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    Gospel Echo

    in Spirituality

    We echo the Gospel

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    According to our guest, Marian Anthony, Bank executives sold out America and pulled off the biggest financial scam in U.S. History. Anthony, author of SHORT SALE RUSH: A HOW-TO GUIDE FOR NONPERFORMING ASSETS reveals how the housing economy was artificially spiked and the mainstream capital markets were suckered by originating risky loans aimed at minorities (including illegal aliens with undocumented incomes), creating artificial demand with loose credit requirements, and approving "liar loans."

    Now Anthony, who started a nonprofit loan default hotline, is leading a consumer revolution, encouraging qualified buyers to take possession of abandoned homes legally with innovating "substitute mortgages, following the provisions of President Obama's Helping Families Save Their Home Act. Banks have realized a monopoly on both supply and demand, placing Americans in harm's way, and that's not fair," says Anthony. "As a result, millions of innocent bystanders with conservative spending habits have seen their assets, including retirement funds, turn toxic."

    Tune in and learn:
    When will property values hit bottom or go back up?

    How are profits made from the toxic asset market?

    How will the looming Social Security crisis affect housing's future?

    How can the housing and financial markets be fixed?

    Why counter-intuitive federal regularions are making things worse?

    Come and get educated on the REAL DRAMA that is going on behind the nations housing crisis!

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    I AM Willing!

    in Spirituality

    This show is dedicated to all of us who are facing the Unknown, the Unexpected, those who are encountering Change on their particular path. Perhaps it has shown in your health (I myself am a kidney transplant candidate doing daily dialysis). Maybe it is a challenge with a loved one (I am a wife and mother of three children, one who is diagnosed with autism).

    Change in any form can be challenging and unnerving. But when we are willing to allow ourselves to use the innate Divine Power that we all have access to, we can move forward with Peace, Joy, and Empowerment! Join me and find out how to smile through what seems to be impossible!!!

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    Right Glad Tameetcha, Friends!

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to THE PSYCHIC GUILD paranormal, psychic and all around interesting show with Ecumeniste of THEPSYCHICGUILD.COM and a few friends. the cohosts are great readers and astrologers. There be interesting guests talking about everything from all things paranormal including my definitely NOT limited to hauntings, ufos, psychic phenomena, cryptids, different religious beliefs, fortean subjects to alternative healing, authors, entertainers and everything in between!! You'll laugh, You'll cry, get angry and curious but e G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E that you'll never be bored.

    The real draw is that there'll be free accurate mini-readings from a broad variety of readers: Pure directs, Tarot readers, Mediums, Astrologer....You'll always find the readings interesting,accurate and well done!
    There'll be a surprise offer for the listeners of ThePsychicGuild, so tune in and find out what the buzz is all about....

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    Working With "Gifted, Intuitive Children"

    in Spirituality

    Today's children are classified as indigo, rainbow, crystal, autistic or otherwise. It seems as if everyone wants to LABEL our children. What I find, is that most labels are created out of fear and mis-understanding.

    I began communicating with spirits from the time I was about three years old. I had no one in my life to mentor me and explain what I was seeing. My early years were spent in doubt and fear over what I was feeling and experiencing. My heart goes out to children who have similar experiences like my own.

    I choose to work with gifted children and teach them about energy, metaphysics, and other realms so they can see these things without fear or feeling as if they are different, or crazy. I have the unique background of not only having an intuitive childhood, but also parenting three very gifted children of my own. I have a distinct point of view when it comes to sharing my knowledge with children and their parents so it promotes understanding and communication. It is so sad to see a gifted child withdraw from their amazing abilities because of fear and judgment.

    Call in with your questions or comments as we discuss the topic of gifted children.

    Want to know more about spirituality, angels, the paranormal, multi dimensionality and more? Listen to Angel Blessings, with Danielle Garcia, as she speaks on topics involving a wide spectrum of the spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal.

    For more information on Danielle, please visit www.onlineangelblessings.com

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    Im young but im on fire for god

    in Spirituality

    In a culture that's pushing our generation to do this & try that. In a culture where our generation is searching for the truth, but using drugs, alcohol, and sex to find fulfillment & fill that empty void that only God can fill. But in spite of that there's a group; a mass of young ppl that are not afraid to say. ' I love the Lord. He's their everything & Him ONLY do they serve." A group of young ppk who are not ashamed to spread the love of Jesus Christ to a dieing world. On fire & REAL for God & His purpose. Unwilling to compromise what they believe in to please this world. We cry loud & spare not & will not change or water down the truth to pleas men. Without Jesus life is unfruitful in the end. So we say try Jesus & we promise you your life will not be the same!

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    Conexiones del Ser

    in Spirituality

    La CONEXION directa a tus sentidos...

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    The Metaphysics of Money: Why the Rich Have It and You Don't!

    in Spirituality

    Harold discribes the reality of "what is money" and how he lays out an approach to create wealth. The main issue is the super rich understand what money really is and the rest haven't the faintest idea of the truth. If the secret of the essence money was revealed to all there would be no poverty!

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    The EDGE with The Cliff

    in Spirituality

    A safe, comfortable viewing point from which one might get to look what lies beyond...... the box.

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    10/10/10 The return

    in Spirituality

    The Heart of abundance makes it's return with the calendar numbers that are binary for 42, which we all know is the answer to everything. ^_^

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    prophetesscaldwell "The Promise"

    in Spirituality

    spirituality and The truth of Self. understanding "The Promise"