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    For Love or Money with Millionaire Matchmaker's Tai Lopez

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    Dating-site guru, Mensa member and entrepreneur, and client of The Millionaire Matchmaker (Season 1) Tai Lopez gives his theories behind dating, attraction and how to be realistic in the dating world.    millionairemeeting.com tailopez.com  

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    Dating Today With Fernando Uribe-Monday June 6, 2016

    in Romance

    Coming up this evening, I will discuss what even the shortest relationships can teach you about moving on. It isn't always easy, but it can be done. Make sure you tune in.

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    The Secrets of Sexual Compatibility

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    Did you know that it’s possible to have a great time in the sack and still not be sexually compatible?
    And did you also know that you could actually be very sexually compatible with someone for whom you don’t initially feel sexual fireworks!
    Let’s face it. A good roll in the hay is one of life’s greatest pleasures! But, despite a particularly great sexcapade, do you still find yourself scratching your head (I mean your big head!). Well rest assured. You’re not alone!
    While everyone knows what it feels like to be in lust, sexual attraction does not equal sexual compatibility! In fact, you could be wildly attracted to somebody and have lousy sex to say nothing of wanting that person to stick around and eat scrambled eggs in the morning.
    In this show, I’m going to lay all the cards on the table and take you through a thorough sexploration of the anatomy of sexual compatibility. From the scent of your sweat to size of your lips…we’re going to get down to the nitty-gritty so you can know, once and for all, how to determine whether you’re truly sexually compatible with someone or not.

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    A Twin Flame Discussion !

    in Romance

    Sherry and Lee (aka Lois and Clark) of Relationship Reinvented,www.relationshipreinvented.com and Relationship Reinvented Closed Group on Facebookand Trevor and Eileen from Twin Flames Closed Group on Facebook and EileenBild.com host this amazing and enlightning Twin Flames Discussion, answering all of your questions, What the heck is this Twin Flame connection anyway? How does it work? How do you find it? Whats it all about? Whats this chaser runner deal? Is it Different from a Soul Mate? Is this real? How does it feel? and any thing else you would like answerd! We welcome callers with questions and comments!   With Both couples in a True Twin Flame Union your questions are answered in truth and experience and Unconditional Love without Judgement! listen in for a fun and enlightning show!!!

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    ShanStar Presents : The Relationship Episode...

    in Romance

    Join ShanStar and her obediant manservant Spark as they talk relationships. Good ones, bad ones, white ones, black ones, hot ones, cold ones, new ones and old ones. People love to talk about relationships and we're here to talk it out. Share your relationship stories, personal advice and dos and don'ts. Tune in and El Sparko may even share his Michael Baisden impression!!

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    Are Your Past Hurts Stopping you from finding Happiness?

    in Romance

    Let go of the past so you can be happy. Many people hold partners to standards determined by past hurts. Trying desperately to prevent heartbreak.....and only prevent love from happening. Dee is a the Love Guru - Master Goddess and Reuniting Expert. Listen and Learn the Secrets to Love. Win Back your Ex or Find new love.....or add the Spark Back to your Relationship - Dee has the answers!

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    TONY GASKINS-Author/Motivational Speaker

    in Romance

    Relationship expert Tony Gaskins Jr (seen on "Oprah" and "The Tyra Banks Show"joins Janette to talk about relationships as we continue to help you "Reinvent and Repostition Yourself for Success."

    Gaskins knows about repositioning. Having jeopardized his full football scholarship in college, when his actions led him to his removal from the team after three seasons.

    Upon his return to Florida, Gaskins gravitated to the street life, which led to a wakeup call one evening when a local gang robbed him. Realizing how easily his life could have been taken away instead of his possessions, Gaskins decided to transform himself to begin walking in his purpose.

    Gaskins wrote and published a tell-all book, entitled,"What Daddy Should have Told?" This project boosted Gaskins’ opportunities to teach women the secrets to dating at the age of 23. Following this, he continued to share his experiences by sharing his story of being a “Grownboy” meandering from one toxic relationship to another. Lastly, Gaskins wrote “Reclaiming Our Youth” and told his story as a rebellious teenager, living the Street life and then teaching about the pitfalls that came with it.

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    Is There A Map To True Love? YES! Says Soul Mapper Lissa Bolles

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    Often called ‘the purpose GPS’, Lissa Boles is the originator of The Soul Map™ processa, and CEO of Soulfullfilled Living, a company dedicated to helping people discover their life’s purpose and walk their unique path to joy, fulfillment and transformation.

    As a speaker, teacher, master purpose coach and Soul Mapper, Lissa Bolles has spent a decade crafting this uncannily accurate process, drawing on years of research and study, unlocking the mysteries of purposeful and transformative success.

    She’s helped hundreds of people make sense of themselves and their lives so they can finally step forward – free, confident and clear – and create the purposeful success they’ve always wanted simply by being who they really are.

    Formerly CKDO’s Small Business Big Idea’s talk-radio co-host, Lissa is the only Canadian personally trained by Debbie Ford to obtain all three mastery certifications offered through The Institute of Integrative Coaching at JFK University.

    Together with her husband and company CFO, Randy Boles, Lissa lives and works from their cottage home on the Canadian shores of Lake Huron. She’s the CEO of Soul Full Filled Living, of which The Soul Map and True Callings are both subsidiaries. To learn more, you can finder her at www.TheSoulMap.com

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    'How To Date And Stay Saved Show' Speaks with 4 Abstinent Men

    in Romance

    Four Unmarried Christian Male Authors, Ed Houston, Darren Washington, John Hoskins and Cliffton Hubbard openly discuss their challenges and triumphs in remaining abstinent 'til marriage in today's sex-crazed society. You don't want to miss this opportunity to hear from real men who love God and approach dating God's way, and how they resist temptation and the false notion that men can't remain abstinent 'til after marriage.

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    How to Attract your Soul Mate with author Barbara Gulbranson

    in Romance

    Valentine's Day special! Call in to the show and ask Barbara how to find your soul mate or even enrich your current relationship!

    Critics have called her book, How to Attract Your Soul Mate: The Secrets of Lasting Love, “The answer to a million prayers,” and “Sane and inspiring advice for everyone seeking a soul mate."

    Barbara has appeared on "WFLA's Daytime TV". She has also been featured in publications such as: South Bend Tribune and the St. Petersburg Times.

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    Join The Hill Girls for Cocktails and Conversations with Sherry Argov

    in Romance

    Sherry Argov New York Times best selling author will discuss her book "Why Men Marry Bitches" with the Hill Girls.