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    The Energy Show with Liam Scheff - Wind Power

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    Wind Power!  WIll it save us - or cost us our sanity?  
    We'll talk wind and its discontents on this episode. Will wind power cost too much, meet your electrical demands, cause hearing loss, vertigo and nausea? What about the magnets?? The magnets??? Plus we'll announce Liam's new 2-hour show on Unbound Radio.
    And the normal talk: Energy – it’s what the world lives on, it’s what we’re chasing, and its pursuit is why we’re destroying our world so thoughtlessly.
    Can we change? Maybe. Not easily. Not all. Not all at once. Not entirely likely. But. Some of us will. And I’d like to be useful in that change. Join author and 'investigative comedian' Liam Scheff for "The Energy Show," where we'll write a 'how-to' book for our energy future.  

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    Free Online Financial strengthening Seminar

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    I like my friends getting good things and in great measure. I decided to make the step of offering some FREE events. If you are not prepared to give then how can you expect to get? I want to energetically clear some of the blockages which are stopping financial development for a group of people. Attenance:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yuen-Method-with-Richard/319626141481988

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    After dark with Chipper

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    The 1st was a trial run.....this is one is the real shit.  Ladies, get your vibrators out. It's time to get wet!

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    Solar Energy's Coming of Age - with Solar Expert Dave Buemi

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    In the past 24 months, PV solar energy costs have dropped while performance has increased significantly.  Also, 3rd party ownership and leasing business models can eliminate upfront capital costs while shortening the return on investment for project owners. 
    As a result, in many parts of North America and internationally, rooftop and ground mount solar systems are becoming competitive with highly subsidized fossil fuel generated power. Additionally, PV solar is now a more attractive energy conservation measure (ECM) within energy service company (ESCO) contracts.  
    Dave Buemi Senior Director, Marketing and Government Markets for Gehrlicher Solar America Corp. will provide an update to the audience on both PV technology and business and make some predictions about where the industry is heading. Follow Dave's blog on the solar industry at  http://davebuemi.com/.
    About the Security and Sustainability Forum:  In addition to talk radio, SSF convenes global experts in free webinars to address the impacts to society from climate and other disruptions to natural systems.  Register at the website for free access to the SSF webinar archives.  www.ssfonline.org

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    Energy Medicine & Feng Shui Show - Today's Subject: Feng Shui & Water Placem...

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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm so honored to be here!
    In this show we will explore how energy moves in the Universe and how we can tune in the right frequency, using all tools available, (like crystalls, meditations, affirmations, animals, feng shui, prayers, food, sound, angels) for our well being our inner peace anf joy!
    But most of all we are going to have fun!!
    Can't wait to talk to you....
    Eirini Sendona
    Blessings!Eirini Sendona Life Force Healing Practitioner ® / Feng Shui Practitioner® / Spiritual Life Coach® /Prayer Practitioner ® / Akashic Records - Book of Life Specialist ® /Spirit Guide Coach Practitioner ® /Reiki Master® www.flyingstars.grfacebook page: Energy Medicine & Feng Shui

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    WhatEver Dude

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    Greatest Hits Compilations & Practice session as always..4 whoevers listening

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    Zinc Air Inc Discusses Power Quality

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    Zinc Air Inc Senior Vice President Craig Wilkins discusses power quality and how Zinc Air works to improve energy efficiencies in renewable energy sources.

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    The Light View - The Last Stand for Your Inner Light Child!

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    ****12.21.12 SPECIAL****
    We Know that Many of You have been Experiencing all manner of Fun and Games with Your Inner Light Child in The NOW, so on Tonight's 12.21.12 Special Show We will BE covering:
    - What IS Your Inner Light Child and Why is it playing such a MEGA IMPORTANT role for Your Transcension NOW?
    - Why are You Still having difficulties with Your ILC despite doing SO much clearing recently?
    - What can You BE Doing to Improve Your Relationship with Your ILC?
    All these questions and more will be answered by James and Angel who will also be joined by Very Special Guests, Angaela and Martin from Twin Empowerment, who will BE talking about Their DNA work and how it can help You and Your ILC in The NOW!
    We will ALL be Sharing with You some of Our personal ILC experiences and We Promise that this will BE a TRULY ENTERTAINING listen ;)
    As usual, if You have any questions You would like us to cover on tonight's Show topic, then please Feel Free to email us at oneisticangel@gmail.com
    James and Angel

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    Love Bomb on the Government

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    Lets create change by joining together with high frequency energy and directing it toward our governement.
    On 12-12-12 we will drop a high frequency energy bomb on our Government system.
    The Law of Resonance states, "Only energy of similar frequency can reside in the same place at the same time"
    Let's be the stronger energy!

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    I just need
    to clear
    the space
    my ears. 

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    The Art of Friendship

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    Gina Julie and Sheryl Lynn invite you to join them for a discussion about creating heartfelt friendship.  It would be hard to find two people more different than these two, yet they have built upon their heart connection to evolve a bond that frees each to be who she really is while participating in a synergistic whole.  Got any thoughts or questions about friendships you'd like to share?  Then we invite you to call in at 914-338-0863.  Oh, and there will be homework.  You've been warned.  :-)  (It's really fun.)