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    its the sex show call now 646-727-1828

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    What Holds You Back from Success?

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    Do you have any deadlines to meet?  Why not?  Is life so boring that you have nothing to drive except your car?  Is your "love life" lacking love and life?  That's no way to live life!   Is your job "lifeless", too?

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    Dr. Glen Laman

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    Author of Jamaican Entrepreneurship: A review of the Characteristics, Traits and Ideas underlying the success of some of the island's most accomplished entrepreneurs. Visit www.GlenLaman.com

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    The Catholic Geek: Science Fiction and Philosophy

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    Jason Rennie of Sci Phi Journal comes on the Catholic Geek to discuss Scifi, philosophy, and perhaps, some awards.
    Jason Rennie is a software engineer by day and by night edits Sci Phi Journal and helps run the website Superversive SF. He is also in the process of launching Superversive Press. He lives in  Australia with his wife and a menagerie of pets. 

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    Remedies That Work

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    Welcome Everyone,
    Today on Ringing Stone Network we have testimonies that some of our listeners will be sharing with the rest of the family.  Wait until you hear how the paperwork has scared some of the so-called administrative judges into dismissing the case and/or assigning another judge to the case. It pays to make sure your paperwork is done correctly.  Also a listener discharged his property taxes where he overpaid and they are sending him a refund check.  The webinar is next Saturday December 10, 2016 on Intermediate Instruction for Negotiable Instruments and the webinar information will be given to you in an email.  If you do not register on the website you will not be attending the webinar.  If you are not on the email list send Sister Fola El (4energysavings2u@gmail.com) or Brother Chayil (mrfixit@yahoo.com) an email saying you want to be on the list.
    Join Brother Chayil, host; Sistah Fola El, cohost and Brother Usiku our angel sponsor on the Ringing Stone Network - Remedies That Work at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST and 4pm Alaskan time.  The conference call number is 1.515.605.9354.  Press *1 to come into the que and *6 to drown out background noise.
    Don't forget about digital currency.  We are involved in an educational program to get you started because remember this is the wave of the economic future.  If you are not on board you will miss it. 
    First contact Sister Fola El at 4energysavings2u@gmail.com before you sign up on this link.

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    WTF Wednesday Live 347-637-1962

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    H.M.E Radio is the underground voice of The Net. Being based in Las Vegas we have provided a place where Underground Artist, Producers, Entertainers, Entrepenures, Bloggers, and Future Bosses, come together to network, discuss, and promote. H.M.E Radio is not your average internet radio show, we cover topics affecting our current industry and economy while engaging with our callers, and allowing all of their input. Meanwhile, enjoying different playlist of today, yesterdays, and new tunes. We do value all of our participants, listeners, and callers and continue to thank everyone for their support.
    Also taking live callers @ 347-637-1962 Send in all music mp3 artist name /song title to hmeradioplay@gmail.com Big thanks for our friends  at http://xanaduexzone.com/ Support the homie Drop Da Bomb Single White Boy Wasted-https://www.amazon.com/White-Wasted-Explicit-Drop-Bomb/dp/B00WKXB70C

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E Readings ... connect in from the show page or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading during the show. This month's (r)Evolutionary guest : Feng Shui Master AELITA LETO Maximise the potential of your life ! Let your environment support your goals and desires ... align the space you inhabit with your Soul Purpose. L*I*V*E Consultations ... connect in from the show page or call 646.716.5510 to ask questions and get advice from Feng Shui master Aelita Leto Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of bringing human environments into harmony with nature to support life’s full potential. Aelita Leto uses classical techniques ranging from Chinese astrology and astro-geomancy to the latest findings from western science. More than just (re)arranging furniture, Feng Shui works because, as both Feng Shui and current science tell us, we live within a cosmic web of energy in which all things are interconnected, interdependent and linked to their environment. Within our bodies, for example, molecular biology has shown that the environment outside our cells can affect the expression of our genes! Aelita Leto is a Classically trained Feng Shui Master who has consulted world wide for over a decade. She has been honored to apprentice with world recognized masters of Feng Shui, healers, and architects. She is a graduate of Golden Gate Feng Shui School, where she continues to teach students as a guest lecturer. Aelita was born in Latvia where her studies focused on Physics and Mathematics. Aelita serves clients around the world from her office in Los Gatos.

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    Crafty Counsel

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    The I. H. (Israylite Heritage) Elders will be speaking about the "Crafty Counsel" that has been held against the people of Yah.  "Psalms:  83:3-8  3) They craftily plot against Your hidden ones, And conspire against Your treasured ones. 4) They have said, “Come, And let us wipe them out as a nation, And let the name of Ysrayl be remembered no more.” 5) For they have conspired together with one heart; They have made a covenant against You –   6) The tents of Edom and the Ysraylites, Mo’ab and the Hagarites, 7) Gebal, and Ammon, and Amaleq, Philistia with the inhabitants of Tsor, 8) Ashshur also has joined with them, They have helped the children of Lot. Selah."

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    4 Million+ Petition Electors To Dump Trump Meet The organizer Brezenoff

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    4 Million+ Petition Electors To Dump Trump Meet The organizer Brezenoff
    Petitions, Black Abolitionists & The Gag Rule
    Thousands of Anti-Slavery Petitions led to the "Gag Rule"
    “Am I gagged or am I not?”
    In May of 1836 the House passed a resolution that automatically "tabled," or postponed action on all petitions relating to slavery. In 1837—38, for example, abolitionists sent more than 130,000 petitions to Congress asking for the abolition of slavery in Washington, DC. In addition they opposed the admission of new slave states and the annexation of Texas. Antislavery opponents became more insistent, Southern members of Congress were increasingly adamant in their defense of slavery.
    Hillary Joins the RECOUNT ~Before the recount has begun, evidence of foul play has been exposed in 3 Wi precincts – which had resulted in phantom votes given to Trump –18% of Trumps lead disappeared when an audit uncovered 5k fake votes!

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    Soccer Super Stars Ella Masar McLeod & Erin McLeod Join the Show THIS FRIDAY!

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    During the first hour of our show, Ella Masar McLeod and Erin McLeod will join Tracy at 3:00 CST for what looks like a fun and funny interview!
    Ella Masar McLeod is an American-Canadian soccer player who has played professionally for several years including time on the US Women's Soccer Team.  While an amazing player, she has an even better story from hardship to overcoming obstaces to conquering those same obstacles.  She is an inspiration for people everywhere.
    Erin McLeod is one the best keepers playing today.  She also played professionally including being a part of Canada's World Cup and Olympic teams.  McLeod is also a talented painter, motivational leader, musician.  Is there anything these girls cannot do?
    Ella & Erin were married in 2015 and have been amazing role models for young and old.  It is our pleasure to have them on the show.  If you have any questions, send to the show at TheTracyFortShow@gmail.com.  I will choose some questions to ask during the hour with Ella and Erin.
    Joining me in the second hour will be Delina Roberts, our Entertainment Consultant. Delina is a marketing consultant, writer and founder of the lesbian-centric entertainment news website LezFlix.com. LezFlix.com provides articles, reviews and interviews on films, TV shows and web series for lesbians and bisexual women.

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    A Catch Conversation about POLITICS with Rob Stutzman

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    Rob Stutzman Political PR expert returns to The Catch on Blog Talk Radio to discuss the recent elections through the lens of the Gospel of Welcome.
    Mr. Stutzman is founder and president of Stutzman Public Affairs, a Sacramento based firm specializing in campaigns, communications and crisis management.
    For over 20 years, Mr. Stutzman has been at the center of some of California’s most epic policy and political events, including the last five governor’s races and numerous statewide ballot measures.