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    I am a Survivor!!!!!!

    in Christianity

    Todays broadcast is dedicated to the women who are battling breast cancer. to the friends and families of those who passed on to continue in their memory and those who have overcome storms or trails in their life.
    Psalms118:17"I shall not die, but live, to declare the works of the Lord".

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    'Yous opinions have nah common sense, therefore it's irrelevant.' - my motto from here on out

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    Blogging Jesus

    in The Bible

    Scripture readings and reflections.

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    My Ministry Moment Captured on Audio

    in Christianity

    ***Listen in as I have an after school talk with my daughter about the Lord yesterday. I felt a stirring from the Lord so I recorded it.  May you find a nugget or two in what I share with her to bless you....It's from the LordI.
    God Bless,
    Angee Ang

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    Are you feeling lost? Hear my testimony

    in Christianity

    I'm sure you have felt that feeling where you think is this all life is? I'd like to tell you my testimony about how the Lord saved me from a life of drugs and chaos.
    "Whoever believes in the Lord will survive death even though he dies."

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    Let's talk about God's Grace!

    in Christianity

    We want to welcome you to Grace Talk Radio.   
    If you are joining us for the first time…
    Our purpose for creating Grace Talk Radio is not to debate doctrine, but to provide a safe and healthy environment for those who wish to have a positive and civil discourse, as it concerns the issues that surround leaving the incorrect doctrines and oppression of legalism that is often found within the Body of Christ.
    This show is also for those (of any affiliation) who have now embraced the finished work of Christ as the basis of their salvation, sanctification, and preservation or (eternal security) of the believer.
    In addition, this show is also to provide a forum for dialog between those who wish to understand the "finished work of Christ" as presented in the 2nd edition of Fallen from Grace which is now available at https://www.createspace.com/4324730?ref=1147694&utm_id=6026
    Now, brothers and sisters ladies and gentlemen your phone calls are welcome if you have a question about God’s grace or if you have a testimony about God’s grace, please call in….  the number to call-in is  (646) 929-2730

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    SuperNatural Reformation

    in Religion

    In this episode i talk about how the lord is Reforming his Church Supernaturally, From mans wisdom & insight or opinion, into a 1Corinthians 4:20 Church of For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power & demonstration of spirit.

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    Detective Merrell Merricks of New Orleans Police Department

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    Merrell Merricks was born in New Orleans, La. to Gilbert and Bettye Merricks.  The second of four boys, he was raised in the New Orleans lower ninth ward by his grandparents.  His grandmother Rev Ida Mae Youngblood introduced him to God at an early age. Mr. Merricks obtained a Bachelor & Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Southern University at New Orleans. Merrell joined the military where he served in Operation Desert Storm. In 1997, Merrell joined the New Orleans Police Department where he is presently employed. He has also served as a patrolman, auto theft investigator & a school resource officer during his 20+ years in law enforcement. Mr. Merricks’ blessing was assisting families whom he helped evacuate the city during Hurricane Katrina with now returning back to their homes. Detective Merricks returned to the New Orleans Police Department where he is currently assigned to the Department’s Special Victim Section. He serves as a Cold Case Detective for the Sex Crimes Unit as well as a Child Abuse Investigator.  He implemented a program called “Teen Sex and The Law” where he educates today’s teens with laws associated with sexual assaults. His purpose and passion is to prevent young adults from becoming casualties of the criminal justice system. Detective Merricks has had extensive training in the field of Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Investigation. He has attended numerous training sessions with the U.S Dept of Justice, The Center for Missing and Exploited Children, The National Children Advocacy Center,  The Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention He is the father of a beautiful teenage daughter Torre Merricks.

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    Let us talk about putting on the full Amor of God

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    The Intercessory Prayer (ICC)

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    The Intercessory Prayer is for those who are seeking God's will for their lives. A prayer life is foundational to the Christian walk. Without prayer the fabric of our society has worn thread bare. Though this world will soon end as we know it, while we await the coming of the Messiah we strive to help others get their salvation and offer real support on this side of the Jordan. We press to show the love that Christ showed all not seeing race, creed, color or social status only seeing lost sheep.