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    Talking With Empressnic After Dark

    in Pop Culture

    Don't call it a come back!! Tonight we're coming to you with no filters and no chasers! Love, Sex, Relationships nothing is off limits. Tune In!

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    All Access Abdul: Interview with Paula Abdul

    in Pop Culture

    Tune in to this special edition of All Access Abdul as we welcome the talented Paula Abdul on our show! 

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    This is Ruck & D Wash: Episode 15 (2016 Freshmen, Curry, #Oscars, Troy Ave)

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    Ruck & D Wash discuss 2016 Hip Hop Freshmen, the Oscars so white, Troy Ave, etc.

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    Unspoken Words: Thoughts of the Millennial Generation

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    Today on Unspoken Words, Robert Dunn chats with Judy Batalion! Judy Batalion grew up in Montreal. She studied the history of science at Harvard before moving ?to London, where she did a PhD at the Courtauld Institute of Art and worked as a curator by day and a comedian by night. She is now a writer, teacher and performer, and lives with her husband and daughter in NYC. Her book WHITE WALLS: A MEMOIR ABOUT MOTHERHOOD, DAUGHTERHOOD AND THE MESS IN BETWEEN will be published by NAL/Penguin.

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    Jill Osborne interview

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    Jill Osborne of the IC Network has battled interstital cystitis (IC for short) for many years.  The disease cost Jill her job, her health insurance, and her relationship with her boyfriend.  Alvin George (not his real name), the host of this show, has had issues with sensory urgency for a few years now.  Alvin was diagnosed in January 2015 with pelvic floor dysfunction.  Despite many months of pelvic floor physical therapy, he still has issues with urinary frequency and urinary urgency.  He has intermittently undergone PTNS (posterior tibial nerve stimulation) since late May.  Alvin feels Jill's pain to a certain extent.  Jill shares her story as well as some self-help tips for IC patients.  It is worth noting that soap opera legend Melody Thomas Scott has battled IC herself.

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    Nora McInerny Purmort | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 148

    in Pop Culture

    “Grief is boring and isolating and exhausting.” Writer, community builder and internet lover Nora McInerny Purmort talks about constantly writing out stories when she was a child, often with story prompts from her father who was a copywriter who secretly wrote novels. She talks about writing a regular column for the Southwest Journal when she […]

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    Panel x Panel - Fear Itself Part Two

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    Panel x Panel - Fear Itself - Part Two (conclusion) Charles "Filthy Casual" McFall and "Uncle" George Doro discuss Fear Itself, and make some comparisons to other Marvel comic events. Panel x Panel comes to you each month in two segments. Part One will have a basic outline and lead up for the event being covered, and some mostly minor spoilers. Mostly. Part Two will feature in depth analysis and be heavy on spoilers! Don't fret, you can read along with the guys at your own pace and then catch up on the second part when you are ready!  
    Hosts: Charles McFall, George Doro Producer: Mike Woodard
    Panel x Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network. Contact Us - PXP@GiantSizeTeamup.com

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    Relationships and Other Possible Nightmares

    in Pop Culture

    Relationships are always tough to tackle, but what really pushes you over the edge? On tonight’s show we'll address everything from absolute deal breakers to open relationships. As I'm sure you all know being in a relationship is hard. But what about being in a fake relationship? Need to divorce someone after speaking on only post-its for 15 years? We've got you covered. Been Catfished? We want to hear your story! Stay tuned for the latest Hollywood news in Hollywood Hotspot. And get your fashion fix with our Fashion Spotlight. And don't forget you could be the winner of our next GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY! 

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    Murder In McHenry- A Son's Pursuit of Justice

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    Your host Ricky Guns on Wise Guy Talk Radio Presents: My wonderful guest Paul Scharff author of the book Murder in McHenry which is a Motivational true story that reveals a son’s pursuit for justice and change in behalf of his murdered father’s Name.  Now imagine receiving a random phone call 28 years later only to discover that your father was murdered? This is what Paul endured; now destined he is left with no other choice, but to crack down on the cold hard facts and evidence to justify his Father’s tragic, unsolved murder.  Explaining “It has to be done!” are his very words….. This loving son is relentless and will stop at nothing to help encourage others to become more alert and educated on what steps to take regarding measures of awareness.

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    Que Lo Wha

    in Pop Culture

    Ewop El Baca' delivers a late night LIVE show.
     Guests, real topics, and a general environment of real sh*t! Tune in LIVE on Thurdays at 1:30am

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    Bitch I Said It

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    Come check out Bitch I Said It! for Entertainment at it Best! Tune in for the HOTTEST Celebrity Gossip, Interviews, Fashion, and Much Much More!