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    Jacob Dunne was a 19-year-old high school dropout serving a 13-month sentence for manslaughter after throwing one unsolicited punch which took the life of 28-year-old James Hodgkinson, a paramedic trainee. The parents of James Hodgkinson (Joan Scourfield and David Hodgkinson) were devastated. How could Jacob receive such a light sentence committing manslaughter? What  lead Jacob to take the life of their precious son and what was preventing Jacob from repeating such a heinous act in the future?  Remedi UK, a charitable organization in the U.K. specializing in restorative justice, stepped in and facilitated a meeting between the two parties.
    BTC HOST KATHY BARRETT interviews NICOLA BANCROFT - Assistant Director of Remedi UK, Joan Scourfield and David Hodgkinson (parents of deceased James Hodgkinson) and Jacob Dunne, about how restorative justice is transforming lives in the United Kingdom.
    BTC Announcer - Mitchell Geller
    Night and The Music - Written and performed by Barbara Thies & Andy Barrett

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    Challenge to the conscious community everything debunked pt2

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    First hour: we will discuss the origin of the conscious community. Second hour: we are the future, so you old boule eurocentric MASONIC secret groupies remove yourselves from the public, if you are promoting science, history, alphabets, philosophy and various other useless tools of distraction blinded by European observation and speculative theory which, I am the observation and speculative theory killer. Tonight you will be set on course if you want real evidence, the hard solutions and Prepare yourself "Evolution debunked". And... yes! the hints for the hidden Khan will be revealed. We will also be here on the Black Lotus Connection after the live stream to dialogue about this very interesting piece of information which will shed some light on the situation.

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    Konversa Ku kandidato Jimmy Pereira & Tina Cardoso

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    Konversa Ku kandidato pa Presidenti di Kambra di Cidadi di Brockton Jimmy Pereira & Kandidata di konselho di cidadi di Brockton Tina Cardoso.

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    Un-Whitening of White Churches!!!

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    "I'm hoping more and more white churches become uncomfortable places for prejudice and deep seated racism. It should be an inhospitable environment for these things." (April McCullohs)
    Join me on Front Porch Conversation on Justice as we have a conversation with April McCullohs about the environment in churches that perpetuate racism and prejudice. We listen on Sunday mornings and other times to the messenger (preacher) talking about what heaven will be like but which heaven are they speaking about?
    There is a hymn that contain the words "when we all get to heaven"....hmmmmmm!!!
    Join me, Charles Cheek,, your host as we examine these and other related topics on Front Porch Conversation On Justice.

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    Hemp Disclosure: What You Need to Know... with Eric Steenstra

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    Get the latest Hemp Industry Updates, from Hemp Industry Pioneer, Expert and Activist Eric Steenstra, with Vote Hemp and Hemp Industries Association.
    Are you PREPARED for the Return of Hemp Agriculture & Industry? On this hempisode, we discuss the keys to Eric's SUCCESS with one of the Modern Pioneer Hemp Companies, Ecolution!
    Discover the latest and greatest news and information that will help you SUCCEED in the Hemp Industry.
    To learn more visit: VoteHemp.com or theHIA.org
    If you'd like to contact Eric to speak at your event, please contact him here: 
    Let's Connect MORE ONLINE!
    Visit: HempAware.com Engage with us on: Facebook.com/hempware Tweet with us on: Twitter.com/hempaware

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    Within The Chaos Special Guest’s Maggie White & Chris Ostrowski

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    Maggie White Investigations or psychic phenomenon or approach of an investigation the occult like Satanism I study a lot work a lot dedicated my life to this been all over the country and in other countries investigating. I study myths and legends theology like Voodoo Satanism Christianity Hebrew Luciferianism Vampirism. I am a Gypsy. Chris (Papa Coyote) Ostrowski I am a Marine Corps Veteran. from 1982-1988 I grew up in an area of Pennsylvania where there was a practice called “Pow Wow Medicine”. This is a type Root Medicine and Conjuring that is used by the Pennsylvania Dutch. It is a combination of Eastern European folk Christianity and superstition, ceremonial magic, Cabbalistic influence, Judeo-Christian folklore. And depending on what part of the Appalachian Trail you are from, shamanic practices, Native teachings and Hoodoo practices derived from the beliefs of Africans brought to the U.S. during the time of slavery. This calls upon the Old Germanic God's for healing. This is the Folk Medicine that Pow Wow Medicine is derived from. I also perform Spirit Repair. I practice Hexerei. Hexerei is a form of this Sympathetic Sorcery. This is not “Polite” Sorcery. I also Craft Runes and wands, upon request As of July 2007, I am a Certified Reiki Master. I do Readings of Tarot Cards, Runes, and Bones. Pa. Law states that I must say these are entertainment purposes. I am also an Ordained Minister. I can and will provide all Liturgical Services for the Living, The Dying, and the Disincarnate.

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    Shannon Seymour & Susan J Sohn - Autism An Unlikely Benefit of Inclusion

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    Shannon Seymour is the founding Director of The Wellness Centre, Ltd. and licensed with the Council for Professions Allied with Medicine (CPAM) of the Health Practice Commission in the Cayman Islands. She earned a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Regina, in Canada. While pursuing her studies Shannon became the first ever Canadian recipient of the prestigious graduate student grant from the American Psychological Association’s Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. Shannon has a passion for community and frequently advocates for the rights of individuals and families living with mental illness and special needs. She is a member of the Canadian Psychological Association and a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Shannon’s clinical career has spanned 20 years across Canada and the Cayman Islands, where she has worked for organizations such as Family Services Canada, Health Services Canada, and the Cayman Islands Government and in 2004 opened the doors to The Wellness Centre, Ltd.
    Shannon’s clinical emphasis is in the area of psychological assessment and solution focused clinical interventions with adults and children. The success of The Wellness Centre can be clearly seen as a reflection of Shannon’s anchoring belief that all individuals possess the power within to make positive changes not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of their families, in their places of work, and in their communities. Shannon is extremely proud of The Wellness Centre’s growth and more importantly the impact its services and programmes are having in the lives of the people of the Cayman Islands.
    Known for her TedTalk titled 'The Unlikely Benefit of Inclusion' Shannon is passionate about seeing kids, regardless of needs or ability on the soccer pitch simply enjoying life and being included.

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    MisterDirect's Real Talk™ "The Black Experience" (Season 1 Episode 3)

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    Staying with the Real Talk, Let's have a discussion about the "THE BLACK EXPERIENCE" Not from politicians, but from everyday people who just want to talk about topics going on in the Black Community, Police Brutality, Economic disparities, Single Mother homes, Entrepreneurship, Sports, LIFE IN GENERAL. All are welcome to bring any voice they might have.
    Most of what we hear is always filtered and downplayed. Today so many not in the community knows more about it than us who are. Let's talk about it. 
    Real People + Real Conversation = MisterDirect's Real Talk™

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    Prosperity Angels

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    Due to inclement weather we were unable to complete the show that was scheduled last saturday. We try again and information on angels that assist us and callers can receive a reading about prosperity in their lives.  Prosperity is not just about money although it is definitely part of it.  Wholeness and completeness is involved in prosperity.  Hope we have better luck with this next show. Be blessed.

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    Our Political Tone and Climate: Can We Turn Down the Heat?

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    About today's guest:
    Allen Ellison is a prominent businessman, political scientist, and the CEO of The Center for Economic & Policy Development, Inc., a non-profit corporation that assists communities with sustaining growth initiatives and by promoting empowerment throughout the nation. For additional information, visit:  The Center for Economic and Policy Development. Today Mr. Ellison will share his expert insights on some of the issues impacting the tone of our current political climate. Showtime is 12NOON/CST.

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    Kushontology is a Lifestyle Program Designed for High Performance Individuals

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    Kushontology is a Self Help Mentoring and Coaching Program Designed for High Performance Individuals that applies the Laws of Attraction, Buddhist Principles and Spirituality in order to live a happy harmonious life waking up happy, doing what you love, surrounded by those you love and love you in return. Kushontology emphasizes on enjoying the journey in life and teaches how to be in the moment without being affected or reacting to negative external circumstances. The Kushontology 3 Tier Seminars were created with the purpose of making the Individual Whole, Mind, Body & Soul. The Kush Klub believes in The power of the One. Emphasizing self worth. They do not believe in race, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or social status for it focuses on the individual, his soul, energy and values in conjunction with others and universe that surrounds all of us. They practice unconditional love by remembering the Laws of the Universe. Nothing is paused or permanent. The world is constantly moving and changing as are all of us. This is achieved by developing an intimate, strong and loving relationship with yourself and to develop confidence, assertiveness, patience, strength, stability and compassion. Adding value to all experiences and aspects of life and specially in relationships.