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    Helping Robert Ganger Kick Off the ATLarge Music Film Festival

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    Creative entrepreneur and music film enthusiast Robert Ganger discusses the process and work of creating a new large scale event from scratch and shares with us his vision of the ATLarge Music Film Festival, which will premier in Atlanta 2017.  Rob gets some coaching help from Vicy in this episode as he works to "make the project manageable" as the creation process begins.  We discuss the work, art, and magic involved in beginning a new endeavor that one hopes will inspire and engage the community, both this year as it kicks off and for years to come as the ATLarge Music Film Festival develops into Rob's vision of Atlanta's very own niche of music + film.  Courtney & Vicy are IN to attend the first event, the date of which has been pushed back since this episode was recorded in fall 2016.  
    You can find out more about the festival, and about Courtney and Vicy, using these links!  Thank you for joining us for And So It Begins--Coaching Radio!  
    If you're starting a project and would like to be on our show, send us an email with your contact info and what you're beginning so we can reach out to you! 

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    Career Choice ~ I am concerned that my boyfriend wants to change careers.

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    Career Choice ~ I am concerned that my boyfriend wants to change careers.
    This podcast, and past Dr. Kenner Podcasts are at http://bit.ly/2qbQJGO Eavesdrop on caller's personal dramas four times each week. You can call too. 877-Dr-Kenner. The Rational Basis of Happiness (r) radio show hosted by Dr. Ellen Kenner, a private practice clinical psychologist. She will take your calls and questions on any personal issue! Call anytime, toll free.
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    GSICR welcomes Clarice Gerald-Hall

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    GSICR welcomes a beautiful woman of God to the show... she has an awesome voice, anointed.. powerful and she's gonna be our guest. Let's welcome Clarice Gerald Hall to GSICR. Affectionately know as "Reecie", is a native Raleigh , NC, she began singing very early with a family group called the Gerald Singers. She's married to Military vet James Hall, "Not the singer" but they share the same name.. lol. I am so looking forward to having her.
    She's on social media.. check her out
    Check out GSICR's website

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    First Black Thinker Radio Show (60 min)

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    Broadcasting from Northern California, the show explores diverse viewpoints of Black Thinkers.
    State your case about topics of race, politics, economics, leadership, employment, relationships, etc.
    Why did we start "Black Thinkers"?
    First, it would silly to believe that all black people think alike.
    Second, if you heard someone that felt like "you", maybe the world would be a different place.
    Third, and not least, we want our callers to "make their case"!
    It is our opinion that there's a lot of rhetoric out there in the public domain. Just because you have a microphone or camera in front of you does not mean what comes out of your mouth is truthful.
    Another word that comes to mind is "hyperbole". Please look  up this word.
    Folks, stuff people say whether it is a preacher, politician or a statistician is either true or not true.  However, the power of persuasive language mesmorizes us to hear what we want to hear and not what we need to hear.
    You will hear the words, in question form, WHY and HOW, a lot!
    The host, who goes by the initials, BT, is a Florida native of Haitian descent, whose parents were drug dealers and addicts in 1970's. After spending 10 years as a military serviceman and 12 years in corporate America in California, BT began to reflect on why people think like they do.  BT has gained a lot of great insight at the age of 52 .
    BT started a consulting business that advises business owners on how to improve operations.
    People BT admires include: Jesse Jackson (from the 1970's), Ronald Reagan, Denzel Washington, the late Donna Summer, George W. Bush, the late Margaret Thatcher, Dr. Ben Carson (from his 1992 book, "Think Big"), Colonel Allen West, and in some economic aspects, President Barack Obama.

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    Fire Your Fairy Godmother and Give Yourself Her Job

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    If you're frustrated with any area in your life, then it's time to take a little inventory.
    When you realize that you--and only you--create your experiences, you'll realize that you can forge new experiences whenever you want.
    Only You can take responsibility for your happiness and your unhappiness, your successes and your failures, your good times and your bad times.
    Arthur will share how you can you can focus your energy and redirect it to shaping better situations for yourself by giving yourself permission to have what you want.

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    WTYR Updates

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    We are making BIG changes to our network here at EVP with TYR TV and WTYR Radio.
    Tune in, and take a listen to what's in store.
    You won't miss another episode once you find out what's in it for you.

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    Corporate Conference Call Wednesday, 1-25-17 8PM CST

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    Listen in on this very important call.  

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    The culture of honor

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    The greatest seed you can sow is an honor”
    “Honor seed. There is no seed greater than the seed of honor. It is required by God that we honor and respect every life source. So when he says, ‘Give honour to whom honour is due,’ he specifically means here that you have to honor a life source. Anytime people dishonor a life source, it unleashes demonic attacks, satanic generational curses, poverty, all kinds of barrenness & famine. All life comes from God, and when people blatantly dishonor a life source, no matter what life source it is, it violates the principles of God’s sovereign existence. Anytime a life source is violated, God withdraws His blessing at any time and on any level

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    The Ease and Simplicity of Hypnosis with Brandon Hauser, CCHt

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    Join your host Brandon Hauser, CCHt, as he discusses information on why hypnotherapy is used in the world today. Today's show will open discussion on how simple the hypnosis process is, and why everyone can be hypnotized! Hypnosis is a state of mind that is not facilitated by "magic" or "mysterious powers." The hypnotic state is just a state of mind, a state of consciousness and subconsciousness, that we enter on a daily basis. Listen in and see why hypnosis is not only easy, but how you can enter into the hypnotic state even right now! Awareness is the most important element to staying in your own mind, beliefs and emotions.
    For more information on private Hypnotherapy sessions, visit:
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    The World In Reveiw

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    Over The This Past Weekend Certain Events Took Place To Get Mass Media Talking And Most Not All Of Us Listening.   Now Is The Time To Listen With An Ear To Hear For a The Ring Of Truth