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    On Minstrelsy and Mayhem: A Conversation with Yussef Cole

    in Video Games

    This week we talk to games journalist motion designer, Yussef Cole (@youmeyou) about his lastest research and article in Unwinnable, “Cuphead and the Racist Spectre of Fleischer Animation“, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Super Mario Odyssey, and much more!
    What We’re Playing:
    Assassin’s Creed: Origins (or Oranges) Rain World Super Mario Odyssey Bioshock Collection Minecraft Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Game Dev Tycoon Dishonored: Death of the Outsider What We’re Reading
    Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman What We’re Drinking
    Ace Pineapple Cider Egg Nog Old Fashioned Links of Note
    Video Game Hour Podcast “Cuphead and the Racist Spectre of Fleischer Animation“ “Pickaninnies and Pixels: On Race, Racism, and Cuphead at E3” “Critical Video Analysis: Cuphead, Fleish & Cherry, and the Influence and Impact of Classic Animation” Character Creator Episode: Cuphead's Racist Grandparents (with Sam and Yusef) N.B. Going back to look for old images from White Christmas I could not find images of the black face scenes (unedited?) so the burning question is have they been so effectively erased that they are forever lost or was the racism inherent in the practices used in the show so pervasive that my friends and I internalized the blackface images.

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    The 23rd Simply Syndicated Gaming News

    in Video Games

    We recorded this episode before the gaming awards happened. That's why we don't know who won anything. I expect we'll talk abou them in the next episode.

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    GH42: Stick it to the Man and Black Friday

    in Video Games

    Sony wins big during Black Friday, Microsoft wins with PUBG, Nintendo wins with Switch, everyone loses with Marvel Heroes Omega, plus initial reactions for Stick it to the Man on Nintendo Switch from Zoink Games and Ripstone. 
    01:10 - Nintendo Switch Eyeing the Wii
    08:30 - Sony Dominates Black Friday
    18:50 - Big Announcements
    21:30 - Marvel Heroes Omega Problems with Microsoft and Sony
    28:10 - PUBG's PS4 Release... or is it?
    33:45 - Stick It To The Man first impressions
    42:30 - What We're Playing, and Show Details
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    Net Neutrality, EA, and Activision are GARBAGE

    in Video Games

    On this week's episode, we have a very serious discussion about Net Neutrality and the potential repercussions for the gaming industry as well as the NerdLife website. Later we continue the ongoing temper tantrum that is the EA and now Activision's slow and steady death. 
    Don't forget that if you want to contribute to the Net Neutrality fight check out 5calls.org (https://5calls.org/issue/defend-fcc-net-neutrality). Everything that you can do to help will benefit the US as a whole. 
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    8. Elton McManus

    in Video Games

    In this episode I'm joined by fellow podcaster and gaming enthusiast, Elton McManus.

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    Episode 15: Galaxy becomes KSV and the Start of the OWL

    in Video Games

    A lot happened this week in esports so we have a long episode for you guys!
    This week, Anton and Maurice discuss Overwatch pre season not being on Twitch, OWL jersey skins, KSV Esports acquiring Samsung Galaxy, ESL standardizing their tournaments and much much more!
    The Facts
    Esports B.O.O.M. is produced by Maurice Eisenmann and Anton Ferraro. You can get in touch with us on Twitter @MREisenmann and @JokrCantSpell . The music used is Quixotic by Jukedeck.

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    Episode 119: Video Games in Cereal Boxes

    in Video Games

    The final, at least for now, word on Star Wars Battlefront II comes from EA's CFO. Turns out they couldn't make loot boxes out of cosmetic items because they don't own Star Wars. It's a great point no one thought about. Player Unknown Battlegrounds is coming to mobile, bu just in China for now. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been released and has taken over our lives. Some Animal Crossing fans are complaining about it, but we think they're just wrong. Also there is going to be a Mario cereal. For real.
    For questions or feedback email gamingwiththemoms@gmail.com or tweet @gamingwithmoms

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    Sim Standard Radio Ep.109 - What's going on in America and More!

    in Video Games

    Welcome Back Sim Gamers! We are excited to bring another show to you guys this week. We are expecting Madden 17's equipment and ratings guru, Dustin Smith, to join us tonight depending on his schedule. If Dustin is able to make it he will talk about how ratings are being calculated and how they have been able to add a ton of new equipment. In case Dustin is unable to make tonight we have a few more topics we would like to discuss. Of course we look forward to your calls and hope they will have an effect on tonight's show. Below you will find a few topics that we will discuss tonight. See you guys at 8pm EST. 
    Kevin Durant to the Warriors - How do you feel about Durant's decision to go to the Warriors? Does it make him weak? Is he just chasing a ring? Will this taint his legacy? Do you agree with his decision?
    DWade and The Miami Heat - Did the heat do Dwade dirty? Should they have taken care of him? Should they have made sure he retired a member of the Heat? 
    Madden's Slider System - We will discuss how Madden's sliders currently work and how we would prefer them to work in the future. 

  • 01:26

    EP 25. Once Upon a Fortnite

    in Video Games

    This week, Mike, Max and Jesse talk about the updated “State of Destiny 2” and Bungie’s response to recent criticisms about the game. Also, the lads give Fortnite a go and start discussing how similar, yet very different it is compared to Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. And Mike wins joke of the day, finally.

  • 00:14

    HP Bonus 4 (Horrific Moments in Non-Horror Games)

    in Video Games

    John and Robert each pick a non-horror game with a horror moment. The games they choose are not horror games, but each have a moment within the game that turned out to be quite scary.

  • 00:30

    The Mono Room Video Gaming Radio: What we are working on

    in Video Games

    For our first episode: here is what we are going to be talking about:
    1: New Video Gaming/ Nerd culture radio station network
    2: Community Game servers: minecraft, tf2, garrysmod, cs:go, and others!
    3: Podcast galore: From general gaming talk, world of warcraft talk, movie reviews, and much more!
    4: Random tidbits thrown in for good measure