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    The Lighthouse and the Executive

    in Management

    There are many images for effective leadership.  Join executive coach Grant D Fairley to explore why a lighthouse is a fitting image for leaders who want to create an environment that is both productive and healthy for their team.

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    Interview with Beate Chelette Founder of The Women's Code

    in Management

    Beate Chelette is a respected career coach and successful entrepreneur.  After selling one of her companies in 2006 to Bill Gates for millions of dollars, Chelette pursued her dream of building a community of women around the world who would help each other.  In business, Chelette had seen how badly women treat other women, and she was determined to turn that around by creating a new code of conduct by which women could live happier, more successful lives.  In 2011, drawing on the tools and strategies she learned on her road to success, Chelette founded The Women’s Code, a movement that is transforming the lives of women everywhere.

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    Have you ever thought it would be cool to earn some extra income from the comfort of your own home? Have you ever wanted to be a SEACRET AGENT?! With all of the toys, gadgets, and cars it takes to be a successful SEACRET AGENT you would need something that pays pretty well, right?! Well we have found the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! We have found a way you can earn some extra money from the comfort of your own home and we have also found a way that you can accomplish your childhood dream of becoming a SEACRET AGENT! Listen to this show as Agent Radway and Agent Day talk about the life of a PAID SEACRET AGENT!

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    An Interview with Mark Evans, Chairman and CEO of Confluence

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    Mark Evans is a true leader.  He founded Confluence in 1991 with a vision of revolutionizing asset management through technology innovation and data management automation.  Driven by Evans’ vision, in 1994 Confluence released Unity® Performance (formerly FundStation®), a product which today automates complex performance reporting for more than 40 percent of the leading global investment managers.  Evans assumed the role of President and CEO in 1996 and was named Chairman and CEO in 2011. Under his leadership, Confluence has grown to be recognized as a global leader in fund administration automation.  The company’s products today comprise the asset management industry’s only unified platform for global fund administration automation and, with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, Confluence also operates offices of Confluence International in London and Luxembourg.  
    In addition to his role with Confluence, Evans is a dedicated community leader who passionately promotes business growth and the vitality of the non-profit community. A past Chairman of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, Evans serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, an organization which collaborates with public and private sector partners to stimulate economic growth and enhance the quality of life in southwestern Pennsylvania.  Additionally, Evans is on the Board of Trustees for the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, including the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Carnegie Museum of Art, and is a board member for CivicScience, a technology company pioneering a new method of attitudinal research that captures opinions from broad segments of the consumer population. 
    Evans studied Computer Science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh.

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    Dr. Carolyn Edwards, Empowerment Coach Tune-Up Session

    in Management

    Dr. Carolyn Edwards help people solve problems like financial issues, career issues, communication issues, to help them make money while doing work they love.

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    Discussions in Economics: Part 1 of 4

    in Management

    We will try our best to talk about economics, business, marketing and a dose of politics. We believe that most people should have some type of business especially with projected taxes increasing in 2013.
    Today's show will give you a little background about your host, Rick Nappier for the first 15 minutes. Then, we will start talking about the subject of economics. We will keep the discussion light, but expressed in a way that makes sense.
    It's unfortunate that K-12 students and some college students do not take economics classes as a mandatory class. In my opinion, the United States of America would be a different place if just took two semesters of economics.
    We will try to link economics with today's political climate and give listeners some perspective of why the two political parties are in strong disagreement

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    Becoming a Weight Loss Coach

    in Management

    The world needs more weight loss coaches!  70% of the U.S. population is overweight and 40% is clinically obese.  We have a proven, turnkey system that will help you help that market and reverse this epidemic one family at a time.
    If you have ever wanted to have a lucrative and rewarding career, one that could have an impact on society as a whole, then joining this team of dedicated weight loss coaches just may be what you have been looking for.
    Our guest tonight is the head weight loss coach of a very unique weight loss system and he will provide an overview of this exciting a rewarding career path. 
    Learn how you can start on a part time basis, with a very minimal up front investment that turn to break even very quickly, and how this system has already helped many earn more than full time monthly income!

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    Zielorientierte Unternehmer mit Herz und Engagement

    in Management

    Anja Jeffries im Gespraech mit Dr. Thomas Simon
    Erfolgsgeschichte IT-Haus GmbH
    "Verantwortlich ist man nicht nur fuer das, was man tut, sondern auch fuer das, was man nicht tut." (Laozi, chin. Philosoph, 6. Jhd. v. Chr.) – dieses Zitat findet man auf den Internetseite der IT-Hauses GmbH.
    Ich will wissen, wie Thomas Simon und sein Team dieses Zitat leben.
    Es war kein Aprilscherz, als Thomas Simon mit 3 weiteren Gruendern am 01.04.1998 ihrem Unternehmen den Startschuss gaben. Diese Vier hatten es in sich, denn ihre unternehmerischen Erfolge ließen sich von Beginn an in Wachstum und Euros messen.   Es folgte der 1. Preis eines Gruenderwettbewerbs in 1999. Ein Jahr spaer expandierte das Unternehmen zum IT Dienstleister inklusive Reparaturwerkstatt. Es ging weiter nach oben. Expansion ueber Expansion und stetiger Umsatzwachstum. Die Mitarbeiterzahl stieg in 2006 auf 72 Personen. Heute sind beim IT Haus 180 Mitarbeiter beschaeftig und auch hier bleibt das Unternehmen auf Wachstumskurs, denn dieses Jahr werden bundesweit Geschaeftsstellen auf- und ausgebaut. Heute geben die Unternehmer zurück und teilen ihren Erfolg.
    Aber welche Koepfe stecken hinter diesem Unternehmen?
    Was ist ihnen wichtig?
    Was treibt Sie an?
    Und wie füllen Sie das obige Zitat und ihre Corporate Social Responsibility mit Leben?
    Das und mehr erzaehlt uns der Mitgruender der IT-Hauses GmbH, Dr. Thomas Simon.

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    The Quest for Your Personal Best

    in Management

    Find out what you need to know and what you need to do in order to do and be more in your work and life.  Mark LeBlanc, an international expert in growing small businesses, will share keen insights in how ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things. Mark will talk about how you can be more focused in all areas of your life and generate momentum, in the direction of your dream, however you define it.

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    D56 - Call for Distinguished District

    in Management

    Moderator: District 56 Toastmasters District Governor, Aundrae Romeo, DTM.
    Interviewer: Past International Director, Pamela McCown, DTM interviews Immediate Past Distinguished District Governor, Karen Blake, DTM.
    Focus: The Call from Toastmasters International President, Michael Notaro, DTM congratulating Karen and District 56 on their achievement of Distinguished District for the Toastmasters Year 2011-2012.
    Hear all about the call and celebrate with us.
    Be a part of the Team.
    You will also be able to listen to the show any time.
    Visit us at http://www.fallconference.tmd56.org for more information about the Fall 2012 Conference and to Register.
    There's a sweet smell of Success in the air in District 56 Toastmasters this Spring.
    This program is brought to you by the District Governor Aundrae Romeo, DTM and the team of Officers in District 56 Toastmasters, and is meant for Education and Training purposes.
    Visit us at www.tmd56.org or www.toastmasters.org for more information to help you improve in both communication and leadership.
    Toastmasters International
     Where Leaders Are Made.

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    It's FUN to BE: Donald Wells Jr.-- Video Artist & Wordsmith

    in Management

    Join me, Coach Jackie today and GET INSPIRED.  Don Wells is such a positive influencer. I want YOU to get to know him and am tickled to have him as my guest on today's show. If you want to get happy, have fun, and make money, it helps to be  hanging out with people who do the same. Well, then--hanging out with Don is a no brainer. Be sure to LISTEN as his insights and inspiration will move you to the next level in your life & business!!
    This is how Don describes himself:
         "Who I really am is a video artist with a hanker’n for designing blogs, auto-responders and writing web copy that really sells.
         I’ve combined my 15 years of cold-call selling with 8 years of video artistry to create Words music & Video That grabs your ideal clients attention.
         I believe that the key to creating recurring revenue is Words & Video that Sell for you, while you are getting on with the rest of your life.
         When you believe in yourself, your product, and
    your service, you do everything in your power
    to get prospects to be recurring customers.
         This means doing everything in your power to
    inspire them, educate them and close them
    so they can benefit repeatedly from your offering."
    Special offerings announced during the show-- so listen, learn and receive!
    Have FUN today!-- Coach Jackie