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    The Rise of the Digital Renaissance Experts, With Michelle Collins

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    Have you ever wondered how you can create environments that better respond to the consumer? How can you give your customers a sensory experience that will stick with them when the interact with your product or service? These are important questions as we plunge ahead in getting our message out there. And in a digital age, the possibilities are endless. Michelle M. Collins will talk with Adam about her work as a digital designer, give us a peek into the future, and tell us how the Digital Renaissance is impacting our brands.

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    Our Traffic Pays First Show on Air

    in Marketing

    Hello and Thank you for joining Our Traffic Pays on our First Ever Blog Talk Radio Show Please feel free to call in if you have any question you would liked answered please call 646-668-2780 press 1 to ask a question.

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    Discouragement is Contagious So Don't Throw Down!

    in Marketing

    Getting discouraged in your business is normal but do remember when getting discouraged don't throw down only throw up. I will explain in this episode what I mean by this. People are counting on you to make your business a success and if you talk about your business know exactly what to say and who to say it to so you don't give your discouragement to others. 
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    Ed Tech Sales: 2016 Job Market Revealed!

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    Hiring trends for ed tech sales professional and shifts in compensation for school sales specialists -- these are important indicators of the health of the educational technology industry. If you sell products and services to educators, staying on top of the job market is essential. If you are a manager looking for ed tech sales talent, how will you compete for the best sales professionals? What does the big picture look like for ed tech sales in 2016? What sales skills are ed tech companies looking for? Are inside sales channels gaining ground or is a field team the preferred way to sell to school administrators? These are some of the questions we unpack during our fast-paced annual K-12 industry forecast with sales recruiter, Mark Phillips, of HireEducation. Mark joins host Glen McCandless. In just 15 minutes we unpack the hiring landscape for professionals in the 2016 school market. Don't miss out!

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    eBay Trending Items January 2016

    in Marketing

    Tune in to learn more about the Hottest trends on eBay. This is the first of a monthly series with highlights about whats been selling on eBay this month.  This type of information will give sellers an idea about what kind of stuff to list on eBay and what kind of a price value can be expected. 
    Info about my newest eBook release "How To Sell Magazines on eBay" which includes a 12 month newsletter including the top trending magazines and the best strategies for listing them on eBay, Plus shipping details and insider, trade secrets when it comes to selling on eBay with a focus about magazines. PLUS an invite to a private Facebook group with hands on, magazine selling questions answered.  Download a copy today at : http://powersellingmom.com/buying-selling-magazines-on-ebay-ebook/ $24.99 and get organized to make a profit selling Magazines on eBay. 
    Hear me talk about the TOOLS I use to research? Learn more about the #1 research tool ( https://powersellingmom.com/terapeak-review-must-have-make-money-on-ebay/ ) 
    HOT TRENDING eBook Download your copy NOW

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    Professor Miller Lucky Jr. | Get Lucky

    in Marketing

    With over 27 years of research and practice, Professor Miller Lucky Jr. has developed Get Lucky Psychology System.  In helping over 3000 people, he has been able to develop a 96% success rate in getting people to their dreams.
    Some of the things that he'll share is
    Why is it important to make connections for business owners and artists? What are the benefits of bigger, bolder, and better connections?  

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    Kiss My Glass: A Content Marketing Conversation With Barry Feldman

    in Marketing

    The consumer of content takes in information on various platforms and technologies. As content creators, it is our job to not only be aware of these multiple choices, but to also deliver content that works on each platform and then subsequently engages as well. No easy task. This episode of Content Marketing 360, host Pamela Muldoon talks with content marketing consultant and soon-to-be author, Barry Feldman, Feldman Creative. Barry will share the ideas, insights and how-to’s on creating successful content coming from his future book Kiss My Glass. The glass that Barry refers to are the multiple versions of technology and the kiss, of course, is the intimacy by which we hope to pull in our audience.  Barry shares how the art of writing is key to this future of content marketing and discusses the importance of developing a brand voice; one that resonates but also is specific and with a solid point of view. Content creation is not easy. Building an audience takes time. If you are looking to improve both of these areas, then this episode is a must-listen!

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    Writing for Nonprofit Fundraising

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    We're Magic Keys Radio, giving nonprofit organizations the "magic keys" to unlock the secrets of marketing their good cause. Whether it's writing a newsletter or a fund raising appeal, the Magic Keys hosts bring you the latest (and most fun) strategies to bring your donor communications to life.

    In this episode, Nonprofit Marketing Guide's Kivi Leroux Miller and Claire Meyerhoff host a lively discussion about one of their favorite topics -- Nonprofit Writing.

    Their guest is fund raising specialist Sam Caldwell, who has been on the front lines of fund raising for more than two decades. Sam believes in "writing with the audience in mind" -- and has done just that in his long career. Sam has been Director of Planned Giving at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Director of Advancement at Wilmington Friends School. He now helps hundreds of small, medium and large Nonprofits as President of The Planned Giving Company.

    Sam is going to share his knowledge about writing and producing fund raising materials like letters, brochures and newsletters.

    "You don't have to have a big budget to make a big impact with your fund raising appeals," said Caldwell.

    "Even in Planned Giving, an area of fund raising populated by lawyers and financial professionals -- the trend is towards a more conversational writing style."

    Caldwell's interview is part of an ongoing Magic Keys series on Storytelling and Writing for Fundraisers.

    We're Magic Keys Radio. Tune in and find out how you can use the best High-Impact, Low-Cost ways to Build support for your good cause.


    Show Guest: Sam Caldwell, PlannedGivingCompany.com

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    The Great HMA Marketing Consulting Mastermind

    in Marketing

    This is a conference call I made with Richard and some HMA Consultants.
    In it, we go over ways to jump-start your business. We also talk with Dave
    Flannery and look at what is appearing to be one of the most exciting business
    plans for HMA Consulting.
    Key Concepts
    ?? Ways to run group presentations that can leverage your time
    ?? A sure-fire plan of action for when your client needs results fast
    ?? How the Opportunity Analysis sets you apart from other Consultants
    ?? When to use telemarketers
    ?? The best way to qualify clients
    ?? When and how to develop more than one USP—and how to price
    Also, Richard goes over how you can benefit from his new Internet Marketing
    course—the same one Dell Computers and IBM will be using.
    Dave Flannery shows a fresh way to work the system. In this call, we break
    down his strategic business plan and find out how he used Christmas and
    New Year’s parties to land clients, how he’s bartered for advertising and how
    he’s set himself up as a local expert in the field. Richard says that Dave’s fees
    are only going to be going up. So, find out how you can be “swamped” with
    business too.

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    Fashion PR Interview: Jaclyn Johnson, Community Manager at Pronto.dom

    in Marketing

    What is the role of the community manager in today's social media web 2.0 world? Fashion blogger and CM, Jaclyn Johnson shares her experience working for online fashion community Pronto.com and thoughts on the future of fashion PR

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    How to Green Screen

    in Marketing

    Today on Video Marketing Madness – How to Green Screen
    Set up is important. Use a decent green screen background. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Pops up like a disc or square. Thick fabric or paper. Pull down like the old classroom maps.
    Lights. Use florescent style. Two lights on the green screen and 3 point lighting on the subject. (key, fill and back). B&H has all this stuff.
    Make sure the subject steps away from the background.
    Then import into an editor that has green screening. Shotcut at FreeVideoEditor.co is free. Also there’s Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Camtasia, etc.
    There’s also green screening software to use for live apps like Facebook Live. Be sure the lighting is real good.
    Extra tip – Don’t wear green. Red, orange and white best. Blue is in the green spectrum, so be careful.
    Mindset Matters. Listen to podcasts that can help your business. Ray likes Tony Robbins, Internet Business Mastery and Pat Flynn
    Video Marketing Madness made possible by FreeVideoEditor.co. It’s FREE and works on any platform and is very functional.
    Be sure to "Like" the Video Marketing Madness Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get plenty of useful tips.

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