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    discussing iglesia ni cristo

    in Current Events

    as we are still waiting on approval from the inc headquarters for a debate, this interview will serve to introduce this church. 
    iglesia ni cristo has been around for 102 years, and tonight we ask a few questions to see what its really all about.

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    Truth UnCONPromeyzed on the Gnosis Kardia Network With Host Rhonda

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    Featuring Special Guest Dr. Hendo L. Henderson /
    Introduction music by:   SourceVibrations.com /
    CALL # (347) 308 - 8131   Press #1 to speak to the Host - Rhonda
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    Gnosis Kardia /

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    Janet Hubert to Wendy Williams...again

    in Current Events

    After hearing my name on the Wendy Williams show I decided it was time for a lesson in manners for my sister...ahem Wendy. 

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    in History

    Michael Fallon will discuss his book Dodgerland and the city of Los Angeles and the various characters who intersected with each other in the late seventies, especially the 1977 - 78 LA Dodgers.

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    We Are Everyday People - South Shore Tars For Life - Host Keith Bledsoe

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    This evening Thursday 5/19/16 at 7pm on “We Are Everyday People” global internet radio network tune in to “South Shore Tars For Life”. I will talk with coordinator for the class of “76” upcoming 40 year reunion weekend, Oscar Mardis.

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    #TRUTALK: The Bill Cosby Factor.

    in Current Events

    It's GAMETIME as we touch on another sensitive subject! TONIGHT the cast ot #TRUTALK covers the Bill Cosby factor. He's facing 10 years in prision over one of his many sexual assault accusations. Is this it for Bill or will he be able to beat the case? What kind of door will this open? Wr have to ask the question is it open season on Bill or is Justice finally coming to the women who have accused him of these crimes?  Get ready as we once again set it off on this topic! 
    TRU RADIO NETWORK                                        
    TURN ON, TUNE IN, AND TURN UP!!!!                    
    Who in the heck is dropping by this week???? b          

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    Radio Free South Africa - with guest Cuan Elgin

    in Current Events

    On Monday 23rd May, 2016 our guest will be the fabulous author of Bulala - Cuan Elgin.  We will present the second episode in the Historic Figures of South Africa - we will focus on Cecil John Rhodes.  Love him or hate him, this man left a huge legacy and made an enormous impact on Sub-Saharan Africa.
    To learn more about this and other South African matters do visit our website

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    Island Girl Using Her Voice to Raise Awareness About Her Trip to Africa

    in Current Events

    Listen to Sandy Conway and her special guests about the impact this tribe is making to save the lives of children all over the planet. Every 5 seconds a child dies from something totally preventable. Let's take it a step further; that's 12 lives every minute of the day. Her mission is to raise awareness about the 3 Primary Killers that are totally preventable and steal the lives of children every single day.  World Impact Solutions has given her the weapons to fight against Malnutrition, Dirty Water, and Mosquito Born Diseases. But she can't do it alone. Everyone needs to get involved! Make sure to tune in so you can find out how you can save the lives of children with her. Sandy Conway says, "Everyone has the right to life and if we can be a miracle for someone else, we can be the change we wish to see in the world". She has comitted herself to be a Voice for those who do not have one! As long as she is breathing, she will share this message of hope to the world. Go check out her website Catch the Wave Hawaii and read her story further. She has great information about this mission she is so passionate about. Will you catch the wave and save a life? I hope this show inspires you to do something. 

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    Understanding The Times In Which We live Today Joseph Gibson Examines Today

    in Current Events

    Understanding The Times In Which We live In Today! Your Host Joseph Gibson Expert In studies envolving Theology and the up coming New World Order Examines the news of today with comment and listens to everyone and allows a World Wide Platfom for truth to get out and explained! This Sunday May 22 2016 at 6 pm east This show will have Dan Owens Citizen of The Republic Live via phone 6 pm east. This show is most important because it will explain what exactly Lawful and Unlawful Government really means Many have listened to me speak about this defacto system. On Sunday You will be educated beyond the scope of what you may have been taught or believe. Please join us or join the chat room callers please call 657-383-0616 to listen or press 1 and ask your questions blogtalktadio.com/josephgibson

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    Dawn Robinson's 9/11 Survivor Story In The Twin Towers

    in News

    I want to reproduce The Part I of 9/11 invasion of America. Please understand that I have only one of the few real heros who survived from being on the top 61st floors from tower II. Dawn Robinson is a truely blessed angel, that I always admired, even when I just pasted by her at South Gwinnett High School, much less listening to her making her journey from a collapsing twin tower in New York City. This my tribute to those who now can't speak for themselves. This is a tribute for those who can speak for those loved ones who can't speak, as well. This is a tribute talk show is to share our stories about a day nine years ago, that we as Americans should never forget Again...Remember 9 /11 forever ! I want to hear from all of you, PLEASE !!!

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    Programming Your Subconscious Mind To Accept Wealth

    in Current Events

    IN HONOR OF THIS AMAZING, MONEY FILLED TAURUS SIGN we're in right now, tonight I'm announcing "I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE RICH!!!"  AND SO DO YOU!!!  And there's nothing wrong with it. Why? Because the desire for riches is really the desire for a richer, fuller and more abundant life.  And since Taurus IS the MONEY SIGN of the zodiac, I thought it would only be fitting to talk about it now.  Right thing, Right time.
    Tonight, I want to open up the lines to build with you on my strategy "Programming Your Subconscious Mind To Accept Wealth" and the tools and "systems" necessary to accomplish such a feat. And since the SUN IS IN TAURUS right now and we've got a Mercury retrograde IN THE SIGN OF TAURUS as well, tonight's flow promises to be one for record books. There was and IS a Tremendous effort to program your mind to accept poverty so there must be EQUALLY AS STRONG programming to accept Wealth and Abundance.  Tonight we will also be addressing how to identify low level poverty programming in you and how to replace it with high level abundance programming. For those members of MOON MAGIC 28, there will be some VERY SPECIAL JEWELS dropped tonight, as this will be our FIRST OF SEVERAL BIG CALLS this month concerning MAGIC AND MONEY.  Please bring your workbooks and pad and pencil. (607) 203-5303 is the call in number and we're getting started at 9 o'clock pm EST.   If you'd like to go even deeper into the SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH with Coach Khayr this month, this will be the ENTIRE THEME of this month's Moon Magic 28.  http://www.MoonMagic28.info to get SUPER EXCLUSIVE BONUSES in our member's area. (including your workbook.) Bring or tell a friend, too.