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    Alan Boyle & Tom Jones • Celebrating Asteroid Day

    in Science

    Former NASA astronaut and planetary scientist Tom Jones and Alan Boyle preview Asteroid Day, an occasion that highlights the threats and opportunities posed by near-Earth objects. Scores of Asteroid Day events are scheduled around the world on Tuesday,  which marks the 107th anniversary of the 1908 Tunguska asteroid explosion. Jones is the chairman of the Committee on Near-Earth Objects of the Association of Space Explorers, a supporter of Asteroid Day and signerr of the 100X Declaration. 

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    in Energy

    We are observing, I would say , the most interesting SHOCKING EVENTS in the history of the Universe..
    Join the Shift Show for amazing POSITIVE INFORMATION !

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    The Falcon Project, a discussion for the Bigfoot Forums

    in Science

    William Barnes, founder of the Falcon Project, shares his passion for the venture that he spent the last
    7 years of his life getting off the ground. His steady hand at the helm and dogged determination is putting a team
    of 20 individuals into the field this spring to begin the largest long term research effort of it's kind toward the discovery
    of the creature known commonly as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.

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    Mormonism and Brainwashing, A Conversation with Author Luna Lindsey

    in Science

    This week we'll be discussing Mormonism and Brain Washing with Luna Lindsey, author of Recovering Agency: Lifting the Veil of Mormon Mind Control. Luna is a former member of the LDS and now outspoken critic who helps others leave the church and discover the truth about its tactics. 

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    Awareness strategies: What I resist, persists. Carl Jung.

    in Psychology

    If nothing changes, nothing changes. Change your thinking, change your life. Personal transformation specifically  designed strategies  for work/life balance engendering  how to be commited to change and  not consumed by ambition.
    It is essential to de-stress the mind/body connection; otherwise known as mindfulness:  How to manage time and emotions to ensure the success of  longterm life changes!  

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    What do North Carolina voters think about clean energy?

    in Energy

    Ivan Urlaub is Executive Director of the NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) and founder and Board member of the NC Clean Energy Business Alliance (NCCEBA).  Ivan joined NCSEA as its first Policy Director in February 2005, and has served as Executive Director since January 2006.  During his tenure, NCSEA has grown its budget from $80,000 to $2.3 million, grown membership from 345 to more than 2,500 members, and strategically diversified, expanded and strengthened NCSEA’s programs and impact.
    Under his leadership, NCSEA convenes and advocates for a clean energy path that will result in net savings for all North Carolina ratepayers, maintain a financially stable and reliable utility, and ensure a globally and regionally competitive energy industry that benefits all of North Carolina.  He has consistently employed a systemic and incremental strategic vision that intends to align the needs of consumers, the clean energy industry, utilities and government to achieve this.
    In a public policy capacity, Ivan was NCSEA’s lead lobbyist for six years helping over 70 energy efficiency, renewable energy, high performance building and permitting, and energy finance bills become law while also serving as Executive Director.  Ivan led the design, study, and co-led the lobbying and negotiation of Senate Bill 3 in 2007, creating the first Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard in the Southeast. Ivan’s work has helped create and lead our state’s energy market transformation, most recently enabling $3.7 billion in annual industry revenues and 18,400 North Carolina jobs in 2013.

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    CPS in Haninge, Sweden

    in Psychology

    Dr. Greene's guest on today's program is Tuija Lehtinen, a school psychologist in Haninge, Sweden, who is currently overseeing a project in which the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model is being implemented in all 16 public schools, with children aged 6-16. Tuija filled is in on how her school system has organized the effort, along with some of the bumps in the road so far.

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    Ep 89 - New Mallincam products, CloudyNights facelift, AstroLIVE, Jupiter GRS

    in Science

    New Mallincam products, and some significant changes to their existing lineup.
    AstroLive turns your CCD into a real-time observing tool
    CloudyNights.com gets a facelift
    New heavy-duty mount from Orion
    My initial impressions of the SBIG STi Autoguider
    Jupiter GRS and Shadow Transtit times for the second half of March

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    On Non-Black Sexual Partners w/ CREE

    in Psychology

    This broadcast will be simulcast on the CREE Seven venue, hosted by Cree. It was inspired by the last episode (Can I Be Heard: Tragic Arrangements!) airing there on 3-13-14 . After listening to the thoughtful commentary of the callers and host on that episode regarding the coupling of black people with non-black people who are generally/usually not considered white by persons who function, at all times, as black, i.e "undeniably black," Cree decided to express her views on the matter and, hopefully, clarify and refine the logic on the matter. These views held by Cree will not be entirely new to those who have listened to previous broadcasts on her venue regarding a calculus/definition of who is white and who is not white.. These views differ from that published in the United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Textbook/Workbook for Victims of Racism (white Supremacy) by Neely Fuller, Jr..  When possible, emotions should match conscious logic. And, when they cannot, if logic is not given priority, it is Cree's judgement that the exchange of views should be halted. This an an exploration as to how long an exchange of views on thos matter can be conducted with these rules of engagement. Monday, March 16, 2014 @ 7PM Pacific/9PM Central/10PM Eastern/ 2AM UK. Call-in#: (646) 668-2462
    ***Please Note*** CREE made a few statements tha she believes are inaccurate and has asked to amend them. Broadcast Amendending Inaccurate Statements w/ CREE (aired 3/20/14) is the program where you can fine the correction of the statements. 

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    Success starts with good communication

    in Psychology

    The holidays bring universal traditions and family connections with personal reflection.  Communication between individuals of the same culture, even the same family, can be challenging.
     And, communication between those of different cultures is even more challenging. Misunderstandings can be merely humorous or quite dramatic, and can thwart business from moving forward.
     Whether you work within an American business that has international staff, or you are trying to break into the global marketplace in another country, understanding cultural differences can teach you how to interact and not react!
     Culture impacts business. A global mindset is necessary for success in today's world.  All this from expert Harriet Russell