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    The Probation Officer's Cubicle

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    This is a probation training seminar sponsored by CSRA Probation and focused on where a PO spends most of their time - behind a desk and on a computer. There are other areas like the Drug Screening room and the Courthouse but, for the most part, POs are very busy either seeing defendants or documenting their defendant's actions. This seems like a common-sense subject but how should a new PO set up their space? Where should the desk be? Seating should be specific to maintaining control. Equipment and supplies need to be controlled and out of reach of your defendants. Your computer's position is critical so you can view sensitive information confidentially. Your files must be organized and the mail controlled.  The caseload must be managed and the decoration of the office - well, you will be disappointed with your options. This is a training seminar based on Earlene Festervan's work entitled "Survival Guide for New Probation Officers" published by the American Correctional Association in 2000. This is a great field guide to working probation and more about the "How To's" and "Why's" of the PO process than statistics. Please come join us! Be advised, in advance, that anything said can be used for the training process without remuneration. 

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    TIPS to Earn Your CDA Credential

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    IPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. provides an innovative child development associate credential program with a rigorous schedule of courses that integrate 120 Clock Hours of ECE, portfolio support, and test prep. All courses support early care and learning practitioners build foundation and connect theory in practice strategies. Each program provides the opportunities for adult learners to gain early childhood development knowledge through exploration, personal discovery, and self-reflection. Every TIPS Certified instructor emphasizes  strategies and processes involved in understanding early care and learning. Through the course content we create a unique experience to prepare our students to live intelligent, thoughtful, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society with preparation of the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credentialing.
    Home Visitor Credential
    Infant Toddler Credential
    Pre-School Credential
    Family Child Care Credential
    MSA Credential 
    Nursery Peace of Mind Certificate
    Pre-Primary Teacher Training
    Approach Based Teacher Training

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    Recalling and Re-Caring Optometry Patients

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    Strategicalling Recalling Patients
    Targeting Patient Groups

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    Do Women really think men are stupid? Hosted by The Great Charlie Blue Show.

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     Ladies are you stupid if you think so call, if you don't think so call in. Let us know your thoughts on The Great Charlie Show. Tune in @noon everyday.

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    ok i want to start this

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    test 3

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    Dr. Chris L. Hickey, Sr.: Author, Speaker , Trainer, Youth Leadership

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    Dr. Chris L. Hickey, Sr. is the Founder & Executive Director of Each One - Teach One Alliance for Academic Access, Achievement & Success, an organization that focuses on efforts to heighten community awareness of the overwhelming importance of reforming educational practices targeting at-risk youth & conducts Town Halls to clarify issues impacting communities in Southern California & nationwide. He also serves as the Director of Instructional Technology Systems Consultancy (ITSC), a firm that provides full-service technology consulting, planning, & implementation for hospitals; medical clinics; schools; & other instructional settings.  
    Dr. Hickey & his ITSC team provide educational outreach to communities, organizations, churches, & groups on the Affordable Care Act. As Training Consultant, he's responsible for training individuals to be Certified Outreach & Education Specialists for 'Covered California', the state's version of the 2010 Federal Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act.
    He's facilitated 60+ hours of this training, with 300+ individuals, representing 80+ diverse organizations. Topics covered in each training sessions: an overview of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act; Covered California Target Market; Plan Options; Consumer Eligibility; Covered California Certified Educator Role; Compliance Standards; Protecting Consumer Information; Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP); & Supporting Consumers Through their Decision Making.
    Dr.  Hickey is available for Keynotes and Workshops - Nationally and Internationally. Topics Include: Affordable Care Act, Education,, Leadership, Teamwork, Individual and Organizational Performance, Youth Leadership, Parenting, & more. Contact for Booking: 323-945-9851 or Email: Chickey@e1t1.org

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    Grow your Business - overcoming the stumbling blocks to success

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    On the journey to business success there will always be bumps in the road.  How you react to these will determine if they are mere stumbling blocks or if they become reasons to derail.  Have a listen to this short broadcast as Tanya discusses the many "blocks" that came up when creating Grow your Business and how she worked through them in order to achieve success. 

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    Guns, Gun Rights and Gun Control in America! (EP#6)

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    Guns, Gun Rights and Gun Control in America (EP#6)
    Episode # 6
    So as we sit here today, watching and listening to all of the talking heads, late night tv hosts, our misguided Washington politicians, the vicious gun control organizations, our incredibly uninformed media types, along with those ever-growing conspiracy theorists and countless Facebook csi analysts out there, giving their own personal accounts, perspectives and expertise (or lack thereof) of gun laws and gun control measures that America must take, where do most of us law-abiding Gun Owners and Americans chime in at?
    With the most recent tragedy of the Las Vegas Shooting, amongst other reported mass shooting events across America, where does it stop, or where do we begin in order to solve the problem of gun violence here in America?
    So, do we register all of our guns? Do we turn them in? Will our government eventually enact a gun buyback program like Australia did in 1996, thus confiscating over 650,000+ firearms at the cost of $230 Million Dollars to the taxpayers?  No, we do not!!!  So what do we do???
    Of course we all know that the thuglians, the criminals, the terrorists will just lay down their weapons and turn them in alongside us legal gun owners... Right, Dianne Feinstein?  The operative key word here is...NOT!!!
    Join Dan Meadows, host of the TAP3X Radio Show as he discusses "Guns, Gun Rights and Gun Control in America".
    We will have a segment available for guest call-ins that will be announced, as we open up our "TAP3X Live Switchboard" at (646) 716-8716.
    Join us this Friday Evening (October 6, 2017) on our live broadcast at 5:00 pm ET.
    And if you cannot make our live show, be sure to tune in anytime to our On-Demand Podcast!
    Your Host: Dan Meadows (The Shooting Whisperer)
    TAP3X Radio Show - Friday's at 5:00 pm ET