle's Alternative Talk Radio
    also streaming live at http://www.imthankful.com


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    Why do bad things happen to "good" people?

    in Women

    Join Clarissa as she talks about why bad things happen to good people. It's not always what you think... Be sure to listen and chime in via chat or call-in LIVE!