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    Wealthy Wednesday w/ Becky Benes, BBA, MPS

    in Self Help

    Becky Benes is a visionary and a catalyst for change.  She is a master in the art of selling and marketing while maintaining authenticity and balance.  She inspires executives and entrepreneurs to live their dreams teaching tried and true techniques to:
    Breakthrough Marketing and Money Barriers into a Six-Figure Plus Incomes
    Masterfully Increase Sales and Leverage your Time
    Creatively Market and Expand your Business
    Transform Your Sales Force into Happy, Productive and Collaborative Teams.
    Balance your Personal Life with your Business Dreams and Desires
    Discover Your Authentic Brand and Live a Life of Purpose and Prosperity
    Becky uses her gifts of wisdom, experience and seeing what others don’t to guide her clients into making their dreams realities. She gently yet firmly transforms all aspects of your life and business from one of mediocrity to one of inspiration, excellence, joy and success.
    Becky holds a Bachelor of Business Administration; a Masters of Pastoral Studies with a focus in Spiritual Direction; and is a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach.  For over 23 years, Becky has worked with and trained countless entrepreneurs and executives to transform their lives and achieve ultimate success in their business.
            www.BeckyJBenes.com and www.OhMyChocolate.net

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    30 Minutes of Mojovation: Chris Anderson, Fundraising!

    in Goals

    My guest will be Chris Anderson, Executive Director of the Wolf Education and Research Center in Winchester, Idaho.           Chris will share how and why he integrated the innovative and heartfelt Fundraising With SOCcess program into the WERC strategic fund development plan in 2012. He'll tell his success story about how it increased WERC's donor base, donation frequency and total annual revenue! Chris is also going to share how WERC is leveraging FWS in 2013 AND provide great tips for YOUR organization and how to become a Fundraising With SOCcess partner! Tune in on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 11PM Eastern. Invite nonprofit organizations to listen and call in to the LIVE show with questions and comments (347) 850-1634.

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    Addiction And Child Abuse Healing With Jim Heaney

    in Self Help

    Jim Heaney the critically acclaimed author of Divine Child: evil vs. the angels of Stony Island interviews "When is Strong Strong Enough?" by Souraya Christine. 

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    Achieving Goals

    in Goals

    This week we will have a discussion about setting goals and achieving goals.  You do not want to miss this show.
    Enjoy the journey with me.
    Dr. Corey

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    Putting Yourself First

    in Self Help

    We welcome the second week of April and focus on a meditation to heal the self, as way to driving you forward and understanding where the feelings of lack or frustration might be centered.

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    Detailing the Livingroom

    in Self Help

    Renee is attempting something that should more than likely never be tried. That's right Renee is detailing her livingroom while doing a live show. Several listeners wanted it so now you got it. Will she is done in time? Will she break anything? Will she find something to fling? Will her kids wake up while she is cleaning?  Guess you will have to listen to find out!!

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    The 12 Most Important Relationship Secrets for Dads

    in Relationships

    Luzemily interviews her Marriage and Family Therapist grad-dad in a revealing episode on the 12 most important relationships secrets that every dad must know now.  (No call-ins for this show :-)  You will take your relationship to the next level when you listen in to this message.

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    More Chapters from Losing the Scarlet Letter

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    Sam reads "My Father" and "Shame Starts Early"; and we interview one of our super-valuable volunteers.
    Here is some content from "Shame Starts Early":
    It would be good to be able to say, “The past has lost its power”, but that is easier said than done.  In order to overcome your past, you need to be able to identify your past, to name the abuses, and decide how to stop being a victim of those abuses.
    Nobody sexually abused me or held my hand over an open flame until it charred.  The abuse was much more subtle than that.  It would be easy if one could confront an abuser My father abused me in ways that I believe he will never admit.  It started early and it never stopped.  My father’s jokes were about how fat I was or how loud I was; or he made jokes to make me feel uncomfortable with the opposite sex. 
    And the rest of the family just ran with it.  Well, there wasn’t really much of a rest of a family at that time – there was my mother and my sister.  But my family created a mythology for me.  They created a role.  And they were prepared to stick with that role, the story of who I was, and I was supposed to just live with that role, I was supposed to be a fat awkward kid who got spanked a lot, because the rest of the family was generally exasperated with him.

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    Spice Up Your Love Life

    in Self Help

    Sometimes in our relationship, along the way, we lose that burning desire for our significatnt other, and for most of us, it's a real struggle in rekindling that flame. So, today I will be discussing the issues that may have brought about the disconnect and ways in which you can rekindle that flame!

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    WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition

    in Relationships

    The needs of men and the perception of manhood are rarely hosted by men in healthy forums. When Men Speak's purpose is to do just that...to improve the quality of relationships between men and woman through healthy, inspiring dialogue.
    From the Facebook page of the same name comes the bi-weekly Blog Talk Radio program: "WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition."
    Tune in to our next live broadcast on Saturday, April 6, 2013 from 10-10:30 a.m.(EST) when hosts James W. Falcon & LaVerna Saunders examine the topic, "When Men Cheat."  Tune in to get educated and to be informed.  You'll be glad you did.

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    Understanding Relationships with Mary Miller

    in Relationships

    On this episode of Secrets of Dating and Relationship Success Gloria MacDonald of Perfect Partners talks to author, educator and researcher Mary Miller, director of I Ching Systems.

    You’ll learn about repeating the same patterns in relationships even though you change partners.

    They discuss personality traits and compatibility.

    You’ll find out about sexual compatibility and incompatibility.