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    Smells like conspiracy, The death of Kurt Cobain

    in Science

    This week we take a step away from ghost to talk conspiracy,  infact the death of Kurt Cobain. Questions have surrounded the death of the Nirvana frontman since the day his body was found, and have yet to be answered. For the next two weeks Joel and Michael break into their former YouTube channel valts to talk about a Conspiracy they investigated for almost a year, and talk about the shocking problems they found when they dived head first into the death of Kurt Cobain. Do you have a question or have a idea for a show? would you like to be a guest? you can find us on FaceBook, Google or Twitter subscribe and download our podcast on Itunes, stitcher or podcast addict or follow us right here on blogtalk radio

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    Analysts expect final GOP tax bill will throttle renewable energy

    in Energy

    Host: Ronald Bethea
    Dive Brief:
    Last minute changes to the Senate tax cut bill passed on Friday could have a negative effect on the growth of renewable energy projects, industry analysts confirmed to Utility Dive Monday.  
    The Senate bill passed with little change to a base corporate tax provision that would make tax credits, a mainstay of renewable energy financing, less valuable. The bill passed by the Senate also included the last-minute incorporation of a minimum corporate tax that analysts say also could limit the growth of renewable energy.
    The Senate bill now goes to conference where differences with the House tax cut bill passed last month will need to be resolved. At least some of the provisions harmful to clean energy are expected to survive the conference, analysts said.
    In a last minute markup on Thanksgiving eve, the Senate finance committee inserted the Base Erosion Anti-Abuse Tax (BEAT) provision. The aim of the provision is to make it harder for corporations to dodge taxes by backing out tax credits from the calculations used to determine tax rates.
    The BEAT provision would make the production tax credit (PTC) favored by wind power developers and the investment tax credit (ITC) used for solar power projects less appealing to the multi-national corporations that dominate the tax equity market. That would create uncertainty in the market for financing many renewable energy deals.
    Four trade organizations – the American Council on Renewable Energy, the American Wind Energy Association, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, and the Solar Energy Industries Association – responded with a letter last week urging the Senate to create a carve-out for renewable energy.

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    Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse

    in Psychology

    Leading psychologist Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder and director of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources joins us today to discuss his book Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse. Dr. Jantz will discuss the often-overlooked issue of emotional abuse. He will explain exactly what defines emotional abuse, how surprisingly common the problem is, how silence can be abuse, and why people who have been abused tend to minimize that abuse. He will help listeners come to a better understanding of themselves and their abuser.
    To identify emotional abuse in your own life, go to Jeannie’s blog before you listen and test yourself on the Signs of Emotional Abuse from Dr. Jantz’s book. http://jeanniestjohntaylor.blogspot. com/ 
    Contact Dr. Jantz at www.aplaceofhope.com or www.DrGregoryJantz.com

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    In The Souls Waiting Room: Ashes to Ashes, Stardust to Stardust

    in Environment

    KEEPER: (PAUSE … gently.) I really thought you understood, Jeff. You’ve just had an awakening. Your story just changed. That’s a disorienting event. You’re asking what’s the hope of trying if in the end it’s all going to be destroyed? Is that right?
    INTERVIEWER: (PAUSE) I think what I’m asking is why some of us are trying so hard if the outcome is already written. That’s what I’m asking. This feels like a betrayal, Keeper; that device we keep talking about.
    KEEPER: Oh no. Not a betrayal. In fact, all life as you know has been entrusted to you.
    This is the final season one episode of In The Souls Waiting Room.  

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    Renewable Technologies Project w/ WILLIAM FRANCIS II

    in Energy

    Special Guest: William Francis ll : Antigua and Barbuda,Caribbean
    Free World Trade INC- USA
    Host: Nigist:Miami,USA
    Co-Host: David D. Miles:Texas,USA
     Real RADIO Talk w/NIGIST* Tuesday, June 20th @ 7-9pm EST. Call in @ 602-753-1917 ; To talk about a major Renewable Energy project in which our Guest,William Francis ll is involved.The project will benefit Africa, the Caribbean,  South Asia and many other countries by providing Unlimited Fresh Water Resources, Clean Energy and Power and Cellular Connectivity. Stay Tuned and be connected with Real RADIO Talk for more innovation on Sustainable & Clean Living.  

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    Dark Wisdom Discussions: What is this all about?

    in Energy

    Dark Wisdom Discussion: What is Dark Wisdom
    For Consults Sign up here: http://store.thegoddessnetworks.com/products/consultations

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    Moorish Moorish Science Sks Durriyyah Bey Birth Right Theft

    in Science

    Come all ye Asiatics of America and hear the truth about your nationality and birthrights. No you are not negros, colored folks, black people, afro americans, african americans, ethiopians, coons, shines or jiggaboos. You have a nationality and Birthright come and share in this topic with under the divinity of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. 
    Birth Right Theft by virtue of the corrupt 14th amendment used to convert Nature peoples inalienable rights into crimes.
    Foreign Commercial traffic courts used as auction blocks for corrupt minimal gangsters via The Black Codes  
    Gsks: Durriyyah Bey, GSK:Taj Tarik Bey, Sis: Anaid El
    You can purchase the Book
    Birthrights Resurgere today at 50% off code BR 090212 Remember the gifts of the understanding are the treasures of Allah and he appointed everyone his portion it what measure seems good unto himself. Share your portion with us here at nXphase Records talk radio.To join in or ask questions please Call us at 646-478-5157 
    Sister Anaid El

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    Changing Channels: Understanding Your Vibration Frequencies|Guest Henry Haney

    in Energy

    Most of us reflect often on how time has sped up. The days seem to be getting shorter without giving much thought to the concept of time. The concept of time, Our energies, are illusions given to Us for the purpose of control. There is so much about Us as a People that has been lost.
    Each of Us is a mass of energy and Our bodies, a unique Universe. The hair of Indigenous Peoples is like the coils of DNA strains, the body’s code tied to the Universe is Our antennas.  NOW is the time for each of Us to open up the portals of which We were born with, innately, so that We could prepare for the phenomena awaiting Us.
     Join Niecey LaShelle and co-host, Thugangel, on “Mocha Masseuse Talk Back” as we welcome our special guest, Henry Haney for this segment, ‘Understanding your vibration frequencies, reconnecting, realignment, and maneuvering through distractions which are meant to keep You disconnected’.
    ‘Mocha Masseuse Talk Back’ airs Wednesday nights, 9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST. To listen to the show, call (646) 787-8474. Press (1) to be added to cue and join in on the conversation to ask questions or share your comments. We’ll call the last 4 digits of your number, reference Skype or Anonymous callers if that’s you, or you could join the discussion in the chat room on blogtalkradio.com/theghettotruthmagazineinstereo
    *** Disclaimer: The topics on ‘Mocha Masseuse’ are expressed as opinions only. No legal or professional advice is given on the show forum. The journey and pursuit of Truth and facts is the responsibility of each individual through their own discovery.

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    The Like Button: What does it really mean? - Daniel Burgess

    in Psychology

    Discussing the power of the like button and the impact it has on this generation and multi generations. 

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    Astronomer Rachael Roettenbacher

    in Science

    On the next podcast, we talk with astronomer Rachael Roettenbacher, who was awarded the 2017 Olivier Chesneau Prize for her doctoral thesis entitled “Shifting the Starspot Paradigm through Imaging Magnetic Structures and Evolution” where Rachael studied starspots on Zeta Andromedae. The Olivier Chesneau Prize commemorates astronomer Olivier Chesneau and is awarded for the best PhD thesis in High Angular Resolution Astronomy. 
    Rachael is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm University in Sweden and obtained her PhD at the University of Michigan. We interview Rachael at Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Rachael discusses her career path, her work in imaging the surfaces of spotted stars and more. 

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