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    Hawthorn University - Holistic Nutrition Education

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    Hawthorn University provides comprehensive and personalized professional holistic nutrition education offering the following programs in an online environment:
    • Nutrition Consultant Certificate
    • Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education
    • Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition
    • Doctor of Science in Holistic Nutrition
    • WISE Traditions Nutrition Certificate
    • Continuing Education courses
    Hawthorn is approved by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education, the National Association of Nutritional Professionals, the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants, and the Better Business Bureau.

    The benefits of attending Hawthorn include flexibility, optimal customer service, affordable tuition, and courses rich in information and scientific research. Graduates are prepared for careers in education or as counselors in our clinical programs.


    Paula Bartholomy, CHN, MS, NC, is the School Director of Hawthorn University. She is board certified in holistic nutrition and shares the knowledge and skills gained from over three decades in the health field, including clinical practice and teaching. She is an active member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and serves as advisor to the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board. She holds a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition, received her Nutrition Consultant training from the Institute for Educational Therapy, earned a Creative Healing Certification from the Stephenson Foundation, and an Advanced Alchemical Hypnotherapist Certification from Heartwood Institute. Paula is passionate about healthy sustainable food, farming and cooking.

    Hawthorn University
    475 Hungry Gulch Road, Suite C, Whitethorn, CA 95589
    Telephone: (707) 986-4153

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    Investigative Background Expert Tad Camp Discusses Online and Personal Safety wi...

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    Tad Camp is a highly trained, former Law Enforcement Officer/Detective. Mr. Camp has an outstanding investigative background with expertise in both overt and covert investigations.

    Mr. Camp served as Acting Chief of Police for a Police Department in Ohio before relocating to Florida. He was elected to the American Police Officer Hall of Fame, Police Legion of the Purple Heart for in the line of duty injuries sustained while serving the citizens of Pinellas County, Florida.

    With hundreds of cases under his belt, Mr. Camp has left Law Enforcement and is now providing the same level of professional investigations to the public.

    Mr. Camp’s clients include celebrities, foreign dignitaries, world-wide religious organizations, international corporations and financial institutions.

    Mr. Camp has consulted for agencies across the nation and a well known national television show dealing with investigations. He has quickly become one of the best known investigators in the private arena.

    Mr. Camp has been published in PI Magazine and serves on SaferDates.com Team of Experts as the Online Safety & Security Expert. He is also
    the President of True Tracker Pro, LLC; a company which sells personal tracking devices for child safety and recovery.

    Mr. Camp is the founder and Executive Director of the Tiponi Foundation, an organization that provides services to victims of abduction and sexual abuse and their family members, the foundation also provides educational information to other organizations along with a variety of other services.

    Mr. Camp has designed a comprehensive child identification system based on the information he uses to locate missing and abducted children. This system is designed to aid Law Enforcement and others in the search for missing children. This identification has been praised by child advocates across the nation.

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    Ngugi wa Theong'o--Devil on the Cross: An Introduction

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    This segment introduces the main themes and issues related to the Kenyan author Ngugi Theong'o's highly acclaimed novel, Devil on the Cross.

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    OHR AudioVisual Pilot Test now (

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    OHR AudioVisual Pilot Test

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    Day 17-Evaluate Mechanics

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    Mr. Mark Aquino of Aquino's Auto Restoration teaches you How To Restore Your Classic Car from Your Home Garage. This is Day 17 of the How-To Series where Mark will take the main subject of MECHANICS and break it down to manageable pieces. Day 17: How to Evaluate Mechanics (specifically), goes into materials needed, safety equipment, skills, tips and techniques.

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    Converations with Carolyn ** PreRecorded

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    This is a PreRecorded Segment **
    This weeks guest is Carolyn Wilcox International Spa Educator and consultant. Carolyn is a Cidesco trained educator and has been involved in all aspects of the Spa industry especially in training and educating Spa staff to Deliver Exceptionally Good spa services on a consistent basis. Take advantage of Carolyns International experience in Training spa staff from preopenings to ongoing training and listen to how to improve your spa operations.

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    Color Psychology and Color Symbolism in Our Daily Life

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    The complementary colors, such as violet and yellow, blue and orange, or red and green, not only have a particular visual expression, a distinct psychological meaning but also show us a system which helps us to organize any situations in our daily life. Colors also help us to understand the different types of energy we require to make decisions: this could be an immediate, radical action oriented decision as suggested by red; or a more slower process of inner listening, with decision making based on intuition and inner guidance, as suggested by violet. During this talk, you will learn more about this amazing color system and recognize that there is more to color than meets the eye.

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    Learn to Rule the Stars. We will teach you to read a birthchart like you are reading a book. Guest Facilitator: Edward Simmons, 35 years professional experience, Rosicrucian Fellowship & AFA methods of Astrology

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    Week Two - University Success Class - UNV 103

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    This is the Professor's Comments for Midweek For Week Two. Professor Charles Terrence Harper is adding his commentary on various class matters. Please email as you have questions.

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    Will The Merchanter's Mastermind for Runescape Work for YOU?

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    This is Linkbuilder with an incredibly important message that I think is going to really help a lot of people get over some of the stumbling blocks they have when they first start Solo Merchanting on Runescape. Over the past few weeks we have been preparing to re-open the doors to The Merchanter's Mastermind Coaching Program. Bar none - this is the most unique - and the first time in history of the Runescape Grand Exchange that any one is really teaching these powerful Solo Merchanting Strategies and Solo Merchanting tactics to dedicated Runescape Players. The way we see this - this is going to cause a ripple effect change in how merchanting is done on Runescape. A real change in the types of strategies and tactics that people actually use in the future to build monumental income at monumental speeds. Over the past few weeks we have received some amazing questions that we want to address fully here on this program. Will the Merchanter's Mastermind Coaching Program work for me? Will this work? Is it worth it for me to invest in? Is it worth it for me to take this coaching program? That is an incredibly valid question that we're sure a lot of people would ask if they are new to Solo Merchanting. Join us in this ten minute presentation, and we'll show you that the Merchanter's Mastermind is really about becoming a master at getting money on Runescape. We will be flat-you frank with you - what the Merchanter's Mastermind is really about is making money in Runescape. What we share on the inside of The Merchanter's Mastermind Coaching Program is something that few individuals on our planet, in the game of Runescape actually know and have and use. That's what makes this so powerful! We are some of the best in the world at what we do. We know how to create Merchanting Strategies and find hot items that get money unlike few people on this planet really do. Join us as we share models of how to get money out of the Runescape Grand Exchange.

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    KNES Pilot Show

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    Pilot show