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    I'm Making It Through

    in Spirituality

    Pastor Marshall Hosts True Trinity's Wednesday Corporate Prayer Call, "I'm Making It Through" Live On BlogTalkRadio. Todays Words of Inspiration Guest Speaker: Mother Wilhelmina Coleman

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    Mount Shasta - Speaking to Clare Russell & Carly Gilbert

    in Spirituality

    In this 5 min clip, we talk to Clare Russell and Carly Gilbert to hear more from these two other faciltiators what is calling them to Shasta, and why they feel this is so beneficial for others

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    Readings By Solomon

    in Spirituality

    Offering free readings to all listeners. Each caller gets one question due to lack of airtime. Please be open mined. Must be 18 + to call.

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    Create Your Abundance Now!

    in Spirituality

    We all want abundance.  Abundance in health, wealth, love and joy is a universal desire!  So, why is it so hard to attain?  Why are lack and scarcity the topics and "realities" we talk about, hear about, and so often experience today?  If you want to master the road to abundance, tune into today's show!  Glenda Haines and Psychic Korina Felkers will be discussing the road to abundance.  What you DON'T KNOW is why you still struggle.  Hear what you can do to empower your life and be the master creator of the abundance in life you truly deserve!

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    InnerSpeak NOW - Riz Mirza

    in Spirituality

    Jean Adrienne shares her thoughts on enlightenment, empowerment and healing.

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    I am an Intuitive Psychic Tarot Reader And I receive Divine messages from my Spirit Guides and Arch Angels with over 20 years experience specializing in Relationships,Career, Romance and General Life questions.Please visit my website@ lifetimeguide.2truth.com . I am very accurate, sincere, precise and thorough and straight to the point with my answers. I treat my clients with the utmost respect and I sincerely care about your issues and take them very seriously because I feel Life is a very precious gift! I am very Loyal to my clients and I build long lasting Divinely Loving Relationships. I will lovingly guide and comfort you with your most nearest dearest and intimate life issues. I am hear to share my GOD given gift with you! I am very much looking forward to comforting and guiding you on the right path of your Life's Journey. I wish you much Love and Light! I look forward to speaking with you soon!!  For a more indepth reading please visit my website@ lifetimeguide.2truth.com .

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    FREE Websites for any Church or Ministry

    in Spirituality

    If your church or ministry does not have a website just contact me and will set one up for you. The only thing I ask you to do is get your domain name, I give allot of Free Websites and can not afford to buy Domain Names for all of them. I will get it for you for $12 a year or you can get it from many of the available sites that offer Domain Names
    . . You can see example of Free Church websites and other sites at http://RevesDomain.com
    . Please visit my Audio Daily Scripture site, I built this for my wife but needed to share with everyone. http://RevesDomain.com/Bible Please leave me a comment about what you think of it and if you have any ideas to improve it.
    . For more information you can contact me at (256) 593-0254 or email at Webmaster@RevesDomain.com

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    Dead to Sin

    in Spirituality

    Romans 6
    Even you, today, can become Dead to Sin!

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    in Spirituality

    Solutions talks about today’s real financial issues and spiritual virtue.  As we transform into a moral and prosperous society we come of age in a day of understanding love.  Prosperity is not just about money, it is about taking your soul on the journey of purpose.  

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    THE COSMIC TAROT 7pm Pacific / 8pm Mountain

    in Spirituality

    FRI-DAY-NIGHT-DAWNING!  Hop into the Q to speak with DAWN...she will give you a snapshot of your NOW  vibration and a snapshot of your NEXT vibration!  This is very transformative!  You may reach her for a personal @ auroralenora@yahoo.com.

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    The Keys to Financial Freedom with Barbara Hofmeister

    in Spirituality

    In continuance with our indpendence month theme, Join me for in depth interview with world-famous motovational speaker and aurthor  Barbara Hofmeister. Tired of feeling blocked when it comes to you're money? Wanting to live a better, more postive life? On tonight's show find out how as Barbara and I will be taking you're calls, questions and comments. It's going to be a great show.
                     About Barbara Hofmeister
    Barbara Hofmeister is a refugee from Communist Germany and knows first hand what it is like to be living in adverse circumstances. Severely abused and with low self-esteem she set out to live her personal dream traveling the world sharing what she learned from the “University of Hard Knocks” with a wide audience.
    Barbara became involved in her own personal development in 1978 when a friend gave her a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer and she has not stopped since to further her knowledge on the topic.
    Her never ending enthusiasm and passion for her work shine through every presentation she gives. You will not be able to stay untouched as Barbara has a way reaching deep inside of you so that you can rediscover your hidden dreams and – if you so choose live your life’s true purpose.
    Barbara uses a practical step by step approach that allows ANYBODY to move towards their dream life.
    “I come from behind the Berlin Wall. Tragically most people build their own Berlin Wall for ‘protection’ but in reality they are imprisoning themselves. I want to change that and make it my first priority to help people tear down that Berlin Wall in order to be able to live their full potential."
    Note: Readings will Not Be given tonight.