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    Ramadan lecture

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    Calling to Islam

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    These classes are for new and old shahaads to learn this beautiful religion of Islam through the eyes of prophet Muhammad and the first Three Generations

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    Fall of Ancient Babylon!

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    2014 was the End of the 6;000 years Rule WE are Now in GOD;s TIME!

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    Explaining the Sin of Dispair and It's Effect

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    Tonight we will discuss the sin of dispair. Those who do not believe in the Power, the Mercy and Bounty of Allah (S.w.T.), develop a kind of despair. The Holy Qur’an has termed such people as Unbelievers (Kafir).
    “...and despair not of Allah’s Mercy; surely none despairs of Allah’s Mercy except the unbelieving people.” (Surah Yusuf 12:87)

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    Teendeen looks at study habits

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    Do you think you study enough.

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    We Madeit productions present,with guess host PROBLEM 13!!!!! Are the NGE AND NOI BEEFING???? Tune in and hear TRUTH!!!! Must be 18 years or older!!! We TURNT all the way up!!!!!!! AND WE AINT NEVER TURNING DOWN!!! IN THE WORDS OF P13,"WE HERE"!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What is Islam and What are Muslims?

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    This episode will tell you all about Islam. It will tell you what islam is and what it is about. It will also tell you about muslims and their culture. 

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    The objective of Man's Creation

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    Different people being short-sighted and lacking high resolve, appoint different purposes for their lives and limit themselves to worldly goals and ambitions. But the purpose that God Almighty has appointed for man in His Holy Word is as follows:
    I have created men and jinn so that they may know Me and worship Me [51:57]. Thus the true purpose of man's life is the worship of God, His understanding and complete devotion to Him. It is obvious that man is not in a position to appoint the purpose of his own life, for he does not come into the world of his own accord, nor will he depart therefrom of his own will. He is a creature and the One Who created him and invested him with better and higher faculties than those of all other animals. Whether anyone penetrates to it or not, the purpose of man's creation without a doubt is the worship and the understanding of God and complete devotion to Him.

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    Dealing With Depression In The Light of The Qur'an and Sunnah

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    In our new webinar ‘Dealing With Depression In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah’, our resident marriage guidance counsellor Sheikh Musleh Khan deals with a difficult subject that is often pushed to one side and ignored.
    The Prophet SAW went through periods of depression in his life, and Allah SWT sent comfort to him through many ways.
    In this thought-provoking webinar, you’ll learn:
    The various kinds of depression and how to identify them The various duas and adhkar you need to combat depression once and for all The key takeaways and life lessons from the most relevant surahs in the Quran When to get medical help Practical tools and techniques to alleviate depression The importance of your connection to Allah SWT and how to use this to deal with sadness Depression doesn’t have to be a lonely journey, nor does it need to feel like a black cloud hanging over your daily life.  Left unchecked, depression can lead to long-term ill health, so don’t let this happen to you!
    Brought to you by www.PureMatrimony.com 

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    Qur'an Kareem & Arab Islamic Center

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    Dear Muslim Brothers/Sisters
    Qur'an Kareem & Arab Islamic Center Offering Qur'an Kareem, Islamic and Arabic Language Classes for All Muslims every where,
    Our Teachers Masha ALLAH originally Arab from Makkah AL-Mukaramah Saudi Arabia, they Speak Arabic and Good English Language
    to join Us Please contact us through:
    Skype ID: qkinstitute Email ID:  info@aqctr.com Website: www.aqctr.com Tel: +1 437 888 7668 Tel: +1 587 287 3330 Fax: +1 647 367 4502