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    Entrevista con Andrea Velázquez de la Ciudad de México (DF)

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    No se pierdan mi entrevista con Andrea Velázquez en Radio Lyme. ¡Andrea tiene una historia increible! Es una verdadera guerrera. ¡No se pierdan Radio Lyme esta noche! 

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    McDaniel "New Season" Call

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    The Latest on SIBO with Expert Dr. Allison Siebecker

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    We all know that our gut health is SO important – whether it's eating the right foods, taking probiotics and practicing self-care, we do all we can to make our tummies happy. 
    But sometimes, no matter how hard we try to keep our gut biome in check, it gets a little out of whack, even leading to a condition called Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). 
    My guest tonight, Dr. Allison Siebecker, is here to tell us the latest news and research on this condition and how we can improve our lives and our health by keeping our gut on the right track (tract).
    Dr. Allison Siebecker has worked in the nutritional field since 1988 and is a 2005 graduate of The National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). She was the co-founder and former medical director of the SIBO Center for Digestive Health at NCNM Clinic and has specialized in the treatment of SIBO since 2010. Dr. Siebecker is passionate about education –she is an Instructor of Advanced Gastroenterology at NCNM, Board Advisor for the GI Health Foundation, Curriculum Coordinator of the 2014 and 2015 SIBO Symposiums, teaches continuing education classes for physicians, and is the author of the free educational website siboinfo.com.  She's also currently writing a book synthesizing all of the SIBO data out there. 

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    #185: (Best of) Chris Kresser - All About Digestion

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    Topics: 1. Digestive function – normal and abnormal, signs and symptoms 2. FODMAPs 3. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) 4. Gut pathogens 5. Maintaining healthy gut flora 6. The best nutritional approaches for gut healing

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    Grove's Avenue - Live With Aroga Chairman Grove Bennett & Special Guests

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    This week on Grove's Avenue, We will have some very special guests AGAIN! We are going to have out LIVE Q & A Chat going... Log into our Chat and have a chat with the Chairman! We will also be making some EXCITING new announcements this week about our Leadership Summit and also about new product releases! This is going to be getting exciting and packed ful of great information! Share this episode and our channel to your Social Media! Aroga Worldwide is on the cutting edge of Health and Wellness technology in the arena of Energy and Frequencies! Alternative Medicine has never had such a powerful ally as Aroga Worldwide and what the field disrubution team members of Aroga Worldwide stand for. 

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    Exploring the Run/Walk Method

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    Have you heard of the Run/Walk Method? Many runners use it to train smarter, not harder. During today’s show, Hilary will chat with Jeff Galloway, former US Olympian, author and running coach. Jeff will discuss his method- The Galloway Run Walk Run Method, and more. If you’re interested in seeing if this method can work for you, tune in! 

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    Featuring Tim Kaufman: Conversations with Lee Fulkerson

    in Nutrition

    Tim Kaufman and Lee talk about Tim’s lifelong health and weight issues that caused him to balloon to almost 400 pounds in his late 30s.  Tim shares the life transforming moment when he learned about the benefits of a plant-based diet, his switch to the diet, and how within just a few months it began to transform his life for the better.  Tim discusses the many ways his life has improved, including the adoption of vigorous exercise.  Indeed, after successfully completing several half-marathons, he’s now within weeks of running his first full marathon.
    Tim Kaufman once suffered from many chronic health issues that made him almost immobile. He had lost interest in life and had almost given up. He is now an athlete that thrives on a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and is free of all medications.  He uses his blog posts at www.fatmanrants.com and his Facebook page to connect with other people who are ready to make a similar change.

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    This is I.T. (Inconvenient Truth)!!! – DRG (Dorsal Root Ganglion) Treatment

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    This is I.T. (Inconvenient Truth)!!! – DRG (Dorsal Root Ganglion) Treatment
    The dorsal root ganglion (DRG) is a small bundle of neurons located just outside the spinal cord.  Previously, the DRG was believed to be a passive structure with no real involvement in creating or maintaining neuropathic pain.  New evidence, however, suggested the DRG is actually responsible for the hyperexcitability of the central nervous system that leads to many of the symptoms associated with CRPS (i.e. allodynia and central sensitization).  Combined with the fact that the DRG is so easily accessible, it made the perfect target for treatment. Researchers found that by sending small electrical signals to the DRG, pain from things like CRPS could be substantially reduced: thus the birth of DRG Stimulation.  This is actually a variation of a treatment already available called spinal cord stimulation with one major difference: the lead(s) are placed directly over the DRG(s) directing the stimulation solely to the neurons thought to be creating and perpetuating the pain involved in CRPS.

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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: ICER President Steven D. Pearson, MD, MSc

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    The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review’s (ICER) Midwest Comparative Effective Public Advisory Council (CEPAC) will hold is inaugural meeting on May 26, 2016 in St. Louis “to discuss the comparative clinical effectiveness and value of therapies of multiple myeloma.”  The goal is to create recommendations that health insurers (or payers) will use to determine reimbursement levels for drugs used in myeloma treatment.  Since the public announcement of ICER’s plan in February 2016, the draft reports have been strongly criticized by myeloma specialists, pharmaceutical companies, and more recently, patient advocates.  Steven Pearson will discuss ICER’s perspective, addressing critics of ICER’s methodology, process, definitions of value, and, as of now, the lack of inclusion of patient views.

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    05/24/2016 - HIPAA Compliance: What's changed?

    in Caregiving

    During the EMS Live in Wisconsin podcast on Tuesday, May 24, our guest was Jeff Grady, Senior Director with Three Pillars Security Solutions in Madison. HIPAA compliance has moved well past simply handing the patient a HIPAA compliance brochure explaining their rights and getting their signature.  HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Conducting a periodic HIPAA Security Risk Analysis is definitely a required mandate of HIPAA compliance for ambulance services as the organization and its employees and volunteers come in contact with ePHI (electronic patient health information). The developing best practice is to complete a Security Risk Analysis on an annual basis (or after any significant change in your technology environment) due to some relatively recent pronouncements that apply to those organizations who need to comply with ‘meaningful use’ reporting requirements. Some of the questions discussed, include:  
    HIPAA has been around for quite some time now – what’s changed and why is there a renewed sense of urgency in making sure you’re compliant? What are some basic differences between meeting compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule as compared to the Privacy Rule of HIPAA? What is ‘willful neglect’ and why is it critical to avoid the potential of being found in ‘willful neglect’ under HIPAA? If your Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor states that they meet HIPAA compliance – does that meet your obligation under HIPAA? What would be the key steps to make sure that you’re meeting “today’s” HIPAA compliance standards? Co-hosts include Chris Anderson, Joe Covelli, Patrick Ryan, Dan Williams.  >> Click for more information.

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    Assets & Aging Live Podcast: June 8, 2016

    in Caregiving

    Thirtieth Episode of live weekly interactive Podcast, hosted by Bob Scrivano of Assets and Aging.
    This week's topic: Veterans Benefits