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    Kendal Murray Presents...tick, tick BOOM!

    in Lifestyle

    Tuesday June 7th, 2016  10 AM PST  11 AM MST  NOON CST  1 PM EST
    Founded by actor Kendal Murray (Nickelodeon’s Sam and Cat;  The Goldbergs;  Parenthood), the touring theatre troupe Kendal Murray Presents has launched, and their only show in El Paso is taking place June 25th, 2016.  
    This is the troupe’s only performance in El Paso.  The show, tick tick Boom! is the autobiographical tale of RENT creator, Jonathan Larson.  Larson originally performed the show as a monologue.  After his untimely death, David Auburn and Stephen Oremus (WICKED, AVENUE Q) reworked the show to expand beyond the single voice and create a world of characters around the central protagonist, Jon.
    Jon is joined by Susan, his long term girlfriend, and Michael, his best friend since childhood, as well as a host of other characters, including Karessa, the personification of temptation; Rosa, his agent;  his doting parents;  and familiars from the New York backdrop that sets the scene for his day to day life. 
    On the eve of his 30th birthday Jon faces his concerns about aging, and his lack of achievement, Michael has a great job in marketing, earning a steady salary but is ultimately unfulfilled, and Susan is ready to settle down but demands for this not to be seen as just “settling”. 
    As “Happy Birthday” dawns, Jon relives the recent events that have lead to this night, the decisions he has made, the wrong(?) turns and the people who have played their part;  everybody’s view is different, but who is right?
    Additional information and tickets are available by visiting:  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2550050

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    Is Your Church an Endangered Species?

    in Christianity

    Does the Church have a future?  Or, should the question more properly be: Does the future have a church?
    Has American Christianity gone off the rails?  Are you investing your life into a ministry that is bound for extinction? John and Greg ask difficult questions and make even more provocative statements in this podcast from Radio Free Patmos Island.  
    Guardrails for Christians in the time of upheaval
    The authority of God's word. The certainty of God's judgement on sin. The availability of God's Holy Spirit to empower the Church. The conviction of Christ's soon return.  

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    in News

    One day before the last primary; is Bernie Sanders going to force a contested convention or will Hillary take it all, my A-List Panel weighs in, plus over the weekend a cell phone video came out showing Police forcing a woman to leave the bathroom for not showing ID and the person forced out was transgendered, how will this look in the eyes of the people this and more tonight on FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™...
    Welcome to FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™, tonight's broadcast like all of the FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions broadcasts is rated PG-13 so you have been warned.
    As always we will be using the Mixlr Chat Room for the chat room rules of the chat room apply at all times and they are: no personal attacks, threats or hate speech will be tolerated in the chat room at any time if you commit to the acts your check will be deleted after you've been blocked no exceptions at all.
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    ©2016 all rights reserved to FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions.

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    WTF Monday's

    in Entertainment

    WTF Monday's is a look on relationships music news and WTF u want to talk about... It,s Hip Hop talk with Texas Pete Hot Sauce......

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    The Fantasy Insiders Show Powered by @SoCalledFanEx w/ @TheFantasyDR @JoelHenard

    in Sports

    Host Joel Henard will sit down with co-host Mike Hilbig (@TheFantasyDR) from The Fantasy Insiders powered by SoCalledFantasyExperts.com and get you up to date on the latest news and notes from around the fantasy baseball world . 
    Joel Henard is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA), and has been a podcaster since his first show “Hoosier Fantasy Baseball Insider” debuted in 2009. Shortly thereafter, Joel met injury expert Will Carroll, who was integral in Joel adding “Baseball Prospectus Radio” and “Baseball Daily Digest Radio” to his broadcast catalog. He’s also hosted the “Sports Illustrated Fantasy Podcast”, “The Nickel”, “Fantasy Pros 911’s Podcast” and “The Fantasy Alarm Podcast.”
    Mike Hilbig- @TheFantasyDR
    The Doctor has his FMD from a reputable Internet website, also he has his Honours Degree and Diplomas from several Canadian Colleges and Universities. He can be found writing grammatically atrocious articles, appearing on many podcasts, tweeting about sports, and drinking far too much beer and scotch when not operating his practice.

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    Are the World's Spiritual Traditions Awakening Humanity or Keeping Them Asleep?

    in Spirituality

    As we awaken to the current religious-spiritual situation here on planet earth, we must boldly consider if one is not awake to any degree or not. If they are not will they care about the traditions they are involved in as being accurate or not, right?
    Seeing a crack in the universal window of our reality causes us to enter into a powrful state of questioning our present involvement in whatever tradition we find ourselves.  Are you a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist?
    If you are involved with any of these you might want to question your involvement as they are the major traditions on the planet. Why? Specifically, they have not TRULY been questioned  (rigorously examined and researched) as to how, or more importantly and to the point of what matters, and if they are being an awakener for humanity, or whether they just want you to be a patroniizing, paying believer and are merely serving you as a very long waystation to our actual intention for being a participant in that faith. Waystations are holding patterns and places waiting for something more important, yes?
     If it the latter, then you might want to remove yourself from that institution since that is what they have become, a self-insulated belief structure that is siphoning your time, money and energy to keep them going and you going nowhere. :(
    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    The Myth of Spiritual Covering

    in Spirituality

    The BOC is in trouble!

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    in Entertainment

    Tonight  .... Call in show !!  1 310 807 5159  !!!!    Midnight Eastern !!

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    Underground Beat with Madam President and Special Co-Host Dani Dash

    in Hip Hop Music

    On Friday June 3rd the Underground Beat with Madam President will have Special Co-Host Lost in the Music’s Dani Dash. They will be throwing out all those raw hip-hop tracks you have come to expect of course, announcements are on deck. Then an in-depth interview with Dani Dash as we discuss some of her material. Remember if you would like to call in and speak with us the number is (646)787-1956 just press 1 to connect. If you would like to submit track(s) please make sure you send your information and material to ubwithmp@gmail.com #PresidentialSalute to all the listeners, callers, supporters, former co-host, and former guest speaker for making this all possible, we greatly appreciate you! #UndergroundBeatWithMadamPresident #UBwithMP #LostInTheMusic #DaniDash #MadamPresidentProductions #MPP

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    The Gathering Storm

    in Politics

    Today's schedualedguest is IQ Rosooli