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    How to Identify a Dysfunctional Man

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    Many relationships are dead before they even get started.  That is because women choose men that are not ready or fit for a loving relationship.  Learn how to identify these losers and stay away from them. 
    Join the regular Black Woman Guide to Love team of Shawn Hill, author of The Single Black Woman's Guide to Dating, Patrick Bishop, author of the Way of the Scarecrow,  and Gwen Owens of the http://www.relationshipsstartwithyou.com blog as we answer these questions and more.
    Make sure to tell your friends, sisters and mom to tune into the show.  Like us on Facebook at http://blackwomanlove.com 

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    The Other Double Standards That Women Don't Protest.

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    It has been my experience that women hate sexual double standards. Men are Pimps and women are Hoes. That's simply the way it is. I find it strange that I never hear women protesting the double standards that benefit women. So we will be talking about this topic tonight.   

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    How to Be In Love EVERY DAY!

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    Everyone wants to be in love, but no one wants to get hurt. Tune in to find out how you can be in love everyday for the rest of your life! This is a power-packed episode that will get your love engines running just in time for Valentine's Day.
    When life isn't happening the way we want it to, it means we are in a rut. Nancy at Noon is a 30 minute radio program to help you improve your health, increase energy and create the life YOU want! WE discuss food, health, spirituality, relationships and everything in between.
    If you have questions, please send them to nancy@nancyatnoon.com and maybe they will be answered live on air!  For more information visit http://nancyatnoon.com for fascinating blog posts, weight loss CD's, self-help books and more!

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    3 Wise Men Rotating Panel Discussion: "Interracial Dating"

    in Romance

    The Wise Men are back! Kim, Melissa and LsTarsha are talking with the men about interracial dating.  Join us at 8:00pm CST on Monday August 20th for "INTERRACIAL DATING: A Black Man's Perspective"
    Twitter: @threewisewomenorg

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    Healing Separation to Move into Union in Relationships

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    We can't move into union without knowing what separation is.  It is necessary to know what the patterns have been for so many years within our relationships, patterns that we may have been unconsciously participating in, so that we can let them fall away.  Awareness is one of the most powerful tools that we can give ourselves within our relationships so that we can fully experience the bliss and happiness in our relationships, and welcome in on all levels our divine spiritual partner, without any fear but total and complete surrender to delving into the deep love that is our divine brithright.
    Such glorious, sweet, unconditional, limitless love awaits you to profoundly embrace you and create you anew into the highest form of yourself that you can imagine, even beyond your capacity to imagine.
    The masculine is enhanced by the feminine, and the feminine enhanced by the masculine. We truly do need each other to completely balance nature, for it is natural that the sun shines upon the earth and the earth welcomes the warmth of the sun.  Let us shine together and welcome each other to heal the wounds that separation has caused.

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    Ten Steps to Becoming Celibate.

    in Romance

    Celibacy is the voluntary abstention from sexual intercourse. Fornication is consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other. The bible says to flee fornicaion which means remain celibacy until you get married. Now, you may say, "I want to be celibate and honor God with my body but I just don't know how!" Or you may say,  "I don't know anyone that can do that!"  or "I want to stop fornicating but it's just so hard, figuratively and literally." So, I'm going to discuss with you tonight that it is possible to get delivered out of  bondage and have victory in this area of your life. I will give you 10 steps that have been proven by me to work. I did all ten of these steps and I have been celibate for 4 and a half years. Alot of the steps I continue to do even to this day, thereby never becoming overly confident that I have made it and fall as a result. Listen tonight as I expalin how I used these ten steps to become free on sexual bondage.

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    Gary Brodsky Rules Live - call in show

    in Romance

    Seduction talk, dating secrets, mind control, social engineering revealed and a whole lot of fun.

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    How You Can Benefit From Hiring A Wedding Planner

    in Romance

    ‘Tis the season to get engaged and for our last broadcast in 2011, Jeannie Uyanik will dish on if and why you should hire a wedding planner.  What to ask, how to interview a wedding planner or a wedding planning firm and how to arrive at a decision of hiring one.  If you think you need one but are not sure what they do, then listen in live at noon for our special show on Wedding Planners, a topic we claim to know a lot about!  You decide!  Send in your questions in advance as we will be answering them live on air.  
    Visit us at C&G Weddings! 

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    Falashio & Cunnillingus- How To Give Great Head Tips

    in Romance

    Falashio & Cunnillingus- How To Give Great Head Tips.
     Are you a newbie or simply can't give good head for nothing in the world? Let me give you some good head ideas and tips to help you out. Learn how to last longer getting head and giving it to.


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    The Return of Phatty Gyrlz Radio....SUPER SOAKING WET

    in Romance

    The Return of Phatty Gyrlz Radio with Kristyle Passion and FYE HEAD Bird from Miami. This show is guaranteed to get you wet....I'm talking HURRICANE KATRINA wet!!!

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    Coloring Outside the Lines of Monogamy

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    We accept the fact that sex has the potential to strengthen bonds, enhance lives and expand our awareness of "self" and with the person we share the gift of sexual intimacy. But, why is it so difficult to accept the notion of people and couples choosing to engage in mutually consensual secondary sexual relationships? Why isn’t it conceivable that these types of relationships may be a positive and health alternative for some people? In addition, are more couples forgoing traditional relationships and seeking out “Open” lifestyles or more? Let’s chat about your views surrounding monogamy and examine the ways in which “Coloring Outside the Lines of Monogamy” may be a detriment or benefit to the traditional style of Love, Committed Relationships and Marriage