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    Charmaine Tweet intervire

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    no need for a long and fancy caption. Cole Vick and Howard Fidler interview the great Charmaine tweet. this is a super sectry link only for the very priveledged. if you see this link, you are special, and i love you. look for this to play wednesday night after king mo turns up the ones and twos. but until then, lets boogie!!

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    CrossBones MMA Interview Show Episode 1

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    Throughout the week, the staff at CrossBones MMA gets the opportunity to speak with some of the top people in mixed martial arts today. From the fighters, to the managers, the promoters, and the executives running the shows, we talk to them all and bring them to you here. This week's episode includes conversations with:
    This weeks interviews include:
    Anthony "Sharkbait" Gutierrez
    Belal Muhammad
    Chase Gormley
    Matt Schnell
    Colton Smith
    Elias Garcia
    We hope you enjoy listening and would encourage you to interact with us at crossbonesmma.com or any of the following places
    Facebook - CrossBones MMA
    Twitter - @mmajohng @elaw31 @nickxmicro @crossbonesmma #ask5rounds

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    Jon Jones coke problem? Johnny Hendricks has a new opponent.

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    Well will be tackling a tough topic on Sitting Ringside. Should professional athletes be helded to a higher standard than regular joe's? Just because you are a professional athlete does that mean you must be a role model? What you do in your free time as a professional athlete should that be your business? UFC Fighter Johnny Hendricks has a new opponent. Doentay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne talk coming. Who will win the WBC Belt.... Be sure to tune in!!

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    Beyond The Ropes with Don Mcguire Ft Tom Deblass,Andrea"KGB"Lee an Shonie Carter

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    Beyond the ropes - This is a week of fighters that deserve a show of great appreciation...    Tom Deblass - Champion in his own right will be our first guest,as last fight was scheduled to fight king Mo before retirement,cancelled due to injury.    Andrea KGB Lee fresh off of invicta 10 , Truly talented and gaining star status as an MMA/ Muay Thai fighter - She is the future of MMA as we know it ... Last but not least Mr, Shonie Carter - A talented man in every right,this is an interview I've been waiting for! At beyond the ropes,frost and I usually touch on all stand up combat - This is a special show for us,all of our guest are continuing to bring all aspects of fighting 360° in there lives! Frost and I are honored to have such wonderful humble guest, join us on this episode! Bringing in the new year with a bang,as humility and integrity are what these fighters were about! From beyond the ropes - showing all sides of fighters and sport Ty and Join Us Live at 8PMEST ON Sunday December 28th..BE THERE

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    PART TWO | Former WWE Superstar CM Punk Joins The UFC - Vasquez Sports Special

    in MMA

    Vanessa Vasquez continues her two part special about former WWE Superstar CM Punk joining the UFC.

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    Ep 70: Bellator MMA's Mike "The Marine" Richman

    in MMA

    Welcome back to another episode of MMAPowerTalk. We are excited to welcome back to the show Bellator MMA's Mike "The Marine" Richman. We will be discussing his explosion into Bellator's Bantamweight division. We will also talk about his upcoming bout at Bellator 131 versus Nam Phan on November 15, 2014. Plus a look ahead at upcoming events.
    Please follow our guest @MikeUSMCRichman, our sponsor Pro Event Sponsors @pronation, and all of our hosts @MMAPowerTalk, @MouthOfSouthMMA and @PenaltyBoxCox.
    Please follow the show on Facebook www,facebook.com/MMAPowerTalk

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    The MMEh Show Presents: Nick Hrabec

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    You can't keep a good show down and The MMEh Show is proof. We are back live for the first time in a month. Joining me is Edmonton MMA prospect Nick Hrabec. Nick is 2-1 literally stepping up in the final hours of MFC 41 to take the place of someone who backed out. Nick trains out of Team Alpha Male and Complete Fitness and Martial Arts here in edmonton. He makes his return to Unified MMA in december. Make sure you don't miss this great interview with a top canadian talent!

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    MMA Opinion Podcast - Episode 1: WSOF, Cage Warriors and your questions!

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    The first episode of the MMA Opinion Podcast will see the team discuss WSOF and their current problems. Why Cage Warriors is emerging as one of the best promotions out there and they also talk the news. Alex, Charles, Gord and Ian will also be taking your calls and answering questions posted on the MMA Opinion Facebook page.  www.MMAOpinion.co.uk www.facebook.com/MMAOpinion

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    The Legend "Grandmaster Rick Lenchus"

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    First time start up to help Gm Lenchus start his own blog radio show a 30 minute chat with call ins allowed. If I can help make this work for Sensei, then he can have his own Radio Show.... the date of 9-27-17 at 12pm is NOT set in stone, check back to assure the true broadcast day and time.

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    Collins Vs Bennett - NGN Radio's Play By Play Action

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    We have on the fight card by way of MMArmy, Collins Taking on Bennett! This fight went a total of 3 rounds. Keep in mind that these fights are computer generated, and so we have no control over the outcome of the fight. Best we can do is train our fighters and let them loose in the ring. But hey, it’s still fun anyways! Don't forget about our first monthly NGN - MMA Online Fighting Tournament. "No Experience Necessary"

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    Running with the Lions of the Shishikan

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    A candid conversation with Kevin Pereira, Hanshi of the Shishikan Bujutsu Kai
    ShiShiKan in and of its self translates to “Lion House.” Both my parents were born in ponce puerto rico the flag of the city is a gold lion on top of a golden castle with a red back drop. To my understanding a nickname for the town is la casa de los leones. I wanted my school to represent not just me the martial artist but me the person because they are one and in the same. To honor my heritage I gave my system this name. My martial arts journey was originally about becoming more confident and forth coming. To be a leader I aim to turn cubs into lions and every lion into the king or queen of their jungle.