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    Motion to Quash Subpeona explained by Attorney Steve

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    What is a Subpoena and do you Squash it or Quash it?
    Civil lawyer Steve Vondran explains what it means to try to "quash" a subpoena.  For example, if you get a notice of copyright infringement from your ISP claiming you illegally downloaded music or videos and someone wants to sue you (ex. in A Bittorrent file sharing lawsuit), you may need to discuss with an intellectual property lawyer about whether or not you have grounds to QUASH the subpoena or not.  This podcast provides a general overview of the four common grounds to seek to set aside the subpoena so you do not have to respond to it.  This is general legal information only and not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice.
    If you need help with a software audit, or Bittorent defense, contact us, we can review your options.  One of the main things to consider in P2P cases is whethere there is an "undue burden" or special privacy interest that can create a ground to ignore the subpoena.  This Vondran Legal Hour podcast will provide reference to FRCP 45.

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    Discrimination is not the Solution to Sex Harassment in Trucking

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    Showtime: June 30, 2016 Thursday 6:00 pm Eastern (5:00 Pm Central)
    Topic: Prime Trucking Same Sex Training Discrimination $3 Million Dollar Lawsuit
    Paul Taylor - Truckers Justice Center - Plaintiff's Attorney 
    Dayna Deck - EEOC Senor Trial Attorney
    Jan Shelly - EEOC Senior Trial Attorney
    New Prime, Inc. a trucking company that trains new drivers implemented a policy in 2003 after being sued for sexual harassment by a female driver trainee. The new policy instructed that female trainee's would only be trained by female trainer's though Prime could not provide enough female trainers for the demand. This caused female trainee's delays in training that far outweighed those of male trainee's.
    A female trainee named Deanna Roberts Clouse sued Prime over the new training practice policy that limited women access to employment.
    Join us as we discuss this case with the legal team that won this same-sex train discrimination case and the confusion over how a policy like this is not the solution to sex assaults and harassment in trucking.

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    Social Media Marketing for Professional Service Businesses

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    In this podcast, attorney Kerry Lavelle and Daily Herald business writer Jim Kendall explore how a professional service firm can use social media platforms to enhance their practices.

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    PGT #302-MI-Legalize Makes History in Michigan

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    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion
    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles-also providing the news, and show producer Jamie Lowell from the Third Coast Dispensary in Ypsilanti
    Tonight- "Michigan made history yesterday as the first grassroots cannabis legalization petition in the history of the United States -- against all odds-- 354,000 signatures submitted, probably over 375,000 collected!!!! The only campaign to file for the 2016 ballot in Michigan-- Freedom, Jobs, Better Roads & Schools on the way"- Jeff Hank
    Joining us- Leader of the MILegalize ballot group, and Lansing area attorney Jeff Hank, MILegalize board member Debra Young and other MILegalize ballot group board members and supporters
    Weekly appellate and trial court updates with attorney Allen Peisner
    Regular guests and friends of the show: Jim Powers Michigan Parents for Compassion co- founder and board member of MILegalize. Also- attorney Jeff Frazier, attorney David Rudoi of Rudoi Law, Eric Gunnels Thetford Twp Trustee and T-pain

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    Brilliance in Commerce Episode 09 - Comments and Questions

    in Legal

    This is an opportunity for everyone to make comments and ask questions to the management at La Verite.

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    David Bruno& Alex Sanchez on Jose Baez Accusations, Baylor Football Scandal!!!

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    The Debut of Defense Attorney &FOX Legal Analyst David Bruno & Defense Attorney & CNN Analyst Alex Sanchez on All Trending Topics including The Jose Baez Accusations & Baylor Football Scandal & More! Call into the Live Wed!!! @ 347-857-2950  Casey Anthony’s former lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, is striking back against a private investigator who alleges ?in newly released court documents that Baez traded Anthony legal services for sexual favors.plus we will talk about The gorilla shot Zookeepers shot and killed a rare gorilla on Saturday after a 3-year-old boy slipped into its enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, triggering outcry over how the situation was handled Follow KingJordanRadio on Twitter @KingJordanRad

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    Building Resilient Lawyers and Leaders with Paula Davis-Laack, JD, MAPP

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    Paula Davis-Laack is a stress and resilience expert who will be speaking at ALA’s upcoming Large Firm Principal Administrators Retreat about “Building Resilient Lawyers and Leaders.” 
    Paula Davis-Laack, JD, MAPP, is a former practicing lawyer, an internationally-published writer, speaker, media contributor, and a stress and resilience expert who has taught burnout prevention and resilience workshops for thousands of professionals around the world. Her articles on stress, burnout prevention, resilience, and thriving at work are prominently featured on her blogs in The Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company and Psychology Today. She also writes a regular column called "On Balance" for Wisconsin Lawyer magazine. Her latest e-book is titled Addicted to Busy: Your Blueprint for Burnout Prevention, available here. Her expertise has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including the Lawyerist, Law360.com, various ABA webinars, and the Women's Law Journal. She is the Founder and CEO of the Stress & Resilience Institute, a training and consulting firm devoted to helping companies and busy professionals build their resilience to stress. She is also a partner in Lawyer Strong, LLC, which provides resilience training to law firms.

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    The Russ Faria Case: Murder Conspiracy Amongst Friends Or Wrongful Conviction?

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    Tune in on Wednesday October 22, at 8 PM CDT (What is Central Daylight Time?). We will be discussing the Russ Faria case with Michael Corbin and Mary Anderson. Michael is one of four friends of Faria that was implicated by the prosecution in this case. Mary is Faria’s cousin and family spokesperson.
    We will be taking calls during the second half of the show. Please call (347) 850-1478 with questions and comments about the case.
    Russell Faria was convicted in 2013 of murdering his wife in 2011. Faria was convicted despite the fact he had a rock solid alibi. Four witnesses testified that Faria was with them watching movies at the time of the murder. Gas station security cameras and a fast food receipt also confirm Faria’s whereabouts on the evening of the murder. The prosecution had no answers for the alibi witnesses so they turned on them, shockingly implicating all four in the crime. If these four witnesses attempted to help Faria get away with murder then why have they not been charged with a crime? They would all like to know the answer to that question as well. All four have been outspoken in this case and would like answers about the allegations made against them. At the same time, all four continue to fight for the freedom of Russ Faria.
    The judge in the case also suppressed evidence about another possible suspect that just happened to be a beneficiary of the victim’s life insurance policy. Two jurors have now come forward asking for answers, wondering why they were not told about this important evidence.
    Was Russ Faria convicted of a crime he had nothing to do with or was this a case of four friends that all conspired to help a fellow friend get away with murder? Tune in to hear the details of this compelling case.

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    Kentucky: Righting the Course for Youth

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    Kentucky, like many other states, was sending low-level youth offenders to correctional facilities at a high cost. Research has shown such actions are expensive and more harmful in the long-run compromising public safety and the health and well-being of youth and communities. Several years ago, the state created a bipartisan legislative Task Force to study the issue and develop a list of recommendations to assist Kentucky youth. Senate Bill 200 was the result of the Task Force’s efforts. SB 200 has the goal of refocusing critical resources for the most serious youthful offenders, strengthening evidence-based practices in local communities, and improving government performance and oversight. Nearly a year after its implementation, guests are appearing on Spotlight on Youth to discuss the impact to-date and share their experiences and lessons learned in the development and implementation of SB 200.   Guests Amanda Bear, Kentucky Managing Attorney, Children’s Law Center  Rachel Bingham, Executive Officer, Department of Family & Juvenile Services, Administrative Office of the Courts Pamela Lachman, Senior Associate, Crime and Justice Institute, Community Resources for Justice

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    The Grantham Taylor Hughes Show

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    Every Sunday at 6:30 PM EST, Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor, Hughes J.d., L.c.m.D., Ph.D. (Grantham), explores the 1930 Geneva Convention International bankruptcy and its contemporary effects on our society. He also analyses the necessity of his four foundation bankruptcy platform planks of health, sovereignty, solvency, and afianchetto. These planks include talking about bankruptcy money issues, e.g., Federal Reserve exemption account accessable fees which help those in need along with detailed information regarding all currency.
    Grantham, having  been a contracts expert for many years is presently a retired trust lawyer with his family as the eminent Bauer-Rothschild clan that gleans his Lordship as one Baron von Bauer-Rothschild. That credibility and his Self-Realization experience in India many years ago displays his particular brand of intelligently illuminating yet glib presentation. Along with his journalist "side-kick" Gabriella Foster, they bring a fun atmosphere to seemingly lugubrious salient subjects effecting our world today. Come join this "dynamic duo" and learn about important information necessary in negotiating our way in a venue of confusion at times. Clear and cogent insightfulness genuinely will enable many to free themselves from the political ignorance around them. Much of this ignorance remains the problem of not knowing the Uniform Commercial code (UCc) and its lawful presence in the international courts. We know that the courts remain mostly in denial of the UCc. Grantham explains rightfully so as of the bankruptcy embarrassment and potential handgun revolution concern. He adds that provocative positions are unnecessary and working together gathering wisdom instead of adversarialism. Again, join this perfect recumbentibus team extrapolating a more powerfully pithy political posture found nowhere else.

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    Today we will touch on many of the myths floating around the Moorish community. There are plenty of uncle toms in fezzes, tarboshes, moccassins and Kufi's. Today we will address it all. Find out about Moorish Nationality, how one claims it, applies it and contracts with it. Also find out if Moors have to be apart of the MSTA for them to be Moors or recognized as such. Tune in as we discuss a wide range of topics discussing the Nationality of the Moors!