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    Men Like to Chill, but Women Want a Thrill (How We Communicate)

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    As human, we have the most complexed system of Communicating on the planet.  So much gets lost in translation that it amazing that we have existed together this long.  Women say one thing, but mean another.  Men try to get a point across with as few words as possible.  There is truly a breakdown in communication between males and females, husbands and wives and girlfriends and boyfriends that needs further exploration and explanation.  Join me for this intriguing conversation about communication in a relationship on this broadcast of Truthful Tuesday.  I promise to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

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    Do's and Dont's in the Dating Game

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    You every wondered what to do or what not to do when dating or getting To know soneone?? Well tune in this evening at 11pm as The Ruthless Vato and company goes in on The #BreakDown. 
    Also call in as we would love to hear from you on what you expect in the dating game. 

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    Sexy Talk

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    As you listen to the smooth, sultry, sensual, sexy sounds I want to take you back to the first time you made love with the one you're with... the first time he touched you there... the first time she touched you there.. The first kiss... ... the first time you felt his tongue... the first time you felt her tongue... the first orgasm... I want you to feel it as you reminisce on those memories... I want you to make new memories... I want you to feel it as you reminisce on those fantasies you made come true... I want you to create new fantasies...and I want you to call in and talk about those memories, those fantasies, and those realities...This is 'Sexy Talk'

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    Interacial relationshils

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    Interracial relationships and marriages are no longer illegal but Americans still have issues they face everyday when being in relationships with the opposite race and typically with their own people

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    Colee Royce Broadcasts LIVE from Broadway to the Runway!

    in Romance

    Join Colee Royce as he gives you the 411 on the start of Fashion Week in Chicago!! He will be Broadcasting LIVE from Broadway to the Runway TODAY starting at 7pm right here on Blog Talk Radio!
    Find out the LATEST on Fashion week as you tune in and listen to the FABULOUS Guests that will be in attendance! So kick-off your Chicago Fashion Week with Colee Royce! ...this is sure to be a memorable episode!
    Monday, October 13, 2014
    Show Time: 5pm (Pacific) ~ 7pm (Central) ~ 9pm (Eastern)
    Call-in Number: 718-766-4343 - Press 1 if you have a comment and/or question for the Host or Co-Hosts. 
    You can also listen LIVE on any wireless device by clicking the link attached. NOTE: Your best Internet Browser for Blog Talk Radio is: Chrome, Firefox or Safari (on your wireless device) Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ms-jewcee/2014/10/14/colee-royce-broadcasts-live-from-broadway-to-the-runway

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    I love a Woman Who....!!

    in Romance

    I love a Woman who..This episode is dedicated to sharing things that I love about a woman. It incldues all aspects of beauty, intelligence, and personality. Join me ladies as I divulge information only privy to the Ms.Forever lady. The hunt continues, you don't want to miss this episode!!

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    Don't Talk Just Listen with GrownFolksCity

    in Romance

    Let's get it on with some sexual healing and get our freak on~
    A don't talk just listen episode #1 
    Three of my favorite songs from the best 
    GrownFolksCity is building A brand Please be patient and
    whatever you do  Please  don't miss out on what's to come 
    Coming soon Live pod cast  Live Episodes Never seen before videos Reality TV Reenactment  Reality TV gossip? And much more coming soon on GrownFolksCity.com

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    No Butts About It: Fundamentals of Enjoyable and Safe Anal Play-Part 2

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    At the end of my previous broadcast I briefly touched on the topic of the He-Spot or P-Spot and anal play benefits for the fellas. This week I will go into more detail about the prostate gland, where it is, what is does and how stroking it the right way will bring him to the best orgasm of his life!!! So, join me, right here on the live broadcast online or dial-in with your questions. You can also email me at ThePassionFilledLife@gmail.com with your personal questions you want addressed during the show. I look forward to seeing or hearing from you on the next show!!!
    Ms. Vee

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    Dinner and Conversation with The G.I.N. BOYz

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    Chef De serves up a delicious four corse meal while he and his guests discuss what's going on in the world today.
    Tonight Steve Jones Watson joins Chef De from the G.I.N. BOYz to talk about interracial relationships.
    Great food and great conversation with great people.
    Dinner and Conversation with The G.I.N. BOYz

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    An evening with Mr Romance

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    Tonights guest is  Peter Finch
    Peter came to Canada in 1973 after working as a Chef in London, England after working at many
    prestigious locations such as Claridges Restaurant and The Lord Mayors Residence where he
    served such guests as the Queen, Frank and Nancy Sinatra and Aristola Onassis.
    He migrated to Canada where he continued as an Executive Chef at venues such as The Old Mill,
    Lambton Golf and Country Club, as well as Richards. Richards was a venue in Mississauga
    where many singles ate and danced the night, but closed many years ago.
    He also became an entrepreneur in which he created a chocolate rose business. A romantic item
    that was a very special gift at Valentines.

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    Speed Dating, Internet, or Blind. The Dating Debate. ??Romancing Joe's FLIRT 101

    in Romance

    ????Welcome to the Jungle Baby... Skip The Music 6 Minutes in! Enjoy the Show????
    ~Where's The Love?...
    Is love in the air waves, across the table holding a pencil, or hidden behind your best girlfriend~ waiting to meet you promptly this Friday night?... Where do we look for love, better yet, where Should we look for love? Can You Fall In Love Over The Internet? Case Study Says.... Call in or Listen to Find Out. Special guest Johnny and Joe herself will discuss, laugh and come to an agreement on the Best way to find that Crazy little Thing Called LoVe.We will also have a special on Flirting with style... Cookies and Champagne shall be served.... Tickle Your LoVe Life. Dare Ya. Visit us Online @ http://www.romancingjoecompany.comCall Our Office @ 417-655-7520 Visit Us On Facebook...Contest, Coupons and Advice... https://www.facebook.com/romancingjoe
    **Tech Difficulties~Please Start 9 minutes into the show! Thanks!**