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    TRANSFORMED TO TELL...A journey to freedom through forgiveness!

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    This is one podcast you don't want to miss!  I had an involved converstation with Ms. Kelley on how she Transformed her way from being a victim to a strong woman of faith, an entrepreneur and published author/writer!  you don't want to miss this podcast! Her story is relatable to women all over this country! This subject is taboo to a lot of people in our society, most times people just don't talk about.  Guest what? Ms. Kelley is talking about! She has changed the game! You can talk about it as well! Listen to this phenomenal woman of faith speak! Read the book!  Learn from her story! 

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    Money,Ego,Power and Purpose with Teodrose Fikre

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    A few years ago, I was an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton making a six figure salary consulting agencies at the Pentagon, Fort Belvoir and Department of Treasury and a wide array of defense and civil agencies throughout the Washington, DC metro area.  I provided IT and business process improvement consultation for an alphabet soup of federal agencies and led a very comfortable life. I built up an "impressive array" of credentials and degrees; an MBA from Johns Hopkins, a PMP certification as well as a six sigma certified project manager. From the outside, I was the quintessential American success story. But these things, titles and accomplishments, could not fill the void I felt as accomplishments for the sake of accomplishment always felt like I was chasing unfulfilling pavements.
    Then the swerve of life happened and in a fell swoop I fell into a crevice of turbulence. Equal parts malicious imposition and my own imprudence took me from upper-middle class comforts to day to day distress that comes with indigence. But where burdens exists, blessings are evident if we only look for them. It was precisely my two year exodus that gave me a revelation of true injustice and gave me the wisdom to pursue truth and justice without regard to the labels and constructs that separate us.
    I am a published author and a writer whose speech idea was incorporated into Barack Obama's south Carolina victory speech in 2008 (refer to screen shots of email exchange below for proof since we live in an age of mistrust). Once thoroughly entangled in politics and a partisan loyalist, a mugging by way of reality shed political blinders from my eyes and led me on a journey to fight for universal justice.

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    Linda L. Johnson Presents BlogTalk Interviews

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    Tunein as Blogtalk Interviews host, Linda L. Johnson interviews and speaks with today's guest Ms. Felicia as she speaks to us from the heart and from her viewpoint as it relates to being a Christian single, "Single in Purpose."
    Felicia is a woman of God who truly loves the Lord. She accepted Jesus into her heart at the tender age of 10. Though little did she know that she would face many trials and tests throughout her life that ultimately caused her to fall away from her relationship with God. 
    In 2016 she renewed her relationship with Christ making him Lord of her life and now seeks to serve him in a greater capacity.  She is a strong believer of the Word of God and speaking with authority. Her areas of gifting include: teaching, counseling, administration and intercessory prayer.
    Through her testimony and walk with Christ she hopes to minister to today's generation, especially those who grew up in the church and may have lost their way. She is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. degree in Business Communications and currently employed at a major fortune 500 Company as a Sales Analyst.  Her call is to serve the Lord in various ministry capacities that empowers, uplifts, and encourages believers.  She resides in Minneapolis, MN and is a single parent of a teenage son.
    Host of BlogTalk Interviews is Linda L. Johnson who functions in diverse roles, gifts, and capacities:   http://theministryoflljohnson.org

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    Texas Biker Radio #239 it's A Generational Thing

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    With Mel "Popeye" Moss & Mel OG Robinsom 
    Tonight's Show: Twinn Peaks Wave 6 - Farrners Mkt Court House - Better? -  Jury Of Peers - Would That Include one Biker - Black 15yo killed By Police Rifle Fire - Clearly Did Not Understand Backward From Foward - Felt For My Life Standard Procedure - Next Rigged GJ - Protecting Your MC It's A Generational Thing - Boomers - Milineals - Gen Z and it's getting Worse - Traditions out The Window - Recent Events Have Embolden them to Say FU - Universe Rockers For Everybody...
    National - Both party's have f--Ked up healthcare - Harvard Health  - Swearing - Tax space Travel Will Fix CA - The Birds  - Jobs Jobs Jobs 

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    Isshinryu Today presents Foot Sweeps, Take Downs& Joint Locks

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    http://www.teamkia.wix.com/team-kia http://www.usika.com http://www.kudan59.wix.com/emsoi http://www.kudan59.wix.com/iiaoka
    Good evening listeners and welcome to Isshinryu Today on the TEAM KIA International network, the network that pays homage to the Founder of Isshinryu Karatedo & Kobudo, Master Shimabuku Tatsuo Shinkichi Sensei and all first generation United States Marine Corps students & Okinawan Students, their grand black belts and all practitioners past present and future. Tonights Host Renshi Kyle Forrest along with his Co-Host Kancho Dan Vena will be talking about foot sweeps, take downs and joint locks. Please join us for this living room type discussion and share your experience and knowledge about this subject matter. 
    Host and Executive Program Director of Isshinryu Today is Renshi Kyle Forrest, owner and operator of Kyle's Isshinryu Academy, TEAM KIA out of Lexington, North Carolina.
    Co-Host & Executive Producer of Isshinryu Today is Kancho Dan Vena, inheritor of EMSOI and Founder of the IIAOKA.
    Isshando International American Okinawan Karatedo Association

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    What are you waiting for

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    Why do we continue to do what we know is wrong, instead of doing what we know is right, so we can live? Idon't pretend to have an answer to why we know to do right, but still cling on to what will kill us, saying " I'm trusting God to show up and show out, but if he doesn't i'm still waiting". God has made away if you seek you will find when you kock a door will open, do you trust him, he has made away for you.

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    Mid Day Monday Magic

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    Just a quick dose of "pick me up" to help catapult you into the second half of the day.  So get fueld up with a little funny with your host and her unique flavor for foolishness

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    Pre Launch with blog talk

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    Just shooting the breeze with ChaCha .."ruff draft"

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    KGFC talks to Louie Cortes

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    Director Louie Cortes sits down with John Fallon at the KGFC Filmmakers Lounge - hosted by Ateaz Organic Coffee & Tea - to talk about his film “Good Day"
    “Good Day" was selected to screen during the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema in 2017.

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    War on our Wombs

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    Breaking down the agenda against womb wellness
    and sharing solutions for natural birth control, getting pregnant, preparing for birth