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    DNR Radio - Dr. Booker T. Coleman (A Pro-Active Approach to

    in History

    On the Next Episode of Destroy N Rebuild Radio we'll have Teacher, Scholar, Researcher and Historian Dr. Booker T. Coleman with us to discuss "A Pro-Active Approach to Culture, Curriculum and Consciousness.

    Dr. Coleman studied under the great Ancestor Dr. john Henrik Clark and Chancellor Williams. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, Dr. Coleman continues to battle for the minds of Afrikan people here in the United States of Amerikkka. To those who remain de dicated to the struggle, the good Doctor is considered a TEACHERS, Teacher!

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    Catching Up with Jacob Gouchenour & Baby William #38

    in Current Events

    What a ride Jacob and Baby William have been on.  Over the last year, there have been custody battles, missing ex-wife and baby, and now three people are in jail.
    Approximately a month ago Jacob Gouchenour was reunited with his 1 year old son after he was missing for nearly four months.
    Today we will discuss:
    *How the transition has been
    *What they are up to now
    *Get updates on the court cases of Madeline Jones (William's mother & Jacob's ex-wife), Cassandra Jones (Madeline's mother), and Roland Jones (Madelines mother).
    *and much more!
    Join us in this joyous celebration of a baby and his father finally being together after a very long year!
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    Leveraging Loopholes: Biotech's Answer to Consumer GMO Protest

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    One of the latest practices in biotech is a process that allows DNA to be edited down to the letter. Known as CRISPR technology, scientists now have the ability to control gene mechanisms with unprecedented accuracy and without traditional invasive high-cost GMO procedures as they exist now. In effect, CRISPR is the evolution of GMO. All of this allows corporations to continue producing genetically altered foods without ever having to worry about legislation or labeling mandates. As consumer "right to know" demand increases and more companies are responding to protests by voluntarily labeling GMO products or removing them from their ingredients altogether, industry is well ahead of the game and consumers should not be fooled into complacency. CRISPR technology allows a crafty bypass because it is not recognized technically as a GMO process as is currently defined. Industry can use this technology to dodge existing regulations now, or in the future, and avoid GMO stigmas in public perception as they continue driving corporate profit. They would not have to disclose this new process to regulators or the public, rendering the hotly debated GMO labeling issue effectively moot. Present day loopholes in an obsolete agribusiness regulatory system may be the biggest challenge yet as consumers fight to stay informed and aware of what is happening to the manufacturing of food. Is CRISPR technology the ultimate bait and switch in the GMO debate?

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    Episode 428 Private Policing - Ready or Not Part 1

    in News

    Call it what you will but I know that security today has reached some new plateaus and is going through an evolution unlike it has ever seen.
    In this special series, we are looking at the explosion of municipal and county givernments who are turning to private security agencies to patrol thier parks, public buildings, schools and even respond to the public's calls for police service.
    Many of our law enforcement agencies across the country are experiencing officer shortages, recruitment shortfalls and officers jumping ship.
    Towns, cities, counties, state and federal government are now forced to rely, whether they want to or not, on private security to police their towns and jurisdictions.
    It's scary when you consider the lack of training, oversight and experience that many security officers have but it's also an opportunity for the cream to rise to the top.

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    Westchester On the Level

    in News

    WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY -- NYS Assemblymember Shelley Mayer, declared her candidacy to succeed Senator George Latimer serving the communities of Senate District 37. We speak to her ability to serve SD37, her intentions, among other concerns.This segment airs from 10:00-10:30am.
    Mark Halstead, The Greater Bridgeport Symphony Executive Director speaks to Saturday’s December 16th “Holiday Interlude” at The Klein in Bridgeport, CT. This segment airs from 10:30-11am.
    Thereafter Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large, speaks to hyperlocal, County, State, National and International News with commensurate analysis. The broadcast concludes at 12Noon.
    Share your perspective. Call... (347) 205-9201.
    Listen “Live” or “On Demand”. Use the following hyperlink - http://tobtr.com/s/10451819

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    Robert Mugabe, Trump, Haiti

    in Current Events

    Farewell to Robert Mugabe
    Your President is an idiot
    The Deportation of  Thousands of Haitians:  
    In the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, the U.S. decision was viewed less as an unfortunate end, but instead, as an unexpected extension.
    “(The) Haitian presidency welcomes with a lot of satisfaction the renewal of TPS and thanks President Trump’s administration,” said Lucien Jura, spokesman for Haitian President Jovenel Moise.
    Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, allows nationals of certain countries, often facing armed conflict or natural disasters, to temporarily remain and work in the United States if they are already there.
    After the devastating 2010 Haitian earthquake, the administration of former President Barack Obama granted Haitian immigrants in the United States TPS for 18 months. 

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    Pearl Harbor 1941 - Who's Fired & Who Should Be - Rocket Man - Blast Off Time?

    in Current Events

    Lynn Thornily Bensy and I …  along with our beloved friend …  Emery W. McClendon … are talking December 7, 1941 and the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor.  We will also be discussing the recent firings due to sexual harassment accusations ... and, who should be fired.  Are we about to engage in Nuclear War with North Korea, or does someone take out Rocket Man before that happens?
    Join us as we talk about all of this and more!  In fact … call in at (323) 792-3071… and tell us what you think! 

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    George Jackson Radio

    in Current Events

    HPNGC Atlanta

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    Naseer Ahmad reviews Netflix documentary 'Amanda Knox'

    in Current Events

    Naseer Ahmad reviews Netflix documentary 'Amanda Knox'
    Naseer Ahmad (aka Ergon, Manfromatlan) is a holistic physician and writer based in Toronto, Canada. A keen social commenter, he has written about the case of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito from the beginning as “Ergon” for the Perugia Murder File and True Justice For Meredith Kercher websites, and is one of the editors of http://TheMurderOfMeredithKercher.Com  You can reach him on Twitter @manfromatlan.

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    NWOTRAdio Presents Current Events and week Recap w/Tiffany, Brandon & Dr. James

    in Current Events

    Join Dr. James, Brandon Council and Tiffany C.as we delve into the wonderful world of corruption, cover up, deception, #StandingRock, and recap this week's show topics as well. As Alsways on NWO Truth Radio callers are taken all night long. So don't be afraid to call in and ask your questions or voice your opinion. At NWO Truth Radio, we believe that knowledge is power. And we hold the key.Only on NWO Truth Radio. NWOTRMassMedia and NWO Truth Radio Media are pround affiliates of NWO Truth Radio. If you'd like to send StandingRock suppies they NEED for the winter you may do so via amazon wish list @ https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/196PVIWRDX1M4

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    Recycle America Radio Show with Eric and Jim

    in News

    We bring you raw news with cutting edge dialogue between two Conservative American Citizens. We believe in American Exceptionalism, dreams, freedom and liberty. We believe corruption, deceit and lawlessness are destroying the foundation of the nation, deminishing our role in the world as a Super Power, and promoter of Freedom and Liberty. We need to strip away the corruption, deceit and lawlessness within America, just as a recycler strips away the old paint, rust from a piece of steel or a piece of furniture exposing the good metal / good wood, we must do the same, expose Americas exceptionalism. The founding fathers were not perfect men, they were exceptional men, promoting a selfless ideology, forming the foundation for Americas rise as a world Super Power. We desire the destruction of political correctness, lawlessness, and corruption within the 10 square miles of Evil, Washington D.C. We truly believe the Trump Presidency, Trump Administration along with Trumps leaders are the last line of defense for America.
    We desire the concept of Freedom and Liberty eminating from all political dialogue, citizens dreaming of legacies and independence from government over-reach / oversight. Thank you for spending a few hours a week with us.