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    The Rob Simone Talk Show

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    Guest Lowell Ponte talk about the Inflation Deception

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    Introductions! Because we all need good manners....

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    Hello Beautiful people of the world! If you have by chance stumbled upon this show the good for you! If you are one of the lovely people that follow me on twitter then welcome to the insanity that is Darcy with too much free time on her hands! With this show I plan on sharing a bit of my personal insight on different things with in our world. Here you will find discussions about music, books, plays, famous people, gossip, college classes, the joys of being a theatre major, Darcy's do's and dont's of the world and a multitiude of other things. In this first show I will be introducing myself and possibly a few others.
    Things To Be Discussed in this Episode: 
    Darcy and all her awesomeness. T- Pain and Lily Allen's new song 5 O' Clock That Jonah Mowry Kid Strange Hunger Games / Potter Ships....

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    The Pressure Point , More Talk, More stuff!

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    Our mantra this week is "Open your Eyes" Prepare for the the road ahead and see first in your mind your vision all the way to the end.   Free Cash Giveaways Did you enter your business card? Every week if we pick your Business Card live on the air you win $50...   When you hear your name, you must call in to win during the broadcast: 646-200-3518   Send Business cards to: The Pressure Point Show PO Box 8333 Van Nuys Ca, 91409   All business cards will remain in the pot until pulled, so every week you have a chance to win!   Music Search - Send us your Music and we will play it during our live broadcast. Must be an mp3. Send to: thepressurepoint11@gmail.com   Have any exciting news?  Call in Live and tell us about it! 646-200-3518   Off the air phone:  1-800-928-5899 Ext. 10

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    After a BREAK-UP how long should YOU wait to date again?

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    Come "chat with Catt" Thursday Dec 8, 2011, from 7pm-8:30p PST & 10pm-11:30p EST. Call-in: 424-675-8261.
    What's the proper "break-up" protocol? Everyone has their own personal idea of when its best for them to move on to the next relationship.
    And then, there are some of us who DON'T know when its appropriate for us to move on. Some of us tend to move onto the NEXT relationship with baggage from the previous relationship which just leads to another bad relationship which ends up a cycle of unhealthy relationships. 

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    Join me and my Co-host Black Israel as we take this time to discuss the cheating issues and why we waste our time getting mad at the other man or woman when we should be mad at our spouse or mate.

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    This is a one-hour weekly talk show focusing on life’s issues with Sylvia. She invokes plainspoken curiosity, robust humor and, above all empathy.

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    I DEDICATE THIS PAGE TO:Us.Stolen, chained, beaten, raped, burned alive, quartered, tarred and feathered, castrated, terrorized, lynched, bought and sold, incarcerated, lied on, lied to, betrayed.Resilient, proud, strong, beautiful...Us.

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    This Is Who I AM TM hosted by Angela Vigil

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    Ramona King - About Me
    They say storytellers are Keepers of the Culture. I prefer to call myself a Keeper of the Heart. My work embraces change and challenges for empowered living. Folklore and original stories are performed in movement/dance and song, creating an atmosphere of playful wisdom which in turn stimulates imagination, literary skills, and logic. I perform professionally in schools, business gatherings,theater and festivals. I appear in the May 2000 issue of Parenting Magazine, in the May 2000 issue of the International Guardian, and in ABQ Arts Magazine among others. During the Clinton Administration I performed for the Annual Easter at the Whitehouse Event. I'm also the 4th Sunday host/dj for "The Spoken Word Hour" @ 8pm MST on live webstream: kunm.org where storytellers, slam poets, and actors let words do their thing. MATERNAL DREAMER,my one-woman show focuses on transition and transformation. It's a storytelling theatrical piece dedicated to moms who take change to heart. MATERNAL DREAMER #2 is about reclaiming self. I believe our accountability and self care heal wounds that make for healthier living and relations.

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    The Art and Science of Giving Gifts

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    This holiday season it is a perfect time to take a look at not just the act of giving, but a chance to look at our own personal giving mindset.
    How we give to others is a reflection of what we think about ourselves. In other words, if you give reluctantly or lavishly to others because of a need to impress or punish, then you are using the act of giving as a tool of manipulation and not as a form of caring, love or gratitude - how you give is how you live.
    So listen to my program as I do my best to stimulate your thinking, open up your awareness and inspire you to action in terms of how you give this holiday season and beyond.

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    Just a couple of 40 year old losers take...

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    Times are tough out there right now. Is it anyones fault? Can the government or business save us? Is it time to take personal responsibility and accept your fate, your station in this life? Who knows, but Mike and Al will "discuss" our opinion on why things are the way they are.....