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    CW 877 - FBF - Reaching Your Financial Independence Day with Real Estate

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    Originally aired on CW 487.
    Jason Hartman invites his mother, Joyce, and Fernando on the show. The two guests have both appeared on the show before and have both experienced great successes in real estate investing. Joyce talks to the audience about some of the benefits of joining the Apartment Owners Association and and Fernando let’s everybody know that there’s a new product on the JasonHartman.com store called Financial Independence Day where he will do personal one-on-one consulting with you to help you achieve your dreams for financial freedom.

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    Year-End Financial Advice

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    YouTube gets into the music business. Starbucks opens a venti-sized roastery in China. Disney and Fox get closer to a deal. And Walmart makes a change. Plus, Motley Fool CFP and retirement expert Robert Brokamp shares some year-end tips and talks tax reform. Thanks to Casper for supporting The Motley Fool. Save $50 on a mattress at http://www.casper.com/fool (promo code “Fool”). 

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    12-4-17 ROI for Social Media Marketing is Off the Charts w/ Kathy Kemper-Zanck

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    As our series on Social Media Marketing wraps up, Kathy Kemper-Zanck of Katalyst Kampus will be our guest to discuss a series of practical ways to implement a Social Media Strategy  in order to get some quick wins and provide value to your customers, specifically in the Mortgage Industry.
    Kathy is the founder, owner and managing director of Katalyst Kampus, "Your Mortgage and Business School," and she's on the podcast today to share details on the following topics:
    The ROI of using social media as a marketing tool is off-the-charts. Earning potential. Do what it takes to get comfortable with social media. Focus on one social media conduit at a time. Watch what other people are doing. Did you know you can "follow first" up to 30 people. Put "social media marketing" on your calendar like any other appointment. You gotta shake it up! Some Rules & Tips. Set up auto-pay on FB. Think "giving" as you post. Consider when you post. Participate, participate, participate! Choose your favorite 5 websites to repost from. Stop making "it" hard. Get comfortable videotaping yourself. As normal, the first half of the program will feature, Joe Farr of MBSQuoteline providing you a rate & market update followed by Les Parker’s Market-Logics Live, a macroeconomic perspective on the economy with a music parody.  Next is Alice Alvey of Union Home providing a regulatory & legislative update followed by Allen Pollack giving us a Tech Report of the latest technology impacting our industry. Then we wrap up the first half the program with Andy Schell on improving your bottom line.

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    Phantom Collectors of Phantom Debt on behalf of Phantom Trusts

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    Mortgage servicers are collecting Phantom Debt on behalf of Phantom creditors by creating fabricated and forged documents.  Servicers counterfeit mortgage notes and pursue collection of this 'debt'- but who do they send the proceeds they collect to, if there is no true creditor or funded trust that can be identified, or can accept payments from the servicer?
    It is now known that:
    The banks funded themselves instead of the trusts which never really existed (phantom trusts). The banks covered up their theft of investor money by originating or buying loans with investor money and not trust money. The theft has been the subject of settlements in which the owner of the debt --- the investors --- is paid off with cash and "resecuritization" in which actual loans were "sold" into a new trust (Like Zuni) by a party who STILL didn't own them (phantom sales). The proceeds of judicial and nonjudicial sales do not go to investors but back to the "underwriters" of nonexistent worthless certificates issued by nonexistent trusts that are registered nowhere and unfunded (phantom trusts). The underwriter acts as "Master Servicer" for the phantom trust and collects "servicer advances" that were neither advances nor from the servicer, but rather a return of investor capital even if it was OTHER investors. The "Trustee" of the Trust is not a Trustee either in writing nor in practice (phantom trustees). We know the banks are acting on their own behalf and not on behalf of the investors or the trusts. What we still don't know- is where do the proceeds collected by the servicers from homeowners go- if there is no Trustee or Trust?  Neil Garfield, investigator Bill Paatalo and California Attorney Charles Marshall discuss the mystery of Phantom loans. 

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    Robert and Wes talks ONCI and AMFIL UPDATE

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    Will up date after the show

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    IMN SFR Podcast Series-Smart Home Tech for SFR Mgrs,Miller-Pres of PointCentral

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    Smart home technology is a modern convenience for the individual homeowner.  Managing lights and utilities by voice command or by remote smart applications from your phone is a convenience that has practical benefits.
    As the single family rental space evolves and matures, home automation technology at the property manager level has the ability to drive significant efficiencies and costs savings.  Effective use of technology is going to be required to reduce operational costs as margins for acquisitions normalizes into an efficient market.
    Joining the podcast to discuss the future of home technology is Sean Miller, President of PointCentral.  PointCentral is a leader in enterprise-grade smart home solutions for property managers, property owners and residents. 

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    How to Have a Stress Free, Debt-Free Holiday

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    I speak with my good buddy, Aja McClanahan (Principles of Increase) about how she frugals out on Christmas. Magnify Money found that the average person intends to add $1000 in credit card debt this year.
    Not necessary. I'm talking about how to avoid the debt and stress so you can celebrate Christmas without taking any new debt into 2018.
    Also, join me on December 9, 2017, for the Captial One Cafe Savings Scavenger Hunt to win $500. Another way you can have a debt-free Christmas.

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    Dec 02-03: Insurance, Car-Swapping, and the Meaning of Christmas

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    Laura Adams (InsuranceQuotes.Com); Scott Hall (SwapALease.Com); Dr Howard Edington, author, "The Forgotten Man of Christmas"

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    Episode 16 - EIS Dr. Bridget Cooper - Financial Goal Setting

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    Bridget Cooper is an experienced and dynamic speaker, facilitator, executive coach, and leadership consultant.  
    “Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outsides”-Dr. Bridget’s caution of social media.
    Her drive is to help people to be passionate about their work and to reduce unproductive conflict so that they will propel their organizations toward success, create healthy work climates, strong and positive working relationships, and happier clients and customers.
    The bestselling author of 5 books: Feed The Need, Stuck U., Feed the Need (Teen Edition), Power Play & most recently, Little Landslides, Dr. B brings her down-to-earth insights and action plans to clients and audiences, facilitating powerful change and transformations in work and life satisfaction.  
    Financial Goal setting
    Expression of values;
    How someone spends their time and money is very telling;
    Decisions you make are related to control and safety;
    How to set up goals for achievement, including buy in from key players

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    Suze Orman

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    It was at Borders Books on Chicago’s State Street where women and men were lined up literally around the corner to get a glimpse at the Money-Making Maven, Suze Orman. Signing autographs, smiling at strangers and shaking every hand that reached out to her made a successful book signing on The Road to Wealth.
    This book hit the New York Times Bestseller’s list within its first weeks release, making Suze Orman a bona fide financial superstar! Suze shared with me, “Out of all the books I’ve written, I’m lovin’ this baby more than any of them! 9 Steps to Financial Freedom hit number one on the New York Time Bestsellers list which was an absolute phenomenon in itself but everybody said, ‘that’s not so hard – anybody can do that if you’re on Oprah 11 times.’ Courage to Be Rich comes out and goes right to number one on the New York Times Bestsellers list and everybody says, ‘oh, that’s not that hard – you had an entire PBS special behind you. Road to Wealth comes out and one week after it comes out without any publicity whatsoever except for 4 minutes on the Today Show which is not enough to make a New York Times Bestseller; it hit the New York Times Bestsellers list within one week! What that says to me is that people are buying me now not being sold to me.”

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    Financials: BofI Holding: A Closer Look At This Online-Only Bank

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    Financials takes a deep dive into BofI Holding’s business model, competitive advantages, valuation, and potential future growth catalysts.