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    Ahren Sanders

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    We have Ehren Sanders! Yay!! 
    You know what to do, bring your drink, your chat fingers, and get ready for some fun.
    Join Laurrie and Jettie Friday April 15th at 8 pm eastern,

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    Men Like to Chill, but Women Want a Thrill (How We Communicate)

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    As human, we have the most complexed system of Communicating on the planet.  So much gets lost in translation that it amazing that we have existed together this long.  Women say one thing, but mean another.  Men try to get a point across with as few words as possible.  There is truly a breakdown in communication between males and females, husbands and wives and girlfriends and boyfriends that needs further exploration and explanation.  Join me for this intriguing conversation about communication in a relationship on this broadcast of Truthful Tuesday.  I promise to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

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    teddy love test

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    Teddy Love is host of the Teddy Love Show, call-in blog talk radio program which features his short monologues on dating, relationships, sex, and marriage as well as his responses to callers' requests for personal advice. Teddy Love’s answers have been variously characterized as direct, wise, to-the-point, and with love and humor. School of Dating said that his show, "preaches, teaches, andexplains, the whole area of sex and relationships.” Taylor previously utilized his platform as a stand-up comedian with National Security of the World (NSW) along with the radio show to help teach his messages. Lately he’s concentrated his efforts as a dating and relationship coach and on authoring a book about dating, sex, and love.

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    Because F**k It

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    I've bitched, and moaned and been extremely frustrated with the dating world but now it's time to just accept what is and move on. Everything happens in it's own time and when it is meant to...if you believe that kind of thing! And if not, Katie is here to help put things into perspective! 
    Guest host: Katie McDonough - the BFF! 

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    A Conversation with Alexyss K. Tylor: Looking For Love

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    We look for love from a romantic partner. “I need to find someone to complete me” is a common lament [of] single women, and even from men. Yet no one can complete you but YOU!
    We look for love from friends and family. “I do so much for everyone in my life yet I feel used and taken for granted.” We chase love in many directions yet rarely feel fulfilled.  http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lessonsfromarecoveringdoormat/2011/01/looking-for-love-in-all-the-wrong-places.html#ixzz404FKARaj
    Alexyss K. Tylor is going to join us on the show to help us understand how to get the love we all want and need. Hold on to your seats!! She is going to keep it real and raw as only she can. Call in to join the conversation and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! Call in at 657-383-1999. https://www.facebook.com/dontbiteyourtonguestl/

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    Cashhard Radio

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    Jus talk

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    Bedroom etiquette..when to spice up the bedroom and how?

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    let's get right to the Freak ish.  When do you let your partner know that you are a straight freak? and when is a good time to go beyond what you guys have already encountered with each other, and add that spice to the bedroom?  What are some of the best ways?....Can you ever go too far?....Every one wants a three some right?....or nah? lol Call in and let us know your opinion on "bedroom etiquette".  Then doctor will be in!!              Call 6467164983 or tune in http://tobtr.com/s/8158963
    This should be fun..lol

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    So we are back again to discuss this phenomenal weekend!!!  Join our very special guests, Brion and Karen Craig, co-founders of “Love, Sex and Intimacy Retreats” as we share some of the amazing experiences that took place at this powerful retreat: “THE ART OF SACRED SEXUALITY”   Also appearing on the show will be:
    “Jason Hairston” - Sexuality Beyond Objectification....
     “Riziki El” - Womb Wellness....
    “Jay Honors English” - Opening the Heart Chakra....
    “Milayo Negesti” - Making Love Faces; Yoni Massage....
    “Maisha Hudson” - The Alchemy of the Orgasm:  Harnessing Your Sexual Energy to Create an Orgasmic Life....
     “JB Harding” - Sensual Massage Demonstration.   

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    Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

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    Party Smart - The first place to start when planning your Wedding, Anninversry, Baby Shower, Graduation, Milestone Birthday & More! 
    With Engagement Season underway we are dishing all the need to know information on how to pull off an unforgettable wedding on ANY budget !! 
    You are the maestro and this is your day your way !    
    Tonight's Topic:  Selecting the Perfect Wedding Dress. Join us as we share tips on choosing the perfect wedding dress for your shape, size and Unique Features! 
    Tonight's Spotlight Vendors :
    Face Glam by Mimi Sinclair - Central Fl MUA  Food & Beverages  Jazzy Tastings  Rentals  Longwood Wedding & Party Rentals  Photography  R & R Studios  Event Planning & Coordination  Springette Events  
    We are excited about the list of guest appearances scheduled for our listeners over the next coming months! 
    Let's Get Ready, Get Set , Go!
    Throwing a party to remember can be as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !
    Dont forget to share Party Smart with your friends on Facebook! 

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    The Living Room

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    Join us as we enjoy love songs from the past and talk about Godly relationships.