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    TOPIC; "THIS SHIT IS REALLY GETTING OFF THE CHAIN"  The more i observe the everyday situations that are occuring threw out the world,the more i see us loosing ourselves,falling for the okie doke,or selling out to the system,alot of us have put aside our morals and commonsense just to be down,just to get in ,or just to be seen,and alot of these types of thinkers never truly weigh out there actions,until its to late,by then they done said something out there mouths that they cant retract,and now the wolves is out to getchu
    Keeping it fake has become the new keeping it real, If you arent rolling with a specific crowd ,or your instgram aint got the numbers  that impress them,or if someone is offered a substantial amount of money to tell a lie,for quick ratings, or popularity Some of us have stooped so low as to slander and blastphemy the dead, This is were we have come,we support lies for ratings ,we ruin peoples legacys and tarnish them for a check,we sell out and support bullshit to get in,and we never ever feel any remorse,just as long as we are getting ours thats all that matters,,,this evening we gone be taken a look at people who need to ...STOP FAKING THE FUNK...WELCOME

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    What Say Ye?
    Ladies and gents it's that time of the week where we get it all out before Friday. It's Friday even ya'll and let's make our weekend right. Let's talk about today's fustrations along with the good times. Let's make our lives positive! Wht do you want to talk about? What comments do you have about a situation?

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    The Anthem with Todd Dulaney

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    After having worked with award-winning Gospel artists like Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, Michelle Williams and many others, the Stellar Award-nominated artist Todd Dulaney continues to deliver an exciting new adventure with his latest record.
    Recorded in Naperville, IL, Todd Dulaney’s first live album recording was an unforgettable worship experience for the Chicago-area native, with Dulaney saying, “I believe God was pleased with the recording and He showed us by visiting and staying with us the whole evening.”
    Covering the Planetshakers’ song, Dulaney’s rendition of “The Anthem” will be his first single in anticipation of his upcoming second album, marking his debut release since signing with eOne Music and their eOne Worship division. Tune in as Todd Dulaney joins Host Diandra to talk about his newly released single "The Anthem", and more!
    Todd's Websites:

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    The Rez Report -4/17/17

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    Discussion on everything rez

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    my own opinions and thoughts on LORD OF THE RINGS

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    This is part 2 of the month long series BEAUTIFUL SIZE.  Again we will be talking to women who are confident, sexy, bold and so much more.  The women on the show today are willing to open up to us about what makes them so confident at their size and what made them stand on their platform of positive body images.  Simone O. Higginbotham, also known as ShePhoenix, is the Owner of SheProductions, LLC, ReBirth Magazine, Cool & Casual Sunday PHAT Girl Chronicles Brand and a Community Volunteer. The community activist, AmeriCorps Alumni, and a 46 year old divorced and single mother of one.  Also joining us will be a beautiful model, mother, wife Joyce Jackson-Washington.

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    RYAN ROCKS IT! with Mayor John Moor

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    RYAN ROCKS IT! with JOHN MOOR, Mayor of Asbury Park, NJ. Needless to say I am very excited to be interviewing our current Mayor of Asbury Park this Thursday May 11, 2017 at 5:30 PM.
    To listen live kindly call the guest line (213) 943-3559 or go to www.blogtalkradio.com/ryan-rocks-it-asbury-park-style.
    To view the entire promotion plus photos please go to either my Nancy Ryan facebook page, my Ryan Rocks It Asbury Park Style facebook radio show page or the facebook page I manage titled Inside & Outside the Fabulour Grand Arcade. 
    Mark your calendars for May 11 TH at 5:30 PM.  If you shoud miss the live broadcast no worries as all of my shows are archived for all time.  Just sit back and enjoy live talk radio at it's BEST! 
    Peace, Nancy aka Ryan Rocks * Nominated for the second year in a row inthe category of TOP RADIO PERSONALITY Supporting Local Talent at the Asbury Music Awards held at the legendary Stone Pony,  December 2016. 

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    Let's Talk Wit D.Jon Cycle 2: Episode 33 w/ New Breed Nye

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    Join me and my special guest ATL's own New Breed Nye 05/03/17 at 5pm central time only on BlogTalkRadio!! 

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    Open Chat this is just a pre show to let our listeners know that we are here!!!!!

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    The S&M Show hosted by LadySteele and Mimi & Danny

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    The S&M Show is an internet radio show which airs on a weekly basis via PreGame Radio. S&M an acronym for sadomasochism, it also stands for Sexy & Mature which is what the show covers, topics of an adult and mature nature.  Hosted by internet blogger LadySteele & Mimi. The S&M Show is coming upon it’s 4th  season.  The S&M Show was founded in 2011 by Leon Haynes and Alex Mondesir, the idea, simply to provide an open forum for young adults to speak about sex freely, It has evolved to a show that is not only sexy, yet educational as well as a way for the new generation to connect with their favorite adult stars, ask for advice anonymously and have a few laughs. The S&M Show has also become a great resource for people of color to come and discuss topics of their choice without bias, via the show and also via a private social group online. Links to past shows can be found at www.facebook.com/sexyndmature and www.PreGameRadio.net
     The S&M Show covers a vast amount of topics from fetish, Kink, sexual health and sexuality to gossip, politics and social issues. We have had a number of guest including adult star Lethal Lipps and budding viral sensation Auntie Angel with more to come. The S&M Show will turn it up a notch this season expanding their guest palette beyond adult entertainment guest in the publishing, distribution, film and even legal fields. Tonight's topics are long distance love/fuck buddies and educating our children on sex.