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    Night Walks Open Mic

    in Poetry

    Night Walks Online Open Mic was founded By StarChasr Shai Carter with the ultimate purpose of providing a place for Poet's, Lyricist, Vocalist and anyone else with something to say, the platform to say it. Since its inception, Night Walks Open Mic has been home to many amazing Artist voicing their phenomenal works in an atmosphere where all are welcomed. There are NO Themes,....NO Restrictions,... but all love and the utmost respect for everyone. Night Walks is a proud affiliate of BPC and Poetry, as well as the Official Online Open Mic for the Poetry Fest. All are to come and let your words take us on a journey, and I will see you there....~StarChasr

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    McCain's boys, monkey bars and color coded fear

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    Has the Non Aggression Principle failed? The filmed execution of journalist James Foley and the apparent destruction of minority groups in Iraq at the hands of the savage ISIS fundamentalists has even steadfast Libertarians questioning their view on foreign policy. Are the interventionists now vindicated? Is it time to just admit that Lindsey Graham loves us and wants us to be safe ? Should we drool and shit our pants in fear ? Isn't it just time to get on the freedom train, eat our freedom fries , suckle the chaffed nipples of the nanny state , pull the warm blanket of homeland security over our eyes and be grateful that the sages of the U.S. govt. are hard at work protecting us all ?

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    The N-Word Demystified: Why White People Aren't Allowed to Say It

    in Poetry

    In this episode Bernard Hankins answers the frequently asked question of why black people are allowed say the word nigger but white people are not. The "N-Word" is a topic that resurfaces everytime an incident involving racism comes to the forefront of American culture. Celebreties such as Don Imus, Paula Dean and Donald Sterling create a buzz around the overall discussion of race, however the root causes of our problems continue to not be addressed. Ratings driven by contreversy, sensationalism, and the easily promotable soundbyte do not allow for a true examination of the issues.

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    ~Re-Verse~ Classic Poetry Open Mic

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    Who is your favorite classic poet, Poe, Wilde, Byron, Browning, Yeats, Keats, Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, perhaps even newer, Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, Kay Ryan? Read your favorite classic poet, read poems that inspire you, touch you, have special meaning. COME share in a celebration of our poetic history. You must first know from where you come, before you can know where you are going. Join us tonight for a very special episode of RE-VERSE CLASSIC POETRY OPEN MIC TIME: 4PM  west coast / 7PM east coast time CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 327-9213

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    Joe Milford Mezirow

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    mezirow milford

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    The world was introduced to this erotic poet thru HBO's "Real Sex" series; a racy, informative show about all things sexual, erotic, romantic, freaky.  It was thru this show that I learned more about erotic poetry and that it is a most romantic tool for intimate communication between lovers. Jessica Holter began her journey into the world of erotic Spoken Word art in 1995 as the Founder and Organizer of the infamous Punany Poets.  Made up of a beautiful, ever changing array of tall, short, thin, thick, fair, and extra mocha cast, The Punany Poets take you on a journey that is funny, sexy, informative, romantic, and naughty.  It is a total Mindgasm of Sight, Touch, Sound, Words, Dance, Art, and Erotica.  
    But Jessica is far more than just an "erotic poet".  She is quite prolific in Spoken Word and is both an Author and Activist.  With her art stemming from a history of sexual abuse, Jessica has turned her pain into one of the most alluring yet informative sessions one can ever go to and learn about sex - and Safe Sex.  As an advocate for this, she is supported by a host of organizations including the YWCA who attend her shows and hand out information about safe sex, answer questions, give prizes based on what you remember about the education of the show and more. I am honored to sit down with this woman and hear her story: one that has now been the subject of dissertations on the collegiate level.  But make no mistake, this is a GROWN, Black, No Sugar, No Cream Show.
    And yes, we will have something cooking up!

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    mezirow website

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    blahzy blahzy

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    Speak Your Piece Open Mic "Nostalgia"

    in Poetry

    Join Jabril and Tiera for our open mic!
    This is a platform for artists to showcase their gifts, recieve feedback and enjoy other artists.
    Follow us on social media @imprintedsoulsr

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    Cynthia Stokes Book lunch party, Wine Tasting & book signing 6/28/14

    in Poetry

    I would like to invite you all to my Book Launch Party at the beautiful Wine Chateau in Piscataway New Jersey from 5-9 pm on the evening of June 28th. Please come out taste some of my favorite choice Wines and mingle.
    All I ask is that you purchase a copy of my new Novel Restoration Love Lies and Faith. I If you are interested please contact me at my facebook page Restoration Love Lies and Faith and like the page...
    I appreciate your support and look forward to meeting you all. Please blast out to your group.
    If you send me an email at writinginthename@yahoo.com I will send you the evite personally and you can send out to your friends and family... Free Wine tasting, food and music....but don't forget to purchase your copy from amazon.com or on the night of the event....thank you so much for your support...

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    Love Zone

    in Poetry

    Mother Mother.....what's your view of mother and what she means to you??