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    The Maze of the UCC with Dr.David McDowell

    in Education

    The host of the maze of the UCC will be talking about.
    Human Resources,Are you one?If so what to do about it.

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    Post traumatic slave disorder part 2

    in Education

    Post traumatic slave disorder part 2 plus dealing with male and female relationships you don't want to miss this family Black Power

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    in Higher Education

    This platform is geared towards hitting the root of our community's social issues by not only bringing light to those subject matters most would leave in the dark, but by also correcting misconceptions and upliflting falling humanity with Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.
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    Moors Divine and National Movement of the World

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    WDR Spotlight: Charlotte Clawson - Friday, 11/02/2016 at 9:00 P.M. EST

    in Education

    Wolfdog Radio Presents to its audience:   Charlotte Clawson. 
    Our Host Kat Wolfdancer had the privilege and  opportunity to spend some time with Charlotte and her Family. It was both  fascinating and enlightening watching how she motivates and shares her life with  her animals. 
    Join Wolfdog Radio for this enlightening, entertaining and educational show!

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    Emma Has A Dilemma!

    in School

    I was going to tell how learning grammar can be fun as Emma got her first F on nouns vs. pronouns and then read the book to show the interaction between Emma and Wizard Jake.

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    Controla tu vida con buenos habitos

    in Education

    Todo cambio de vida significa cambiar unos hábitos por otros. Se ha dicho y repetido que el hombre es un animal de costumbres, por lo que no está de más estudiar un poco en qué consiste esto del hábito. Los hábitos se van desarrollando a medida que vivimos, ya que un hábito es simplemente una forma predeterminada de actuar en una cierta situación.   Basado en http://www.psicologiauned.com    Encuentrame en:    QBELV   Facebook   Twitter 

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    OUReality: Pizza Pedophilia

    in Education

    PLEASE , , , Join, Eva along with her co-hosts Jimmy Gray and Michael Conoley on tonight's OUReality, as they dig deep into #PizzaGate >>> WARNING <<< this show will be very disturbing to many!  How far, how wide, how long, has this Unimaginable Perversity of Pedophilia been going on?  Who are the main players of this Depravity, the Moral Corruption and Degradation?  So much of this is hidden in plain sight, do you know the signs?  The answers to those questions and more will be right here on OUReality. 
    This Show is filled to the brim with , , , Government Shenanigans ... enjoy ;)

  • 01:01

    Overcoming Perception

    in Education

    This conversation dealing with perception took place earlier this year.  Perception is critical to our understading and worldview....

  • 01:06

    Surviving Dystopia with DJ Cooper

    in Training

    In this show we discuss basic topics of Prepping, I talk about myself as the host and some of my endeavors.  Instructions for advertising, guests, reviews and writers also included.

  • 01:33

    Billy Joe Chambers "B.J." with Boyd and Lucinda

    in Education

    They made approximately 3 million dollars a week and made up to 50 million dollars a year selling drugs. Join us with Guest Billy Joe Chambers a.k.a "B.J." after spending 22 years in prison now he is home. B.J., Larry, Willie and Otis Chambers are some of the most notorious drug lords in American History. It all ended when Larry videotaped the drug deals and money and the videotapes got into the hands of DEA and the Media. "B.J.'s" new Book, Prodigy Hustler allows readers to follow Chambers along his journey to the top of the Detroit cocaine game. Chambers gives detailed accounts of life struggles and experiences as he traveled from his hometown, Marianna, Arkansas to the streets of Detroit where he became known as a member of the "Chambers Gang," Detroit's largest drug organization. Chambers was recently featured in BET's "American Gangster" series. Prodigy Hustler is now available for readers enjoyment. You won't want to miss this interview. The drug conspiracy involved an extensive crack cocaine distribution network in the City of Detroit, organized and directed by brothers Billy Joe and Larry Chambers, and known as the Chambers Brothers Organization. The conspiracy allegedly began in 1983 and continued through February 1988. There was testimony that the widespread and carefully structured operations generated narcotics sales of as much as $200,000 a day. The operation was conducted out of various locations in the City of Detroit and was policed by a cadre of conspirator/enforcers known as "the wrecking crew." All twenty-two persons indicted were members of the organization. The Chambers brothers recuited many of their 500 employees from Detroit High Schools and their impoverished hometown of Marianna, Arkansas, keeping their troops in line with brutality and intimidation.

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    What Happens After preK: The effects of elementary school on early experiences

    in Education

    Our December show will share some new findings on what happens to student preparation in preK during their elementary experience.  Our special guest is Dr. Dale Clark Farran.
    Dale Clark Farran is a professor in the departments of teaching and learning and psychology and human development in Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. She is also the interim director of the Peabody Research Institute. Farran has been involved in research and intervention for high-risk children and youth for her entire professional career. She has conducted research at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and the Kamehameha Schools Early Education Project in Hawaii.
    Farran is the editor of two books both dealing with risk and poverty, the author of more than 80 journal articles and book chapters and a regular presenter at national conferences. Her recent research emphasis is on evaluating the short and long term effectiveness of alternative preschool programs for preparing children from low-income families to be successful in school. Currently she is directing a longitudinal evaluation of Tennessee's prekindergarten program.
    Join us and call in for what will certainly be an amazing show!