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    MyMayu Boots: Prepping Little Feet for Winter

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    Join Danielle, owner of Glow Maternity, and Suzanne, founder and owner of MyMayu boots, while they discuss this great Canadian company from North Vancouver and why this product is a must have for all-seasons in the great Canadian North.

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    Mommy Wars

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    Laurette Lynn offers commentary and perspectives on the ongoing battle between parents who make contrasting decisions in childcare.  From co-sleeping to vaccinating, viewpoints, opinions and sometimes even truths of "right and wrong" are loosely defined.  The struggle continues and many advocates fiercely defend and promulgate the agenda and plight of parental decisions.   But Laurette proposes that the ferocity of activism is not always in the best interest of the child, but is instead a otherwise unnecessary stroke of ego. Listen in to the pondering, then the suggested solutions offered on how to communicate our views more effectively and truly make it about learning and improving as parents, and as people.  WARNING: SOME POTENTIALLY UNSUITABLE LANGUAGE IS USED. PLEASE LISTEN WITH DISCRECION  For more information visit Laurettelynn.com  To suggest a topic or be a guest, contact: info at Laurettelynn . com

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    Parent 2 Parent Talk

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    Parent Action Community (PAC) was established in 2005 by parents concerned with the behavior and condition of today's youth. We are a fully-accredited 501(c)3 charity equipping young adults for the responsibility of leadership.
    OUR MISSION: To Equip, Empower, and Educate "At-Risk" Youth And Young Adults between the ages of 13 and 24. We develop their Knowledge, Personal Skills, and Motivation to Reduce Adolescent Pregnancies, High School Dropout Rates, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, Juvenile Delinquencies, and Reduction In Crimes through a Comprehensive, Community-Wide Collaborative Effort to Improve Academic Achievement in order to be Career and College-prepared.

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    FTS KIds Radio #9

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    Three young radio hosts, Siana Hernandez, James Meyer & Nick Saso interview Sam Cohen who is an Actor, Singer & Guitarist & highlight NicKayla who is an Solo Artist.

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    Core & Floor Restore

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    Many new mom’s like to get back in shape quickly after baby arrives. In this Blog Talk episode we will be discussing what types of things women should think about when getting back in shape, what exactly Core and Floor is, issues women have after baby and how to address them in a fun and safe way! 
    Join Danielle Rocheleau from Glow Maternity and Dr. Sarah Wild, Chiropractor and Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist to delve into the fun!

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    Shifting Gears: Autism, Science, and the Homework Debate

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    Homework. Ever since public schools have been in existance it has probably been a source of contention between kids, parents and teachers. Unfortunately, for students with autism, the problem reaches much farther than the "I don't wanna"s. And now, a recent study says what Lorin Neikirk has been voicing for over a decade: lots of homework has issues. Big ones.
    Denise Pope, senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and co-author of the study, says "We found a clear connection between the students' stress and physical impacts -- migraines, ulcers and other stomach problems, sleep deprivation and exhaustion, and weight loss." (Full study was published in the Journal of Experimental Education.) 
    But what about the student on the spectrum? They love to learn... Seem so bright... Surely THEY just love homework, right? Not necessarily. The needs of autistic students are somewhat unique, even in light of the study.
    Join Lorin Neikirk as we delve into what homework works, what doesn't, and what should be avoided entirely in this episode of Aspie Friendly on BlogTalkRadio.

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    Keeping it Real with Beth & Darin -- On Location from Frenchmans Reef

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    Still searching for a great place to go with your family?  Listen in and find out about our visit to Frenchmans Reef in St. Thomas and see if this might be your next travel destination.

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    The rebellion lives on

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    Join us live today as we hear from the leader of parent unafraid who has been taken hostage by the enemy 

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    Summer Fun with Kids, Maybe or Maybe Not!

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    Summers and vacations can be very stressful with kids out school and out of their normal routine.  I am going to give you some things to consider and think about when going on vacation or staying home.

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    foster parent call

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    Look Within Before You Lean In: Redefining Success and Balance

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    Nicola Ries Taggart discusses the importance of embracing our own self-discovery and growth as a basis for our overall life success. There is much discussion and debate over work-life balance and the quest to "have it all" when it comes to those juggling a career and kids and everything in between. 
    Nicola offers a fresh perspective to viewing success, balance and "having it all" in way that feels better and in aligned with your own priorities and values. 
    Want to hear about a fresh perspective to work/life balance? Get free access to my Blending the Best of Both Worlds webinar and learn the 7 secret ingredients for achieving a balance from the inside out: www.nicolataggart.com