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    One Year Anniversary Of Prop 47 - Where are we now?

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    The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act (Prop 47) was passed by voters in November of last year and has had multiple impacts on the communities in California. We will be discussing how it is impacted communities around California, impacted our industry and those directly effected by Prop 47. I will have our Senior Bail Agent Robert Martinez on the show to go over his thoughts and what he has seen out in the field.
    Here is more information about Proposition 47 to catch you up if you are not familiar - What is Prop 47?

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    What to Do If You Are Pulled Over

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    The RIGHT Way to Handle a Police Stop
    Police Stops: What to Do If You Are Pulled Over If you are pulled over by the police, here's what to do and say. Pulled Over: Example of Using your Rights and Police Tactics Rules for Dealing with Police Legal Topics  DUI / DWI Traffic Tickets  Traffic Tickets
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    Tips for Smooth Succession of the Family Business

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    Forbes Magazine estimates that family businesses create at least 50% of the goods and services produced in America.   Family owned companies represent 60% of the workforce and nearly 80% of the new jobs created in this country.    Some common challenges faced by owners of family businesses are whether, when and how the business can be transitioned to the next generation.   Recent estimates show that only a third of family owned businesses successfully make the transition to the next generation.   After an owner has built the company over many years into a flourishing enterprise, how can the owner transition it to their children, grandchildren or others?    Today we discuss a number of steps that every family business owner should consider in order to prepare for the eventual transfer of the company.

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    In this episode we will create the format that we will use for every show, henceforth, our show will be 30 minutes long, with every show having the TOP 2 and the legal tip of the day.

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    Is your jealousy and envy of others affecting your progress?

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    This morning episode of Living the wealthy life host Lauren P. Raysor, Esq. talks about how jealousy and envy can be turned into motivation for achieving your goals and her upcoming appearance on the Sistah talk show.

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    Snohomish County Reporter

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    Just a mishmash of local news with some opinion and a few breaking stories

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    Dillon Taylor Case

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    20 year old Dillon Taylor was unarmed and walking away from police when he was shot dead on August 11th 2014.  Just two days before Dillon, who is white, was shot by police, Michael Brown, an unarmed black male was shot and killed in St. Louis.  Brown's case made national news for months and riots errupted when a grand jury decided not to bring charges against the officers.  However, Dillon's case barely made it passed local news and many people when asked, have no idea what the Dillon Taylor case is.  We will be discussing Dillon's case with his aunt to find out what happened and where the case is now. 

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    The Pennsylvania Justice Project - A Mother's Plea

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    Twenty years ago, a man was wrongfully convicted for the murder of Katherine Bishop, of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. While this case demonstrates just how ineffective, corrupt and incompetent the Pennsylvania State Police can operate, simply pointing out the many inconsistencies and glaring errors in the case against Tim McEnany is not enough. In this this installment, we'll hear a mother's plea for justice, as Janet McEnany shares what she hopes will be an appeal to the hearts and minds of those who have the connections, political influence and legal authority to have this case looked at with impartial and just eyes. 

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    Law Librarian Conversations, Philly Edition - Day Three

    in Legal

    Join us in our final recap of the AALL Annual Meeting. 

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    Getting to know Shannon Dunlap, the intuitive family lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas

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    Getting to know Shannon Dunlap, the intuitive lawyer, focused on healing Texans and their families who want to get married, adopt, raise well-adjusted children, and when necessary, divorce and start a fresh and new chapter in their lives.
    Who is Shannon Dunlap? Why did you become a lawyer? Tell us about your path to earning a law degree. What are your most and least favorite memories? Having lived all over Texas, why did you choose to launch your law practice in Fort Worth? After graduating law school more than 10 years ago, you waited 10 years to launch your law firm. Why is 2015 the year for Shannon Dunlap Law? Who are some of the people who have been the most influential in your life? Have you been a litigant in the family law system personally and how was your experience? Why are father’s rights issues so important to your family law practice? As a family law attorney, what was your reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage? How do you plan to make a law practice more than just a place to offer legal services? What is your favorite vacation destination, and if you could take a trip anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? What are three things about you that people might find surprising? Shannon is a Houston, Texas native who grew up in West University Place. Shannon graduated from Western Michigan Law School In January 2003. She has traveled the world extensively from Vietnam, Mexico, Holland, and India. An active social networker, Shannon always enjoys meeting new people. She has been licensed in the State of Texas since September 2004. She is a member of the Tarrant County Bar and the Family Law Bar. Shannon volunteers to help Texas Veterans and is a children’s advocate.

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    Attorney Ross B. Russell on same-sex marriage impact on Texas law practice

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    What the SCOTUS same-sex marriage decision means to your Texas law practice, with Attorney, Ross B. Russell, of Hampton & Associates, P.C. in Fort Worth, Texas
    Topics covered on this show:
    1. Nature of the SCOTUS Holding
    2. Community Property Laws
    3. Wills and Estate Planning
    4. Adoption and Child Custody
    5. Employee Benefits and Insurance
    6. Religious Exemption Limitations
    7. Amish Bus Driver Doctrine
    8. Untangling Prior Contractual Substitutes
    Ross Russell is a native Texan from Central Texas and his passion for Texas law and constitution drives his focus in litigation. After graduating number five in his class from Texas A&M University School of Law, he achieved the highest score on the bar exam among A&M law graduates. A long-time entrepreneur, Ross launched his own firm, Russell, PLLC, a full service general practice firm. He also works as an attorney at the Fort Worth law firm of Hampton & Associates, P.C. and is active with a variety of complex legal matters. Ross is active in the Tarrant County Bar Association and attends frequent programs and continuing legal education seminars. Ross will be a frequent guest on Texas Law Talk Radio, sharing insight in Texas law and developments with our attorney and business professional audience. For more information visit www.TheRussellLawFirm.com and www.HamptonLawOnline.com. You may also call Ross at Hampton & Associates, P.C. by dialing (817) 877-4202.

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