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    Dating Today With Fernando Uribe-Tuesday February 14, 2017

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    Happy Valentine's Day! Coming up this evening, I will share my insight for the ladies as to what signs to look out for that definitely tell you he's already in love with you! Tune in!

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    Part 2 the castration of the male soul. Total freed

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    You may not be ready for a man like this.

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    Love talk Relstionships

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    Interview with Kira Reed

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    Kira Reed Playboy personality, producer, and webmistress of KiraReed.com. Also, my guest host will be DT

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    Special Guest Ryan Roy Accountability Coach

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    Next On Ladies Tell All Show Hosted by Cassie Gainey & Jennah Simpkins Thursday Night August 11, 2016 @9pm eastern @8pm central @6pm pacific Special Guest: Mr Ryan Roy, who is an Accountability Coach will be in the "Ladies Tell All" studio talking about how he help people in there businesses and how he can help you. Ryan Roy born in New Haven, Connecticut grew up in Hollywood, Florida. The youngest of 10, he was raised by his mother in a home with a single income. Ryan learned at an early age how to become resourceful and go and after what you want or there wouldn’t be any left. While in High School he struggled to find a purpose until his volleyball techniques prompted a scholarship. This would motivate him to achieve straight A’s during his senior year. Ryan would become the only person in his family to graduate from college. With a bachelor’s degree in finance he would help people manage their money and achieve financial freedom. Always in pursuit of the next venture he became headhunter and perfected his sale skills. Ryan then pursued real estate where 95% of the country’s wealth is and learned how to invest and flip single-family homes. Ryan is currently an accountability coach helping people reach their true potential. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with those who want more out of life. Coaching and mentoring those who want to take action to fulfill their dreams. Ryan often says he has always been a coach. He was always the kid in school, helping those around him with their work. Ryan would often share his newfound knowledge to anyone who would listen, sharing with others so that they too can find happiness. Ryan currently resides in Atlanta and is a proud husband to his wife of six years and a proud father to his five-year-old son. While Ryan is not coaching, he enjoys watching football and long distance running – oh wait he broke his ankle and has not been able to do this for quite some time.

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    Interracial sex

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    Interrcaial sex white womenand black men and women of other races that loves  black men

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    Infidelity Part-1 ~ In The Mind Of A Cheater

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    Join me live as I talk about both perspectives on infidelity. I will also answer a viewers question live. To send in a question or schedule a session email ~ Amyclair06@gmail.com

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    THE WOMAN WITH THE VAGINA & A .... "male organ" .

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    There you go... Trying to be a man again...
    Stop that. You are a squatter! Let's leave the unzip amd squirt to the men.
    It Ought To Hurt Sitting On That Fence Anyway!
    Make up your minds ladies...get off the fence! We either want to have men open doors for us, or we want to tell them how we own the doors. Too many women are bucking up, standing up, toe-to-toe, nose to nose, crackingand cackling about nothingness to a man. All undignified. Looking like the "exorcist."..  We Are Not Men!! The more we move into their 'zone', the less likely they remember their position... in the home. Stay in your lane.
    And the insane, drain, wimpering and winy stuff?  Stop that.
    He isn't listening.
    Rather, planning an attack. (lil boy, G.I. Joe syndrome)
    One which, you won't be counting on.
    Yelling and twirling your eyes around in their sockets won't get his undivided attention either.
    He's planning....
    714 333-3306
    What women want.. no more guessing!
    Let's get LIVE after dark!

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    A Man Needs A Woman…Not An Equal?

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    This meme (or perspective) sparked a vivid conversation between me and my wife! We have pretty opposing views on this notion, well more so what it takes for something like this to even be suggested in the first place. Lynnette feels: “Perhaps if most women felt like they had a “man's” man, they wouldn't need to be his “equal” from the perspective of doing EVERYTHING in the relationship”. Whereas I feel: “#Perhaps if women did a way more efficient job of selecting their respective men they wouldn't feel like they were with such unqualified "men"?!? A woman has to be with a "man" who’s 'MAN' she #Respects .
    What are your thoughts on this topic across the board? Do you feel that many women even want to be “a man’s equal”? And does this create some kind of inherent conflict in interest in conventional relationships/marriages? Or to my wife’s point, do you feel: “What most women want is to be treated like a respected and loved HUMAN in a relationship/marriage.” So women’s reactions to not being treated this, has resulted in their actions appearing to be strives for equality.
    Share your stories and examples with us and the world Friday night at Midnight till 2AM!
    Tune in...Call in...(347)637-3528...
    Share your opinions with the world!!

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    Ladies night when we bring back a voice from the past Mr. Romantic live to air!

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    Join us when we bring back a mysterious voice from the past Mr. Romantic who will give his advice about manners, love, and of course Romance live to air!
    This is Ladies night live where we had searched high and low for the mysterious voice that hit the airwaves in the late 80s who calls himself Mr. Romance and we have found him only on Out and About Town!
    What are men doing wrong these days when it comes to actually listening acting and romancing that very special woman, you know the woman that got away just because there was no romance in the relationship?
    Well search no more, we have found the original Mr. Romance who has agreed to come onto our show and give his advice after many years of actually doing what he says and that of course is giving his advice about romance!
    This is a very special Ladies Night show here tonight and we  open the phone lines and real time chat to all of the ladies out there who might have some questions for the mysterious Mr. Romance!
    Check out the website for more info at  www.mrromantic.ca and call early to reserve your spot!

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    Relationship Live!!! Q and A with Steven Anthony King!!!

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    Sex, Communication, Finances, Forgiveness and much, much more!!!
    Tune in as we tackle some of the toughest questions regarding relationships "live"!!!
    A can't mss show!!!