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    Finding Your Home Style

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    Successful home design expresses your personality, as well as your interests and feelings. We will talk about finding a home style to call your own.

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    Planning a Costume

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    Rose talks about what goes into planning a costume from research to finished product.

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    #DesignDollars: Affiliate Marketing Basics

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    If you are an interior designer with a blog or a design lover blogging about design without an e-commerce site.. or a biz with a great product AND an e-commerce site (or a combo! ) and want to learn the basics about how to perhaps make money with Affiliate Marketing, this discussion is for you.
     I've had many people asking me to explain Affiliate Marketing ,so I'm doing it before I speak at High Point Market on Saturday of this week with Jennifer Mehditash (@decaporter ) on: *Pinterest + Olioboard: From Inspiration To Income* at 10 am in the Antique Design Center 's seminar room.  ( Olioboard is a client ) 
    I hope you will join me to learn a little bit more about how you might consider earning passive income through Affiliate Marketing  tonight at 8:30 ET.
    There is a toll free call in number for you to call in on:
    1. 877. 674. 2397
    Listening instructions will be given once you dial. It's so easy.
    If you think, though, you might want to ask me a question that everyone listening can also hear, you'll need to sign up for a free Blog Talk Radio account before you can do that.
    In addition, you can tweet me a question!. 
    Please share this if you have friends who might also be helped by listening. Thanks!

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    Barbara Helen

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    Please welcome artist and poet Barbara Helen, joining us live from the historic artist's community of Pacific Grove, California just outside of Monterey. We'll take a look at some of Barbara's artwork and chat a bit about the world and politics and Barbara Helen's very special point of view on just about everything.
    Check out some of her work at: http://www.imagekind.com/BarbaraHelen-posters


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    emily interview

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    this is an interview with a friend!

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    Diva talk

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    Diva Ish in your ear

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    Extra Large Dog Beds

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    http://www.memory-foam-maniac.com/memory-foam-dog-bed.html Extra large dog beds that are also memory foam dog beds aren't just good for extra large dog breeds. Here are 3 reasons to love an orthopedic dog bed

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    Adventure Faith Books LLC ®© 2011
    A desolate place: Thorns and Thistles
    Joey carefully walks through the thorns and thistles while avoid being stuck by each of the painful pricks. He runs into an old gated wall with a latch handle, opens it slowly, and the creaking door disturbs the dead silence of the air. Joey walks into one big circle of wilted plants that grew no leaves with stiff vines that embed the gate. He ambles through the dead garden to the wall on the opposite side, and he peers over it to see more thorn bushes that went downhill. He proceed to climb over the wall to see an 8ft statue with grey skin, legs long as stilts, and an aegis wrapped around its waist and chest. Joey sat on the wall looking into the eye that glowed with the fierceness of an assassin. Her hair a fire red and it carried a sharp baboon stick. Joey slowly lowers himself off the gate to see the statue crouch down as if to catch its prey.
    This once lifeless, unmovable gray statue stood eight feet high perturbed forward with a viscous glare that gleamed forward revealing a red ball. She speared toward Joey with the venomous of a snake, a poison viper; her words struck out. “Wait”, as her enormous screech protruded through the air like a vulture.
    An Excerpt from 'Joey and the Ancient Horn, A Mystery' Published Copyright 2006    
    More on Adventure Faith Books by Visiting Http://adventurefaithbooks.angelfire.com

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    fun drama,!